Thursday, 24 November 2011


On Monday November 21st I posted this link here VISIT AND PRELIMINARY PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION OF THORPE LODGE NORFOLK concerning my visit to the council premises of Thorpe Lodge, Norwich, Norfolk.

I reported that there was a lot of activity present in the old Regency period building, and that the staircase seemed to be the `hub` of this activity.

The stair under normal light

John Frary from Broadlands District Council - who allowed our visit, sent me today this picture shot in semi-darkness on the staircase.

If you look carefully at the middle left , you can clearly make out the head and shoulders of a figure walking down the staircase.To me it seems to be shorter than average height - comparing the head in relationship to the rail height. The figure even blocks the rail which continues just in front of the figure.

This is an exciting find, and even now just perusing the copious video captured on edit, I can also report other weird anomalies on film which will be released as an investigation of our visit.
More to follow soon. My thanks to John Frary and the staff member who captured this great image.

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Look to the middle bottom - just over foreground image of balcony rail and you will see a faint impression of a figure.

The enlarged segment. The figure appears to be shorter than average height by the position of the wall rail.

The same image coloured to delineate the figure.

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