Friday 15 September 2017


Marius Lazin - Hoia Baciu Project

Having visited Poveglia, reputedly the most haunted island in the world I decided in late August to visit and investigate Hoia Baciu forest in Transylvania, Romania which is regarded to be the world's most haunted forest.

Meeting up with Marius Lazin from the Hoia Baciu Forest Project, plus two friends, I explored the forest during daylight, twilight and finally during full darkness.

The forest historically dates back over 55,000 years, and since medieval times it has been the scene of a number of reported disappearances ranging from 200 medieval people, a shepherd and his flock (for whom the forest is named after), and numerous people right through to the 20th century.
One famous case speaks of a young girl who disappeared for over 5 years, but later emerged with no change to her age or clothing.
One of the many UFO`s shot over the forest by Emil Barnea

Just off into the forest .....
The forest is also reputedly haunted and during the 1960`s, it was the scene of a number of UFO sightings which were seen above the circle clearing in the forest.
My visit touched on a number of reported anomalies, and particularly the lights which have reportedly been seen, and also emotional intensity experienced by some visitors.
Another interesting facet of the forest legend is the fact that there are a lot of tree`s with abnormal growth. Many appear bent or distorted. These I explored in some detail too.
All in all it was a fascinating investigation resulting in EVP being captured on 2 cams.
Also some experiments with EMF meters yielded some interesting results which are shared in the video.

                                                           FULL SHOW