Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The USS Nightmare at berth

Here is a Youtube video kindly sent to me by a friend and depicting what is alleged to be a shadow ghost aboard an ex-military dredger, the William S Mitchell which is now a floating `haunted house`, on the Missouri River.

Renamed, `USS NIGHTMARE`, the owners claim to have 112 souls of men who were killed aboard through accidents or were souls `dredged aboard from the river`.

The boat is now moored at 101, Riverboat Row, Newport, Kentucky,  and normally has a cast of actors who dress appropriately as character corpses to scare visitors who come aboard.

 In this video, it would appear to be a straight forward paranormal investigation and not a `scare` night event.
You can see a black shadow human form in the back of the ship which looks like the engineering section. What do you think?

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