Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Just a quick line to you all to apologise for my lack of posts in the last few days.
As you are all aware, I`m currently editing the preliminary video of my visit to Thorpe Lodge.
I say `preliminary` tongue in cheek, because the amount of material coming from Haunted Earth`s brief visit is quite substantial for an hour and a half`s worth of video.

The majority is Class `A` evp, and some Class `B` clips which are of very high quality, and high-lighting a lot of male and female spiritual presences in the building. One that sent a chill down my spine occurred when I identified a female presence on the grand staircase. As I was talking to the rest of the guests assembled at the bottom,  and picked up on cam by team member Sean Kim was a pitiful cry of a lady saying, `Keep warm!`
Also a more aggressive female voice saying, `Get Out!`
From what I have reviewed so far, the ghostly woman would appear to be the most active presence.
The building was reportedly haunted by a woman many years ago, and it would seem she is still very much active.
 Also picked up (so far) is the presence of children, which is interesting as reports of children have been made - particularly at night.

I have no doubt now that this video will rank as one of the best from Haunted Earth, and a full night`s investigation next year will hopefully release even more activity.
If I find any physical presences like the figure shared on the staircase I will let you know!

Research Blues:(

I`ve been scanning Youtube, the news feeds and a host of other sources, but at the moment any meaningful reports to share are hard to find.

There is a glut of hoaxed material available on video - some from the usual sources, which ranks from the bad to the abysmally ridiculous.

I think for me in recent days the worst has been paranormal investigation videos carried out by very young children - as young as 5 on one!

Okay these kids are obviously being filmed by their parents but I actually find this disturbing.
The paranormal is not a subject to be treated lightly, and certainly not to expose children to it with some obvious dangers.

I can see in a few years news reports from young adults who will claim that their lives were ruined by it.
But as we seem to be in the age of stupid, I can`t see any changes in some peoples lifestyles.

Anyway, back to editing, and hopefully by the end of the week a really great video to share to you all!
Speak soon.


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