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 Generally, I find many posts on UFO`s to be well made fakes or well intended mistakes. But in recent years a triangular shaped UFO has been captured in many countries and across many towns particularly in North America, and Britain.
Having said all of that, the person who claims this capture may have capitalised on those sightings, claiming this to be an experimental USAF craft first seen in the 1980`s.
The craft has been sighted previously in this area, and an accompanying video can be found at the end of the news report.
If so, why Dudley in the West Midlands of England, and why so visible and so often? 
The press report follows the video. You decide.

A mysterious triangular UFO dubbed the ‘Dudley Dorito’ has re-appeared in the region’s skies with the latest sighting reported near to a Midlands beauty spot.
Property worker Gary Nock and his family were on the car park of the Badgers Sett pub, Hagley, when they saw the distinctive object flying overhead.
The 52-year-old said the UFO, a black triangle with white lights at each end, was flying at low altitude from the direction of Birmingham.
He said the object had turned silently in the air and they had eventually lost sight of it as it passed over the Clent Hills.
The sighting occurred at around 6.40pm on Wednesday  and Mr Nock immediately looked it up on the internet after returning home. And he said the UFO bore a close resemblance to the “Dudley Dorito” first spotted over the skies of the Black Country a few years ago.
Mr Nock said he, his wife Susan, daughter Claire and her boyfriend Jamie Burgoyne had just arrived at the pub to have a meal.
“We were just getting out of the car when we saw this object overhead. It was very low in the sky and could easily be seen,” he said.
“At first I thought it could have been a jet but no aircraft has those types of lights to my knowledge.
“It banked to the one side and made no sound whatsoever which was also strange. It was so low we lost sight of it over the tree line of the Clent Hills. When we got back Jamie and I looked it up on the internet and saw the stories about the Dudley Dorito and what we saw does bear a resemblance to it.”
Mr Nock said he believed the craft could be an experimental military plane.
“I know about planes but have never seen anything like this.
“It does look a little like a B2 stealth plane but that makes a sound this one did not.It is a mystery.”
It is the latest in a long list of sightings over the Black Country.
The UFO was last seen earlier this year by security officer Glyn Richards while in the back garden of his home in Quarry Bank.
It has also been spotted over Tipton, Brierley Hill and Oldbury.
Source: Express and Star

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