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Wicklow Gaol
A TV3 presenter was left shaking with fear after an unknown force took hold of his arms and raised them high above his head, nearly bringing him to his knees in the process.

Gordon Hayden was filming an overnight Halloween special in Wicklow Gaol for his 3e show when the terrifying incident occurred.
The mannequins add a sense of despair
Hayden's TV crew were joined by resident psychics Angie and Keith Freeland in the hope of making contact with some of the gaol's many spirits. While Angie and Keith are used to such strange goingson, the film crew were completely unprepared for the amount of paranormal activity they encountered.

The Main Cell Block
One of the film team said a fellow crew member, called Laura, 'was physically pushed in the dungeon, taking her off balance across the cell. Gordon himself, in the now infamous cell 13 had his arms involuntarily lifted and was almost taken to his knees.'

'Gordon was left quite shaken but afterwards was really excited about what had been caught on camera.'

Viewers were able to witness both incidents for themselves after they were aired in a special Uploaded programme on 3e on Halloween night.

While many of the crew present in the gaol were left reeling in shock after the spooky physical confrontation, Psychic Medium Angie Freeland says there is nothing to fear from the spirits in the gaol.

' They can sometimes be quite lively, but they won't harm you. We are always in control of the situation. Other incredible activity the crew caught on camera on the night was a table rocking back on two legs, then one leg before it proceeded to rotate taking Gordon and the crew in circles around the table.'

Source: Wicklow People

I visited Wicklow Gaol in February 2011 with Haunted Earth friend and colleague, Sean Dalton.
Here is my report from the Gaol. In conclusion I do feel the building to be very active if not a little `over-fished` by the regular investigations carried out there at night. I have to add that I never felt anything violent there. Perhaps the spirits now want some peace and quiet for a while - and this was a warning?  I did sometimes feel that displeasure on some of my past regular investigations.

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