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Jon Snow - Channel 4 News
Here is a piece of blatant bigotry produced by Channel 4, a British television channel owned by the taxpayer, and run by people who regard and label themselves as `open minded, free thinking Liberals`.
Yet Channel 4 news is produced by people with a seemingly naive arrogance towards those of us that dare to have an interest in the paranormal.

The `news` centers around a man called Rupert Matthews who wants to be the next Euro MP for a seat currently occupied by a resigning member, Roger Helmer. The ruling Conservative Party, are questioning Helmer`s insistence that Matthews replaces him when he retires. Their reason being cited as Matthew`s interests in the paranormal. But what is not shared is that Matthew`s is a published and respected author with books such as, Victorian Britain, The Battle of Crecy and The Fire of London. Yes, there are also titles such as Haunted York, but there's a very simple reason for that: books about the supernatural sell better than history books. 

But Channel 4 fails miserably to balance out their piece by reflecting on the full character of Matthew`s work, and instead of giving him a level platform they dive immediately into Matthew`s belief and work in the paranormal.

Even in the opening sequence, they question this man`s integrity to stand as an MEP  on the Conservative Party viewpoint that he believes in poltergeists, alien abductions, and far worse, teaches in the paranormal at an online university.

This `latter day witchcraft trial` assail continues with dismissive reactions from all involved, with scathing criticism from the reporter Michael Crick, and of course Jon Snow the presenter who presides over this blatant hypocrisy as judge and jury.

Crick mentions that he tried to call Matthew`s repeatedly, and that he was forced to go to his home where he was unwilling to give an interview. Well, knowing the temper of Channel 4 News, are you surprised that Matthew`s was unwilling to speak? Yet they play the story as though he had something seedy to hide.

It`s fair to say that Matthews was soon found guilty as charged, and both Snow and Crick sneeringly imply throughout the story that anyone who believes in the paranormal are quite unfit to serve as a Member of the European Parliament. There was of course no input from those that know that Matthew`s is a respected author with a wide-ranging interest in historical subjects.

Despite the broadcast, the accompanying on-line news story from Crick is littered with more derisory comments such as, `And he appears to have some `outlandish` interests, to say the least. Visit the site of the International Metaphysical University and you'll get an online course tutored by Matthews on the paranormal. For $425 he'll teach you all about ghosts, UFOs, poltergeists and so on, all towards gaining an online masters degree` or, `He'd be one of the most colourful and eccentric British Parliamentarians of modern times. And one Tory MP once called him "as mad as a box of snakes.` And the best: `I'm not surprised that they're having worries in the Tory high command`. Really?

Regardless of politics, we apparently live in an age of reason and enlightenment, yet clearly there are some whose bigotry would not be out of place of those living in the 17th century, and Crick and Snow sadly illustrate that sentiment well.
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Chris Halton

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