Saturday 30 April 2016

THE HANGING OF TOBY GILL - A para-documentary

My latest journey into history takes me back to the year 1750 where on 24th June, a young soldier named as Tobias Gill allegedly raped a young woman and strangled her with his handkerchief.
Gill (whose nickname was `Black Toby`) was found unconscious drunk and lying next to the girl`s body.
According to some witnesses, she appeared untouched and lying asleep, but to others who were used as witnesses in court, she had been, `sexually violated, raped and murdered by Gill`.

Suffice to say that Gill was later found guilty at a court in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and was subsequently hung and then placed in chains at a gibbet erected near to the scene of the alleged crime at 5 fingers crossroads in Blythburgh, Suffolk.

There his remains stayed for 50 years before finally being taken down and buried at the scene.

In this presentation I explore the background to this event, and discuss whether Toby was black or white. I also examine the case in detail, and explore the legends of hauntings associated with Toby.

And later I return at night to carry out a paranormal investigation on Blythburgh Common, a place noted for criminality and possible murder.

The video presentation will be live at 10pm (UK time) Saturday 30th April 2016 (tonight).