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There was an icy, some would say, ghostly welcome on the Welsh hillsides for a tourist on a short break to the Valleys.

For when holidaymaker Paul Feehan replayed the video from his holiday he was in for what he believes is the supernatural shock of his life.

During a break at his holiday caravan the property developer from Manchester deliberately picked an isolated quiet spot beside a manmade lake to relax and take it easy.

And as he took full advantage of the peace and quiet to sit and soak in the views of the stunning Welsh countryside near the village of Abersoch on the Lyn Peninsula he was filmed by a friend.

Even as the camera rolls there is no hint from either man that they have spotted anyone else near them.

Yet when Paul replayed the video he could clearly see a figure standing just a few feet behind him.

The figure, which Paul believes could be a ghost, can be seen at the back of the frame standing very still.

And it remains there for the duration of the short film as the camera pans left and right across the landscape.

Paul even believes that the ghostly spectre is female and is dressed in Welsh national costume.

He said: ‘This is really, really, weird. There was nobody else in the area at the time. When we walked down to the lake we saw nobody.

‘I am absolutely positive that the place was deserted at the time and I have no explanation for what you see on the video. It was completely deserted.

‘Knowing the lie of the land I think the figure could have been no more than 15 metres behind me.

'We heard nothing to suspect anybody else was near us.

‘When I saw it on the video I was shocked and did a bit of research on the internet.

'The outline with the hat and the type of dress looks exactly like a woman wearing Welsh folk dress.’

Source: Daily Mail

This is quite an interesting capture providing of course this isn`t a hoax perpetrated by the videographer or the newspaper.

This type of traditional Welsh costume really started to die out many, many years ago, and now is mostly worn for tourism promotion or traditional public events.
A video-link showing this apparition can be found here.
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