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A SPOOKED great-grandad spotted a ghostly face in a family photo — and immediately recognised the phantom as HIMSELF on his wedding day.

Harry Ross, 64, could make out a man peering through blinds.
To me this looks like a man wearing a uniform in a peaked hat
And when he looked closer, he was convinced the spooky snap showed him as he was 42 years ago.
Harry said: "I immediately thought, 'That's me'.
"I recognised the jacket and the rest of the outfit from my wedding day when I was 22. "The family agree that it is definitely me, but some think it's me as a very old man. It was really freaky.
"I almost fell over with fright."
Harry on his wedding day.

The photo in question. Harry is seated to the right

Harry married his wife Theresa, 60, in Kettering, Northamptonshire, in 1967, and they have ten grandkids and two great grandchildren.The photo — taken outside Harry's home in Rothesay, Bute — shows him, his son Andrew, 26, and granddaughters Bonnie, five, and Leah, two.

And retired Harry even took the snap to a psychic in a bid to solve the mystery.
He said: "The guy told me that was definitely me in the snap.
"He said it meant I had to let go of the past. I don't understand as my wife and I live a happy life and have no skeletons in the cupboard.
"At least I don't anyway — maybe the wife's got another man."
 Link: Scottish Sun

Harry today.

I have often wondered whether it is at all possible for someone to haunt themselves.
And by the meaning of `haunt`, would such an apparition on video or photograph be a slip back into time?
Sadly that question has not been answered in this story. 
The man in the window looks elderly, and not unlike Harry himself. 
So is this a trick photo of Harry superimposed in the window, or is it in fact a relative in spirit?
 As usual, I leave this to your own thoughts and impressions ....

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