Saturday, 21 January 2012


Shanley Hotel
Here is a strange `shadow ghost` video posted by North East Spirit Investigations of an unmanned camera left to run on the landing of the Shanley Hotel in New York.
The building originally constructed in 1845 has quite a history of haunted activity.
What is really weird is that the shadow form appears low on the ground suggesting a child or an animal.

The poster states:
`Shadow person captured on film at The Shanley Hotel by N.E.S.I. on September 17, 2008. Notice that the shadow from the banister never moves. Also note that the shadow person moves faster than the other shadows, and appears to change shape`.

A quick search on Google reveals some haunted history:
`Many of the hauntings seem to be associated with James Shanley and the family that resided with him at the hotel while it was under his operation. It is said that a man that fits his description wanders around the establishment in the form of a misty apparition. A woman can be heard mourning and it is likely that this is Beatrice crying over the loss of her three children and sister. A woman in a beautiful Victorian style dress can be observed on occasion. Various scents can be experienced in and around the Shanley Hotel for which no explanation can be uncovered. These scents include perfume, the smell of burning pipe tobacco, and even food`.

What is for certain is that there are many videos from investigations on Youtube, and it appears to be at least, a very popular spot for alleged activity.

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