Thursday, 18 January 2018


In early January 2018 I flew over to Belfast to join for the evening with Ghost Searchers Ireland (GSI) to investigate the former prison at Crumlin Road.

The prison (like most) has a tragic past, with women and children being imprisoned there from the early days, and later,  members of I.R.A and their mortal enemies, the UVF and UDF during the period known as `The Troubles`.

In its history, a total of 17 men were executed there for various crimes, and 15 of them still remain within the prison grounds in unconsecrated ground.

The prison has a history of abuse and suicides, the most poignant being the suicide of a 10-year-old boy named Patrick Magee, who hung himself following imprisonment by a court.

There are many recorded ghostly events reported within the prison which are detailed in the show, but what we experienced added a new dimension to that ghostly history which was verbal abuse never recorded before.

Even more weirdly, twice threats were made to kill me by these inmates and recorded as EVP.
It is believed that the reason they chose to be so vulgar in their comments was due to the fact that I am an Englishman who was formerly a police officer.

Historically, the Irish had every reason to fear outsiders and the police because of the tragic and inhumane treatment of them, and particularly during the 19th century when many died of starvation due to the `Potato Famine` when their crops were blighted and destroyed leaving the majority desperate for food. The British and the landowners of that time largely refused to help, and so many fled to the then colonies and the USA to escape starvation and death.

It is fair to point out that it wasn`t only the Irish who suffered at the hands of the British.
Many people from all over the UK lived in dire poverty and suffered heinous abuse at the hands of the then government.
But for the Irish,  the British (mostly wealthy and landed Scots and English) wanted to ethnically `cleanse` the country of the poor,  and to canvass public support magazines of the day portrayed them as savages more akin to being ape-like than human - as you can see from this image.

Following the Irish revolt when the majority of the country seceded from Britain,  it later led to the IRA committing more murders and ultimately, `The Troubles`, as Britain retained the northern part.

It is every credit that today the majority of the Irish - both North and South have buried the stirred enmities of the past, and the country as a whole enjoys a new era of peace and reconciliation with each other.

 When I led this investigation I was completely mindful of its history and knew my presence was likely to stir up old animosities which resulted in some of the most amazing EVP ever being recorded there.

Here is a free preview of some of the events you will see in this two-part show.

In the below video I experience my first threat to kill me. I was referred to as a `Peeler` which is an archaic term for a police officer, and still used today.

In this feature, you`ll hear some amazing Class A EVP, and some extremely coarse language which clearly showed their displeasure at me being there.

And in this final `taster` clip, we recorded Class A EVP of a man speaking a tongue which we assumed was Gaelic, but Irish language speakers have declared it to be not Irish, but unknown.

As you can appreciate this is possibly one of the very best investigations to date.
And you can see this show Friday night (January 19th, 2018)  at 10 pm (UK time) when I will post a link to this page for you to view part one.

My special thanks to Gary Watters and his excellent team at Ghost Searchers Ireland for inviting me over to work with them.

HERE IS THE LINK TO PART ONE (Broadcast date 19th January 2018)

HERE IS THE LINK TO PART 2 TONIGHT (26th January 2018) Starts at 10pm (UK time)

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