Sunday, 6 November 2011


When sceptics accuse videographers of capturing `dust` on investigations, they cite in many cases the most easiest `cop out` excuse to define an activity that they really do not understand.

Dust moves with ambient draughts, and of course has to be raked up to cause it to move, and then only briefly before it quickly returns to ground and settles.
As with the known laws of physics, where there is an action, there is always a reaction. So any `dust` will always move in the direction that the draught is blowing.

Insects (despite some spurious claims by sceptics) `swagger` from side to side, and not in a solid sweeping arc or line. And these can move quite fast or very slowly.

This clip shows what I would agree to be real spiritual activity which moves fast in any direction with a sense of deliberation. Some of these appear even to have a `vapour` trail.
As always, it is for you to judge.

The poster claims these were recorded from night cctv on infrared at his or her place of work in the town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.

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