Tuesday, 10 January 2012


On Saturday, January 7th 2012, Haunted Earth re-attended the premises of Thorpe Lodge, Norwich, Norfolk to carry out a full night`s investigation with John Frary, and Tony Stewart staff members of Broadlands District Council who own the building which dates from 1800.

Accompanying both myself and team member Deanne Romans were our friends John and Josie Lewin.
 A considerable amount of activity has been recorded to camera, and here is one clip I personally find very intriguing.

I was standing on the very active main staircase when I distinctly heard two people arguing.
Of course, it wasn`t the presence of the team that night, but two ethereal voices in the distance.
I reported what I heard to the others, who (above on the landing) also heard the same as me.
Now here is the interesting part. Just before I was about to report that these voices were shouting, another voice chipped in before me, "Shouting".

The question here is, `Can spirit anticipate what you are about to say?`
The evidence is on this short clip.
More superb activity later..

For photographs taken on the night, please click this link here: THORPE LODGE PICTURES

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