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One aspect of my `spiritual life` I have rarely spoken about in recent years is my experiences with `hands on healing`.

I discovered quite by chance some years ago that I had what some would call the `gift of healing`.
Once a girlfriend had badly bruised her knee, and I placed my hand over the affected area to rub the bruised area, and she responded that the heat from my hand had travelled into her injured area and taken the pain away.

She described how the heat seemingly knew where source of the pain was in her knee joint and smothered the affected area with warmth whilst the pain grew less as the heat intensified.

I was astonished as I had not until then ever considered myself as a `healer`, and until then did not know how healing actually worked on living tissue.
But what I did instantly recognise was that the energy for the heat had originated in my stomach and had travelled through my chest before reaching my hand in contact with another person`s body.

I then became curious, and over a period of two years practised and improved this skill with friends and family and noted that they all reported the same experience as the heat travelled into their bodies from any contact point and targeted the affected area.
Sometimes the energy attacked parts of the subject`s body which was a condition previously not discussed with me.

On other times I could literally sense where the pain was by scanning my palm over a subjects body, and then I did not need to make any physical contact with them to do achieve this.

At this time I researched famous `hand`s on healers`, particularly Harry Edwards (1893-1976) whose work prinicipally put this ability into public focus and discovered through him and others that all that I experienced through healing was the same as shared by many others.

My first consideration was where this energy originated from and there were two quite differing points of view.
Many ascribe this ability through religion and others through the mind and body.
I am not a religious man in that I do not follow any religious doctrine, but I do believe in the concept of `god`.

Unfortunately I do see some charlatans using religion as a tool to deceive people into thinking that they have `the power` of whoever, and that concerns me greatly.
At one point, I had people coming to my home from all over Great Britain and abroad to receive treatment, and the stories they told me about some well established `healers` truly shook me, and particularly the fee`s they charged.

I heard of `healers` dressed up in bogus religious clothing, or dressed like medieval magicians in order to convince their subjects that they `had the power`.
Some even practised a bogus religious ceremony as part of the `healing process`, and of course as a way of getting their subjects to pay their ridiculous fee`s. And sadly there are many of them.

During my early days, I was still serving as a police officer and always asked for a letter of recommendation from my subject if the treatment worked.

One day, I took all these letters (minus names and addresses) to my force`s medical section to offer my services for free to officers who may need this. They were very sceptical, and a nurse insisted I practised on her own injured hand to relieve some pain in a joint. She was very surprised when the treatment worked, but dared not put her own recommendations for fear of being ridiculed. Needless to say, I received a firm `no thankyou`.

Yet over that time I had practised on 10 colleagues with a rang of conditions and even a magistrate! All reported it had worked for them.

But sadly, there was a sting attached with more serious long term injuries. Although I could remove pain from a long term injury, the relief was always temporary. Healing cannot repair torn muscles or broken bones, but it can aid the condition by removing the pain of suffering from anytime between three weeks to three months. But if the physical injury is still there, the pain will always subsequently return.

Another factor I had to consider was when people felt they were cured (and there were quite a few of them too), I insisted that if they were receiving medication they should always continue with it until directed not to do so by their doctor, and that importantly, they should contact them to be medically reassessed. The reasons for this are obvious, and particularly if they were only experiencing a temporary relief. I had no way or right to advise them otherwise.

Some injuries like aching joints or swellings normally resulted in a permanent cure, and on a few occasions I actually witnessed swelling disappearing as I was healing them.That always amazed me.

One major benefit of healing was that it opened my spiritual awareness and increased my psychic ability considerably. I discovered over the years that my psychic intuitiveness become much more stronger, and deeper.

In recent times I haven`t practised the ability of healing due to personal factors in my life which I feel at the present time not to be conducive to helping anyone. In many cases I have felt sad regret at having to say no to any pleas because I know I have to feel emotionally stable enough to do this. A recent family loss has put this on hold for the foreseeable future, although I hope to return again one day.

I must point out that healing does not work for everyone, and just under 10% of people I have seen have not benefited from this unorthodox form of treatment. Sometimes their own fear or apprehension has been responsible or other factors, but that is a small minority of subjects.

Sceptics (bless them) have stated healing is merely a placebo effect. Well if it was, then all the better for it because placebo or not, it has helped a lot of people lead normal lives.

Before I share some past videos with you on healing, I also practised distance healing over the internet on Skype. The results from these sessions were truly remarkable. This is something I hope to take up again one day.


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