Monday, 21 November 2011


In August 2011, I was filmed at home by a television production company interested in developing a new paranormal TV documentary, but it had to meet with the approval of their company executives first before taking it further.
It`s now gone into a development piece for presentation to TV companies here in the U.K.
I`ve been told they were very pleased with my interview which they thought was very interesting and exciting, so if they get the green light from a television network, they may engage me to provide further material.
The company is a major provider of TV documentaries, so there is every possibility that this will be made into a TV presentation. 
I was one of a number of people interviewed, so we`ll have to see how it goes from there. 
I am certainly very pleased as this is a major step forward in showcasing my work to mainstream television audiences. When I receive any further updates I will let you know!
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