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Dagan has been frightened by the ghost in his bedroom that 'sits and talks to him' during the night
The father of a five-year-old boy has revealed how his son has been troubled by visions of a ghost that speaks to during the night.

Dad-of-three Dave Gerrity, 41, revealed that ongoings that started around six months ago when his son Dagan, first encountered the sighting in his room.

He said: 'Dagan is scared about it. He cries about it. He's told us that at night he can't sleep because a man with grey skin comes and sits on his bed and keeps him awake talking to him.

'The first time it happened, Dagan's mum Emma and I heard him crying on the baby monitor. I went up to him and he was just crying his eyes out. At first I thought it was just his imagination, or he had had a bad dream.

'Of course you never expect this kind of thing to be true, I've never believed in this kind of thing before. But there's no denying it now.

'There have been times when we've been in the room with him and we see him looking up into the corner of the room and speaking.'

Father Dave also explained how the ghost shuffling furniture in his son's bedroom. He added: 'We have a double bed in the room which is balanced on its side, and there's a blue plastic table on top of it.

'Dagan told me that in the night, the table was picked up and moved by itself.

'This table is much too high for him to reach himself. I've put him to bed when the table has been on top of the bed, then come back in the morning to find it moved.

Dave told how guests to his home have also spotted the face of a man on the walls on the dining room of their three-storey house in Bridlington, East Yorks., after it was re-plastered.

'The wall was completely stripped back before it was plastered and there was nothing on it, no pattern.

'But when the plaster was drying, we could see a face start to appear. Now there is a six foot - by six foot face of a man on the wall.

'People come round to our house and see it straight away - you can't miss it. It spooks everybody out.

'I've been plastering for 24 years and never seen anything like this before."

The family's next-door neighbours, on the other side of the re-plastered wall, have also experienced paranormal activity.

Dave said: 'I've been in my house and heard banging coming from the top floor next door. I know they've been doing so re-furbishment so I expected it was workmen, as I could hear sawing and chatter.

'But then, my next door neighbour came round and said 'Dave, please come round and look upstairs, I can hear noises and there's noone else in'.

'I've gone to look for myself and she's right - there's noone up there.

'The whole thing has got us really spooked. My wife wants to move, she doesn't want to stay in the house anymore.

'It's a shame because we've just done up the house, but it's even creepy for me. I'm a bit scared to be downstairs in the dining room by myself.

'I think that all the work that's been going on - both next door and in our house - has disturbed a spirit.'

Source: Daily Mail
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