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North End Bowling Club
Paranormal activity and bowls are rarely associated with one another - but this cannot be said at a Portsmouth club.

North End Bowling Club in Beresford Road, North End has been influenced by spirits on a number of occasions over the last four years.

Allison Hayes, 42, has managed the club since July 2007 and claims to have experienced various paranormal goings on.

She said: "Things began to happen shortly after I started here.

"Doors would be left open, lights would flicker, things would go missing and bowling balls could be heard rolling around upstairs when I was the only person in the club."

When professional medium Tim Robbins visited the club to DJ for a function - his part-time occupation - he soon felt a spiritual connection with the place.

On meeting Ms Hayes, of Waterlooville, he instantly identified she was open-minded towards spiritualism, which she confirmed.

"I was personally touched as he referred to my late mother and said she was grateful for the headstone I had chosen for her - I was blown away."

Mr Robbins went on to inform her that she was surrounded by many spirits, one of whom - George Mouncher - was particularly set on causing a nuisance.

Thus, Ms Hayes inspected the club's archaic trophy cabinet and sure enough ‘G.Mouncher' regularly featured on almost every cup between 1944 and 1969.

Club haunted by former members?
Even Jim Frost, a club member who's highly cynical of spiritualism, said he once experienced first-hand a supernatural happening.

He said: "I heard the sound of wooden planks being dragged across the function room upstairs even though there was no one up there."

According to psychic expert Robbins, Mouncher was a bowler from the old club who held traditional views that a woman shouldn't be running a gentlemen's club.

Ever since, Ms Hayes purposely acknowledges him whenever she enters or leaves the club - saying either ‘Hello' or ‘Good-bye, George'.

She said: "I'm often here on my own at 11pm when the club closes and I never feel scared or have bad vibes about the place - there's a nice and friendly presence.

"Now I recognise their existence, they don't bother me!"

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