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Last year I posted the below video of a real ghost manifestation from one of our investigations.
It drew a great deal of support and it also drew the attention of sceptically minded viewers.
Those that derided the capture pointed out that the camera to the left was merely casting an infrared shadow from my body against the wall.

Like any seasoned investigator and researcher of the paranormal I can understand reasonable concerns because this type of phenomenon is often seen on night work, but rarely does `IR shadow` actually create a figure quite dis-similar  to the alleged body it is being cast from.

Some viewers were sympathetic and honest in their scepticism, but others, castigated us for sharing this.

We actually returned to the same location and re-enacted the shoot with regard to position and camera movement, but we could not replicate this footage. This was a unique `one off` event.

So for those who are genuinely  unsure, here are some pointers which support the capture as a real manifestation.

1) I was actually positioned AHEAD of the figure.

2)  The figure is STATIONARY whilst I am moving - if it was my shadow, the silhouette should have started to move off to the right as the camcorder on the left came close - as in the final frames when I reached the wall .

3) And here is the `cruncher` - I was shining IR light from my camcorder in rapid movement across the wall where some believe the IR shadow of me to be. That light actually moves BEHIND THE FIGURE which confirms it was actually behind me and not in front. I was also flashing a torch/flashlight to guide me in the dark to position myself for the investigation. If the figure was `IR shadow` those elements of light from me should have cast over the figure causing it to disappear sooner than it actually did. The confusion here is that the event is very short in duration, but it is there.

4) The figure is briefly seen wearing a hat which if indeed was  IR shadow would be impossible as my shadow figure would have cast a normal hatless shadow effect. The figure also appears to be turning it`s head.

5) As an aside, there was later that night an attempt to communicate with us by `rapping` noises on the building on a windless night. It was apparent in both respects that the spirit was attempting to reach out to us.



 Some Background History

When I first went at night to this location some years previously, this `man` was seen by us through normal eyesight to be standing by the main entrance doorway and smoking a cigarette. He was dressed the same. When my torch light struck it, the figure disappeared.

 Later that very night and in the same building this spiritual manifestation appeared on my camcorder. Through my eyes it was approximately 2` in length. It had two inverted cones of light spinning on either end of a pulsating tube of pure energy. It was sentient intelligence, and reacted to my presence. (See video below)


A year or so later, and again in the same building, a female team member was overshadowed and passed out. Recorded on her camcorder was the below EVP.

GET AWAY FROM ME.mp3   (Click to listen)

This was not known to us on the night, and when we took a short break later we stood around a flashlight pointed up onto the ceiling.
With us at the time was the female team member who was naturally still shook up from the earlier incident. None of us was running a camcorder.
As the team member was talking about this event a black `fluffy` looking cat silhouette/shadow appeared on the ceiling and proceeded to `walk around` the outer circumference of the light beam on the ceiling, before walking away into the dark.  When this was happening we naturally ensured that below or around the torch base that there was no real cat.
We believed it was the same spirit apologising for making the team member ill.

And lastly.....
A few years ago I was accompanied by a team member who was with me when I took a series of snaps at this haunted location. The light reflected off these light anomalies suggesting briefly that the manifestations were solid. It had marked similarities to the light manifestation I captured those years previously.

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