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 Here is an interesting article worth reading. It covers very well psychic ability.
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 It only takes one actual personal experience or encounter with the unknown to shake or upset a person’s firm belief that something is not real, when it is in fact so.

For example, it takes only one concrete and unmistakable encounter with a spirit of the dead for one to believe that ghosts really exist, although he or she may have denied it before. The same is true for out-of-body experience (or astral projection) and precognition, or knowing something before it happens.

There are many different ways by which we receive psychic information. Many of these are discussed in my book “Understanding the Psychic Powers of Man.” But the following is a form of psychic perception that, as far as I know, has not yet been defined or explained by parapsychologists and researchers.

A 35-year-old, down-to-earth female lawyer working in a government agency, whom we shall call Zenaida, “sees” and “feels” impending deaths of family members and friends in a strange or unusual manner. She sees them as though they are not there.

Here is how she explains these strange psychic experiences:

“I was 17 when we had a family photo session after the New Year’s celebration,” she began. “When the picture was developed I suddenly felt an unexplainable emotion while looking at my four-year-old sister. It was as though she was merely present in the picture, but in truth, she was not there with us anymore. When I looked at her aura, there was no figure or color around her. All the other members of the family looked fine.

“Scared, I went through all the other six photos. Same thing, she was there but still felt she wasn’t there with us anymore, as if she was very far and living in another world. I kept this to myself. Then, 12 days after I saw the photos, my youngest sister died of dengue.

“At that time, dengue was unknown in our medical history of diseases. She was the first casualty. And she was made the subject of a case study by the public health office of our province.

“A few years ago, while I was pregnant, my Lolo paid me a visit. I was his favorite among the 25 grandchildren because I was the first and considered the best. When I saw him that day, I again felt the same strange feeling engulf me. He was there looking and talking to me, but I felt as though he was not there. A few weeks later my Lolo died.


“Two years ago, then Major Eli hired my husband as legal counsel. Every Saturday, while my husband worked in the camp with the major, I would prefer to stay in the car and read for hours.

“One afternoon, while my husband was working inside, I left the car for no apparent reason and went to the office of the major. I saw him standing and talking to my husband. What I saw and felt that very moment again sent shivers through me. He was physically present but I strongly felt he was not there anymore with us. This was confirmed when he looked me straight in the eye. I again kept this to myself. Eight hours after I saw him, we received a call from his wife that Major Eli had died suddenly of cardiac arrest.

“Up to this time, I never found my explanation for what I saw and felt in those three instances. I hope you can give me some answers.”—Zenaida.

Your experiences only show that you are a very perceptive and psychic person, but you are not aware of it, possibly because you don’t believe such persons exist, much less that you are one of them.

You see, psychic perception differs from person to person. Some people receive psychic information through the sense of sight (i.e. clairvoyance), others through the sense of hearing (clairaudience) or through feelings (clairsentience), and even through smell (clairolfaction).

In your case, you receive psychic information of impending death through a combination of seeing and feeling. But since you do not understand it, you simply dismiss it as a weird feeling and don’t talk about it. You see, they don’t teach these things in law school!

My theory that you are truly a natural psychic is bolstered by the first part of your letter where you mentioned that when you were 22 years old, you heard a voice whisper clearly in your ear, “Hello!” And you have had at least two other experiences of ghostly encounters. Also, the fact that you read my latest book concerning ghosts shows your great interest in the subject.

This may sound self-serving, but if you really want to understand your psychic perceptions and to develop and control them in a scientific and safe way, I suggest you attend my seminar on Basic ESP and Intuition Development, which will be on Jan. 14-15, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Rm. 308 Prince Plaza I, Legaspi St., Greenbelt, Makati.

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