Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Recently I filmed another home investigation and once again captured some more strange activity, and here are a couple of shots showing a mist which appeared over three frames and disappeared almost immediately.
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This is conjuncture with other anomalous activity will be subject of another video presentation in the very near future.

My home has been very active since I first arrived here in 1996.

This property verges across the foundations of a farm property which existed before the present home was constructed in the early 1950`s. I believe that part of the home crosses a portal between both properties which has allowed some very odd events over the years.

Currently there have been two very active spirits, one of a child who was living here when she was taken ill and sadly passed away in hospital. I later discovered that she was the daughter of a former work colleague who lived here in the early 1980`s. When I discovered this I was quite shocked.

She visits the home occasionally, and perhaps less so more recently. Her manifestations have been in a crescent shaped light form or even a `winged` form that used to appear in the master bedroom and on request. This hasn`t been repeated of late, although the other manifestation has been that of a tortoiseshell cat.

The cat appears more than any other activity. A while back I couldn`t find my two cats in the house and came across them on the landing and sat staring at another cat which was the tortoiseshell one. On this occasion the tortoiseshell was very real and my two were completely fixated by it.

As I approached all three, the tortoiseshell turned and ran through a solid door into a bedroom.
I was more curious than shocked by this, and of course to confirm what I had witnessed, I carried out a full examination and found an empty room.

This animal appears regularly, sometimes as a grey ectoplasmic mass, other times as a shadow.
In March 2011 a friend staying over from the USA saw the `ecto` cat run past her on the staircase.

Another rarer appearance has been the lady in a blue polka dot dress. This is more residual than anything that is spiritually proactive, and I have glimpsed her briefly as facets from her life.

However, the house is a portal of `passing through` activity, and two more recent videos shot in a room I have used as a museum display have manifested some strange activity which is shared here.

The video in edit will be the third from here in recent times. Stay tuned for more information later.

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