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Below are two video clips from Dublin, Eire which were shot by CCTV within The Jervis Shopping Centre, Jervis Street.

The Jervis Shopping Centre in Dublin
 Both videos filmed on separate dates appear to show fruit - a pineapple and later an apple being tossed by unseen hands onto the atrium floor where they proceed to move entirely on their own accord.

 Historical Background

Some research on Wiki shows that the centre was built on a former hospital site called, Jervis Street Hospital which was bought in 1994 at a cost of £5.97 million. The centre was built at a cost of £76 million.
Most of the facade of the former Hospital has been retained and incorporated into the Shopping Centre.

Jervis Street Hospital - Circa 1900

The original hospital was founded by six Dublin surgeons as the Charitable Infirmary in Cook St., Dublin, in 1718, at their own expense.
An Araby poster from 1894

Ten years later they moved to a larger premises on King's Inn's Quay.

In 1786, when the new Four Courts were about to be erected on the quays, a bargain was made with the Earl of Charlemont to move into his former mansion at 14 Jervis Street, and the Infirmary moved there in October 1796. Some time afterwards alterations were made in the house to suit it for hospital purposes. The hospital occupied a central place in the most populous part of the city, also being close to the markets, railway termini, goods stores and the shipping.

 In 1854 the nursing and internal management were placed under the control of the Sisters of Mercy. The hospital was rebuilt and enlarged in 1877.
The hospital staged Araby, an oriental fĂȘte, in 1894, to raise much-needed funds. The name, Araby, would live as the title of one of James Joyce’s short stories in Dubliners.

Ghostly History:

Mark Guerin from Paranormal Ireland has produced an excellent video on the haunted history of the site.

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