Thursday, 10 November 2011


A group of paranormal investigators called `Spirit Quest UK`  from Wrexham claim to have captured a full apparition of a ghost whilst investigating Pen Y Lan Hall, a 17th century haunted country house in Ruabon, North Wales.

Group spokesman Howard Hughes said: “I was examining footage we took during the investigation and saw something very exciting and also extremely rare in the world of paranormal investigating - an actual ghost or full manifestation as the group like to call it.
During our time at the hall there was five team members and four members of the public in attendance and we were all down in the cellar.
Our medium, Carole, said she could sense the presence of a clergyman with us.
I started filming Carole speaking and panned around the room but as the camera points towards the long corridor that separates one part of the cellar from the other, a figure can clearly be seen in black with a pale white face holding what seems to be some kind of light source such as a candle.
As the camera stops moving the figure can be seen walking past some iron bars across the end of the corridor.
We know its not one of us because the footage clearly shows all of us present in the room.
It’s something to get very excited about as the footage is quite remarkable.”

The video claiming the capture is below, and the event starts around 2.32. 
What is actually seen is barely a partial manifestation, and that appears briefly in a doorway.
To me the figure looks modern and wearing a hooded sweater which you can see as the figure turns away. But that is my impression. The video claims all group members were accounted for.
As always, I will leave it to your own judgement.

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