Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Here is a video link which claims to show an image of the late Princess of Wales in a stained glass window from a church in Glasgow.

The poster,  named Michael Cohen claims it was sent to him by Chinese tourists visiting the church.

Diana in the glass?

The video doesn`t say who the tourists were, and which church it was captured in, and other than Mr Cohen`s claims there are no other sources on Google that actually give any information on this.
I would have thought that it would have been prudent to give more information than is stated. At least then the church window and the capture could be compared side by side.

As usual with any questionable video captures, the quality is very poor and to me that lack of clarity enables the trickery of a forger to insert suspect imagery. If you look carefully, you`ll see the shaky camera slide down towards a very blurred similarily shaped image which suddenly stops and becomes in perfect clarity Princess Diana. This clearly suggests the possibility of an inserted still image on the video.There is no way a cheap handheld video cam can be enhanced to provide sharper imagery, and of course why did the video stop at this point and not continue?  In short, not I feel an `optical illusion` or a `ghost`, but to my eyes and experience an inserted image or to put it another way, a possible forgery.

The first thought I had was not related to the video, but more to the presenter, Michael Cohen.
I have personally never heard of this Australian paranormal writer within my circles.

A quick check on Google reveals a Wiki link which states: `Michael Cohen (b. 1970) is an Australian based writer and presenter of paranormal-related articles. He is noted for exposing and publicising a number of high profile events related to UFOs, alleged alien sightings and cryptoids.`

Beneath the entry are a number of references, but all actually relate to his earlier media post relating to `aliens shot in the Brazilian jungle`.

The story behind this bears marked similarities to the `Princess Diana ghost`.
The film was shot by British tourists - yes more tourists, on holiday in the jungle filming a group of children, when quite by accident they capture in the jungle tree line a strange `alien` figure and a bright light nearby.

The alien like Princess Diana looks questionable, and of course is very blurry.
And like the Chinese tourists we don`t know who the videographers were.
I would sincerely suggest to Mr Cohen that both videos should be thoroughly verified by him first after receiving them rather than posting before clarification.

The report of this in the Daily Mail ends: `While for many the images can simply be dismissed as a well-executed hoax, Mr Cohen suggests the photos go some way to proving the existence of aliens. He said: 'This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit`.
 I`ll let you judge for yourselves.

I will let Mr Cohen have the last word here on the `Princess Diana exclusive`:  "The footage is currently being examined by myself and other researchers to ascertain if it is a genuine ghost capture. It might be a bizarre optical illusion, but then again, it could be a ghost - possibly Princess Diana's.

"Ghosts often appear in places connected to their lives and families. Ghosts might appear to warn individuals, groups and even entire nations of possible impending danger."

The footage is being used in an upcoming TV series on Paranormal mysteries.
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