Monday, 16 January 2012


As with many dubious or openly fake videos on the paranormal claiming a captured haunting, I have similar issues with many photographs too.

Such an example is one taken in 2005 at a mock up of a long running British soap opera called, `Coronation Street`, at Blackpool Waxworks, in Blackpool, Lancashire.

If you look into the window of the dummy front of a pub called, ` Rovers Return` you can clearly see a surprised face of a lady who is identical to the late actress Violet Carson who played the character of `Ena Sharples` from 9 December 1960 - 2 April 1980. She died in a Blackpool nursing home three years later.

The image of her is strangely in black and white, as the early series with her was filmed this way.
The actual TV mock front used for filming is located miles away in the city of Manchester. 

So the likelyhood of Violet Carson dressed as Ena Sharples haunting  a `Rovers Return` facsimile in Blackpool, and in glorious black and white, looks extremely remote from my perspective.

More likely an old press release shot which was superimposed into the pub window to promote the waxworks.

The issue here is that these type of questionable captures become enshrined as `fact` and further taint the real work of paranormal researchers like my own self.

The poster, a lady identified as `Pauline` said at the time, " I took this photograph at the Blackpool Waxworks UK on the 9th August. It clearly shows a face behind my husband (on the right side). The strange thing is that the photo was taken at the coronation street exhibit in the museum, which was a long running UK soap. I think the face may be of Ena Sharples who died in the 1980's and was one of the original main characters. Since researching her I found that she died in Blackpool and was buried there.
I have since sent the photo to the waxworks. They are very interested in it and say that there would be nothing that could cause this ghostly face, like a reflection or anything else".

Of course in finishing, there is nothing to say that the ghost of Violet Carson could not haunt this location, but really?
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