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It looks like a blurred light or a badly taken photograph. But according to ghosthunter Leonard Low, this image taken in the basement of a London hospital is proof that it is haunted.
The 44-year-old builder was visiting his former partner who was having surgery at the Whittington Hospital in Highgate when nurses told him about a "strange presence" in the 19th-century arches.
Armed with a camera, Mr Low asked to be escorted into the basement to investigate. There he claims to have seen a "flashing trail of light".
He said: "We began walking down this long corridor with files all around us. We walked for five or six paces when we saw something down the corridor moving.
"There was something hovering in front of us, getting closer and closer. We saw this trail of light flashing all over the place. Then I saw the ghostly image of a young boy."
Mr Low, who owns a "haunted" medieval building in Scotland, added: "When I went down there I got a feel that there was something there. The hospital used to be a leper colony in the 15th century."
Although he took the pictures five years ago, he has only now released them after making new findings while researching his book, The True Story of the Pittenweem Tower Poltergeist, which features the Whittington ghost.
With the help of analysis from mediums, he believes that the pictures depict a 10-year-old boy called William suffering from leprosy. He said: "I would love to go back. I'm fairly convinced it's a ghost, the place is haunted. The stories I've heard were from nurses who have been there for 40 years."
He also told of the "extraordinary pain" he experiences in the presence of a ghost, adding: "I get pins and needles in the back of my head and I find it hard to see. It is as if my skin knows there is something there."
A spokeswoman for the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust said: "There have been ghost stories about sightings and feelings over the years. There is no evidence but the tale continues."

Source: The Evening Standard

My view: Isn`t that really nice of the hospital to allow Mr Low to go ghost hunting with his camera in the basement while his former partner was having surgery above. And all for a book!
I am personally very doubtful about the validity of this photograph, and the surrounding circumstances of it`s capture seem highly dubious to be logical.
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