Thursday, 3 November 2011


Haunted but Beautiful - Edinburgh Castle

This is an interesting colour photograph taken by the poster at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.
It was taken in 1989, but unfortunately the poster does not detail in which room.
The camera used was an Olympus 35mm (film).
I see it as an elderly lady wearing late 18th century head dress. But of course, the detail is not too clear to afford identification with absolute certainty.
The poster adds that the image appears in a `cloudy form` on the negative.
What do you folks see? :)
LINK TO IMAGE (Embedding disallowed)

Whilst still on Edinburgh ghostly pictures, I found this taken in another room which appears to show a footman standing to the left side of the facing fireplace. Nobody was apparently there other than the two ladies.
It seems a strange capture, but in reality why would anyone be standing there dressed in such formal attire?
As usual, you make up your own mind on both these submissions.
Here is a close up of the male figure.
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