Friday, 16 December 2011


Hi everyone, just a short announcement from me on the current settings for commenting here.
Up until tonight, the settings allowed unregistered viewers to comment.
I`ve had to reset this to `registered persons only` because of a number of problems with unregistered comments that have been deleted and of course, spam.
Please register here on the blog. It only takes a few seconds, and everytime you comment you won`t have to go through the same rig moral again.
The registering box is located inside the right hand panel and is indicated by a number of box images of current subscribers.
I apologise to those of you who clearly haven`t abused this anonymous facility, but as you realise there are others who have.
I enjoy reading your input, so please take the time and register today!:)

Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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