Thursday, 26 January 2012


Monica Ballinger claims there is an angel watching over her. That angel, she says, is her grandmother– Cleopatra McLendon Cadell,  affectionately refered to as “Tay-Tay.”
Ballinger reports that although her grandmother passed away almost eight years ago, her spirit has never left her– even in a family photo she took the weekend of Dec. 10 at a family gathering.
When Ballinger was going through the photos she took on her digital camera after a weekend with family, she was stunned to see the face of her deceased grandmother floating in the sky behind her in one of the pictures she snapped.
Ballinger’s reaction was not surprising.
"I cried and kind of threw the camera down. I looked above my head and saw the image of my grandmother."
Since discovering the image of her “Tay-Tay,” she has emailed the photo to many of her family members, sharing what she says is her guardian angel with the rest of who knew her grandmother.
"In the shadow, she has, to me, like a smile on her face, and also telling us that she's okay. Happy that we're together. I just miss her all the time. I know my granny is an angel looking down on me."


Source: Fox11
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