Saturday, 10 December 2011


The Wolfe Pub
The Wolfe pub in Little Dockray attracted national publicity after the News & Star revealed how its CCTV cameras had captured weird and inexplicable goings on in the dead of night.
The footage showed a pulsating ball of light descending through the ceiling, moving around and then flying off at high speed.
At one point, part of the shape appeared to reach out and move rapidly just above a table as if polishing it.
The mystery deepened when it emerged security cameras at the Thomas Cook travel agents next door had captured weird goings on at night.
A computer appeared to turn itself on as a sign fell out of a window.
Speaking yesterday, the Wolfe’s manager Julia Templeton, 35, said customers still talk about the video.
She said: “We were visited by a team of people from an American sci-fi TV channel who wanted to make a programme about it.

          Actual video of the original haunting caught on camera

“There was a team of around 20 people and they stayed to do investigations for three nights, over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They did all sorts of experiments, though they didn’t tell us what the results were. They said we’d have to watch the programme when it is broadcast in January.
“They were also visiting other haunted places elsewhere in the country.”
Fortunately, since the light ball incident last year, Julia said she was not aware of any further weird happenings.
She added: “A lot of people come in and talk about it, and though I haven’t seen anything untoward I believe there is something there.”
Source: News and Star 

My view is that this manifestation is nothing more than a small bug on the lens of the camera.  I have seen so many similar videos, and they are falsely categorised as a manifestation. At the end of the sequence you see the bug fly off. The reason that it remains blurred, is simply that because of the convex shape of camera lens the image remains out of focus in the central areas. Immediately it moves to the edge the focus has changed, and there more sharply in contrast you see the insect as it departs. If you look carefully you can see a wing vibrating to the left. The pulsating light anomaly is the body of the insect as it vibrates to it`s wings.  A very common mistake, but one that needs clarification. I dread to think of how much money was spent by Sy-Fy on this investigation.
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