Saturday, 5 November 2011


TV7 Bulgaria
Last night Friday, November 4th and repeated Saturday November 5th 2011 I appeared as a guest on `The New Files`, broadcast from TV7 in Bulgaria.

Okay, I accept I cannot speak Bulgarian, but the format of the show produced and presented by Sophia Tzavella was quite unlike anything offered by the media here in Western Europe, North America or indeed any English speaking country.
The New Files is a veritable compendium of paranormal news from around the world, and focussing on topics rarely shared outside of the internet. In a way, similar to websites like many others including mine, but far more polished by Sophia`s analytical  - but reassuringly pleasing style of presentation.

I thoroughly enjoyed being on the show - as I dare say many other guests have commented in the past.
For us `paranormal freaks` who cannot get enough paranormal news, it would be great if TV7 released the show in an English speaking or subtitled format. Looking at the `hits` on reviewing visitors of the show from my website, I am certain the idea would be a great success.

I`m pleased to say quite a few of you have written to me personally about the show last night to express how much they enjoyed it - despite the language limitations, and I have to agree, it was a great experience and opportunity to see how the paranormal is shared in other countries.
So on behalf of everyone here, thank you Sophie and TV7, it was a fantastic show!

Here is a direct link to the webpage featuring my guesting on the show: The New Files - Chris Halton

Chris Halton

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