Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Star gazers flock to the skies in the hopes of observing heightened auroras following the recent eruption on the sun  on January 23, 2012 – but they are not the only group that takes notice of this celestial event.  Paranormal investigators across Maine and other areas in the northern US, siege the opportunity to capture evidence of the paranormal.

 It is believed that ghostly entities use geomagnetic energy to manifest themselves – making a super charged earth a playground for these ethereal beings. River City Paranormal Society, located in Southern Maine, explains that the increased energy in the air supports heightened paranormal activity.

According to Show Me Paranormal, a Missouri-based group with a mission to explore the paranormal, the best time to conduct paranormal investigations is during peak geomagnetic fields and solar storms.
Ghostly activity may increase at this time, but they warn that excess geomagnetic energy in the air also poses the risk of interfering with ghost hunting equipment, such as EMF detectors and Trifield EM Detectors – instruments used to measure the electro-magnetic energy in the air.
Many believe that high EMF readings - without a known cause such as nearby electrical sources - are an indication that a spirit or ghost is present. During the period surrounding solar flares or storms, these instruments may register false positives.

Source:  Springfield New Age Examiner
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