Monday, 23 January 2012


GHOSTS in a Territory city have spooked a family reunion.

A spooky spectre drifted across this photo of a family friend and three of the Barke men - Troy, 25, Ray, 21 and Jarrod, 21, when it was snapped at their home in Woodroffe, Palmerston.

The family members were posing for the photograph before heading out for father Ray's 50th birthday party.

But when Ray's partner Janine Pilgrim, 47, downloaded the creepy Kodak moment, she was aghast at the apparition.

"It's really spooky," she said.

The Greyhound bus supervisor said it might be an apparition of Ray's dead older sister Susan, who died from leukemia when he was a child, but Ray, a rigger by trade, is unsure.

"You've got to be sceptical of these things," she said.

"Even Ray is the biggest sceptic and it's got him thinking."

It looks like smoke to the untrained eye, but amateur photographer Jordyn Warner said she had no cigarette in her hand when she snapped the shot.

"It's definitely not smoke," Ms Warner said.

Ms Pilgrim admitted people were smoking in the picture - including Ray - but said their cigarette smoke wasn't visible.

"I cannot see how smoke could make that picture," Ms Pilgrim said.

"Take a good look at it - it has a head. "I haven't edited these photos at all."

Source: (Australia)
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