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Ted Serios at work
A few years ago, I was reading of the work of  Ted Serios, who in a brief period during the 1960`s was apparently able to generate images into a Polaroid camera.
What was unique about Ted`s ability, was that the pictures depicted famous places or scenes.
Many sceptics like James Randi attempted to expose Ted as a fraud, but couldn`t.
Firstly, Ted was closely supervised under laboratory conditions by scientists, and secondly his images often used to have incorrect spellings of signs depicted within the photographs.
A classic was the picture he generated for the Air Division for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The word, `Canadian` was misspelt as `Cainadian` on his picture, and you can see here the side by side comparison.

Clearly if the image produced was a `sleight of hand` substitute, the spelling error would simply have been quite impossible.
Ted`s power eventually waned, and all he was able to produce were black or white images.

I decided to carry out my own experiments to see whether I could create similar imagery.
What I discovered was just as weird as my images were orbs, and many of them.
How I achieved this was placing the back of a digital still camera against my forehead, the `third eye` position.

This required an incredible amount of concentration and didn`t work immediately.

I had to meditate very deeply, and then place the camera in the manner described. After some time a weird sensation made it feel as though the camera was absorbing itself into my head.
The mental and physical effect was that I felt spiritually very high, as the camera gave the sensation of being almost glued to me.

To reiterate, this was extremely difficult to achieve, but the images were spectacular.
The initial `orbs` were just coloured balls, but gradually real `orbs` started to appear in the shots.
I once shared these pictures on Youtube but was immediately denounced by `sceptics` as a fraud, although - as with my ability to see energy in the dark, nobody could show how I was falsifying these images. Here is the original (and rather crude now) video.

Look at 2:41 and you`ll see an orb actually melting. This is not seen on normal `orb` shots.

And because nobody could replicate and prove my alleged dishonesty, I was immediately written off as a cheap showman, and nobody wanted to hear anything more about it.
That is a typical `sceptical` response, if you can`t disprove it, you offer cheap jibes and then you bury it immediately.

Okay setting their hidebound ignorances to one side briefly, let`s get back to these pictures.
The `orbs` have all the substance and detail of real spiritual orbs, and at times during these sessions, I felt as though I was having an out of body experience.

The degree by which I felt this sensation was though I had partly left my own body. I couldn`t see where I was, but I did not feel as though I was in that room taking these pictures.

I continued with this for a year, but satisfied with the results (I took many in this room without meditating and nothing was captured) I decided to move on.

Here are but a few of these images for you to view. If anyone suspects fraud, please share with me how?

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