Wednesday, 2 November 2011


A while back I wrote an article on `The Enfield Poltergeist`. 
Here is an audio recollection posted on the BBC news site:

In 1977, an 11-year-old girl found herself at the centre of a ghost mystery.
Janet Hodgson was photographed in mid-air wearing her red nightdress and visibly screaming while two other children looked on.
She was apparently channelling the spirit of a former resident who had died in the Enfield house many years before.
Graham Morris took the original photographs and told Radio 5 live's Stephen Nolan what happened the night he visited the house.

For me, `The Enfield Poltergeist` was one of the best witnessed and documented ghost reports for many years. The events were witnessed by newspaper journalists, photographers, police, and even people passing by the house.  The audio recordings of `Bill` speaking through Janet, was one of the most amazing incidents of the whole saga, but the downside was that none was ever captured on video camera.  I understand the story and events are now being made into a movie.
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