Friday, 11 November 2011


Main Street on `River City` set
Soap stars were left shaken after a ghost appeared on set at River City.
Cast members and crew have been spooked by the appearance of the "Shiver City" spectre on the Dumbarton set of the BBC Scotland show.
Security guards have encountered the apparition at night and cast members have even heard it talking.
A show insider said: "Some of the sound guys have seen it, as have several of the cast.
"It has been known to say 'hello'. It seems to be quite a friendly spirit.
"It only appeared in the last year and it's only now that people have started talking about it.
"But the security guards are always talking about how there are various funny unexplained things going on around the set at night when they patrol it."
It's not the first time ghosts have been associated with the area where River City is filmed.
The soap, starring Johnny Beattie and Sally Howitt, is shot on the site of a former whisky bond on the Clyde.
Cast and crew reckon the visitor from the afterlife could be a former whisky worker.
But Shieldinch isn't the only soap to be home to ghostly goings on.
The soap insider said: "Someone who worked down on the EastEnders set before coming up to River City said it was full of ghosts too.
"Apparently furniture has been known to move itself around there."

Source: Daily Record
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