Sunday, 6 November 2011


Horse and Groom - Ghostly Barman?
The Horse and Groom public house stands on the corner of an ancient crossroad in what was formerly the village of Merrow, and opposite the medieval village church.

Now a suburb of the larger town of Guildford, Surrey, the former 17th century coaching inn now plies it`s trade as a restaurant, and in recent years has been greatly remodelled.
In June 2011, staff noticed some anomalies captured over night on the internal cctv security system.

As with most of these captures, the recording system in place does not have the facility to record copies from the monitors, and so two recordings were sadly made using a hand-held mobile/cellphone and shared on Youtube.

Despite the obvious lack of quality, both videos show a dark shadow which appears to be of human shape moving behind the actual bar. On one frame you can clearly see the figure.
Most cctv systems are triggered by movement to record, and this capture reflects this as the figure seemingly `hops` around the serving area.

I can find no ghostly history for this pub, nor any past investigations. Both captures were recorded on June 1st and 6th 2011.
Regardless of the obvious limitations, these are still very interesting captures.

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