Saturday, 17 December 2011


Walking dead - or in a coma?
A 50-year-old South African man thought to be dead woke up in a chilly Cape Town morgue and shouted to be let out, scaring off two attendants who thought he was a ghost.
'His family thought he had died,'' health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo told the Sapa news agency.
'The family called a private undertaker who took what they thought was a dead body to the morgue, but the man woke up inside the morgue on Sunday at 5pm and screamed, demanding to be taken out of the cold place.''
This caused two mortuary attendants on duty to flee the building in the small town of Libode in the rural Eastern Cape as they thought it was a ghost.
After calling for help and returning to find the man alive, an ambulance was sent to fetch the man who had 'been exposed to extreme cold for nearly 24 hours', said Kupelo.
He said the public should not assume that a sick person has died and call the mortuary, the report said.

This is not the first time. There have been many previous `returns from the dead` in South Africa, and one wonders how many people still in a coma have been buried or burned alive.
I think these `returns` might be kept in check if a doctor actually examined them first before rushing them off to the mortuary.
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