Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Look carefully - There appears to be an image
 Story Source: Nazareth Patch

On Oct. 13 I accompanied Northampton County Paranormal as it investigated the Newburg Inn in Lower Nazareth Township for paranormal activity.
The investigation itself was a pretty creepy affair, but I was assured that there would be even more to see later once the evidence was reviewed.
I recently joined NCP investigators Scott Wiley and Erin Monie for an evidence review, during which they painstakingly poured over audio files and video footage from the last few investigations.
Since the NCP folks are currently in the process of developing a television show (called Direct Contact, look for it next year), they didn’t want to give out the best evidence; no, that will have to wait to come to a small screen near you.
But until then, they did provide me with a photo that was captured in the hall near the bar area -- for those who read my article from the investigation, this is the spot where two cameras were unplugged, and where I witnessed (via a video monitor) an orb follow Wiley out of the bathroom.
The photo is of an apparition and is being called, for now, the “Newburg Madam.” Based on other evidence captured by team members, they are confident that this is the spirit of a woman.
And for any skeptics or disbelievers out there: It would be easy to dismiss this photo as mist, or smoke, or lens flare. But I can tell you, as a first-hand witness, there was no smoke, no fog and no mist that night. There were no lights on, and no flashes on the cameras. Everything was caught in infrared and full-spectrum lighting.
Do I believe? I’m still not sure, to be honest. And as a reporter, I wouldn’t want to say one way or another. For all of the believers out there, here’s some evidence. For all of the skeptics… happy debunking!
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