Friday 30 September 2011


Just a personal message from me to thank you all for visiting this blog.
Whenever possible I try to keep the stories and news as fresh as possible. Some days are particularly active, whilst others are bereft of good news items.

It takes around 2 hours a day to research, and so you can imagine that 80% of stories are just that - stories, or very bad fake videos on the paranormal.
A recent example was the news story from the Sun Newspaper of the `little girl` ghost caught allegedly on CCTV in a phone shop.
It was easy to see that this was yet another fake video news piece, and in fact someone proved it by actually recreating the same video using another figure!

So if you find a particular story isn`t here, it may well be an obvious fake or I haven`t heard about it!
If you find a good story of interest, please do let me know.

At the moment most stories are based around commercial events advertising ticketed  `ghost investigations` or newly built `Halloween Haunted Houses - run for profit. These I do tend to avoid unless the event is for a creditable charity.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and more news as it happens:)

Chris Halton


A Greek couple has sued the NSW government for not helping them sell or simply get rid of their “haunted” house in Sydney.

Previous renters of the Alexiou’ house were a couple now serving jail sentences for life for letting their 7-year-old daughter Ebony starve to death in 2007. Ebony’s parents had gotten the house through the Department of Housing.

However, during their trial it emerged that Ebony’s family rental history was not that perfect as it seemed.

“Our family has been trying to sell the house since the 2007 unfortunate event but potential buyers have been scared off by the grisly events that took place there”, Mr. Alexiou said. Under NSW law, they are required to tell potential buyers its history.

When in opposition, Barry O’Farrell urged the NSW government to buy the house from Chris and Deborah Alexiou, demolish it and create a park in memory of little Ebony.

But since taking office, the Greek family claims the Premier is acting as if he does not know them and actually broke his promise to them.

”We have done nothing wrong but we are the victims – not as much as Ebony, but it is getting worse and worse for us,” said Mrs Alexiou, who is facing stress-related illness due to the whole matter.

The couple sued the government for compensation, with the case to return to the Supreme Court in the following month.

Source: Greek Reporter Australia

Thursday 29 September 2011


It seems like every few months, somebody is finding the face of Jesus in their toast, the image of a deceased relative in their drying paint, or the silhouette of the Virgin Mary in their soup. Sometimes these things seem eerily realistic, other times they seem bogus. What Susan De Vanny, an Australian tourist visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, found was definitely the former. Susan captured a photo of water over the wreckage with oil shimmering from the sun, and amidst the ripples and light is the image of a ghostly-looking face that appears to be screaming. No, like an actual face.
Susan didn't realize what she had photographed at first, but when she was going through her vacation photos, she saw the scary image. She said, "I showed my husband and I didn't say anything, I said just have a look at the photo, and he said, 'Oh my gosh it's a face,' and then the kids saw it and they go, 'Oh wow.'"
While visiting the memorial, the De Vanny family learned that 1,177 sailors died aboard the USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 -- and that most of the bodies were never recovered. Susan feels that her photo is perhaps a message from beyond. She said, "It just looked really sad, really sad and young. The face, to me, looked young, which I don't know if it represents the men at that time who perished."
Hmm ... I'm not usually one to drink the Kool-Aid, but it kind of seems like it definitely is one of the men who perished. It's a face -- a screaming, clearly-distressed face. And Susan didn't notice it until she saw her photo. Things that only come up in photos are ghosts! Everybody knows that. That's Photography 101.
Whether you believe the image is a being from beyond or simply a random way the light happened to catch the water is all you. But you have to admit, it's a freaky photo. And you also have to admit it's totally a ghost.
Check out the video.
What do you think?
Source: CNN


 This is very interesting. Firstly prior to some spiritual events there is often a build -up of orb activity, and when I first saw this I thought `dust`, however look what happens firstly at 00.32 and finally at  1.41 ...

Here are the posters own comments.

`This video was taken from a corridor security camera, this corridor had no air vents and all the doors were locked and are fire doors, so have a very tight seal, so no draughts or smoke can get through, you can see mist and shapes moving on the floor..... there is a smoke detector in the ceiling next to the camera, but this did not activate which makes us believe the mist you see is not smoke, and finally at 1.33.16secs you will see a shape cross in front of the camera, we have still framed this and still haven't the faintest what it might be. I have called this video Ghosts and Orbs; I believe in neither.....but cannot explain what you see`.


Discovered this rather questionable video from Indonesia. Real or Fake?
You decide..
From the poster: `An unknown angel like spirit caught on a closed circuit television (CCTV) video in Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, Indonesia. This miracle or hoax took place on September 11, 2011`.


Can you spot the spook? (Click image to enlarge)
 A female ghost was recently captured on camera during the shooting of Taiwanese idol drama "Love Recipe".
In a series of photos released to promote the drama, one of the photos revealed a woman appearing in a van behind lead actor Kenji Wu. The ghostly face could just be seen behind Kenji's arm.
The crew insisted that there was no one inside the van when the photograph was taken.
Kenji later on said that he felt "someone" patting him on the back when he was in the van.
He said, "When I turned around, there was no one."
He also heard a voice beside him saying, "No..."
"After that, I felt dizzy and very cold," Kenji said.
After the incident, the singer-actor went on three days' medical leave.
Kenji's manager however, made light of the ghostly encounter.
The manager said that the drama must have been so interesting that even spirits wanted to catch it. He added that he will be bringing Kenji for some prayers "to call back his frightened soul".
Source: Insing


Staff at the Real Mary King’s Close are turning ghost hunters for the festive season and are inviting members of the public to get involved.

After numerous reports of supernatural activity since opening in 2003, with the majority on Halloween, the attraction’s owners have decided to investigate.

A webcam has now been installed in what is considered the most haunted part of the close, Chesney’s House, where its last occupant, Mr Chesney, lived until 1897. Here is the WEBCAM LINK

The area will now be filmed 24 hours a day but, as employees at Mary King’s Close won’t be able to monitor it constantly, they are asking inquisitive visitors to lend a hand.

Nigel Hosier, manager of The Real Mary King’s Close, said: “I think the senses are heightened at Halloween and people visiting the Close seem to see and hear a lot more than what we set up as part of the tour.

“We take all the reports we receive from our visitors very seriously and would love to capture something on camera to help explain these happenings. We won’t be able to monitor the webcam 24 hours a day, so if people spot anything unusual we would love for them to let us know so we can investigate further.

“We have also obtained some electronic voice recordings from the Close which we will be revealing during our Supernatural History Tours between Thursday 27 and Monday 31 October.”

The Real Mary King's Close is a historical site hidden beneath the Royal Mile and consists of a number of underground closes, originally narrow walkways with seven-storey houses on either side.

In 1753 the Burgh authorities decided to build what is now known as the City Chambers and knocked down the houses at the top, leaving the lower houses as the foundations for the building.
Source STV

Here is a video of EVP recorded inside the Chesney House by Scottish Paranormal. This is their account of the circumstances in which it was recorded.

`Scottish Paranormal assisted in the running of an overnight charity investigation of the Close in March 2010. During the evening we captured a bit of audio that was not heard at the time. During that time three females were in Chesney's house and all males where on another upper level - however when we listened back to the recorder a man`s voice is clearly heard and listen to what is said after the girl asks 'Do you like Gin?'

Wednesday 28 September 2011


On Saturday, September 24, 2011, evidence of paranormal activity in a Tucson, Arizona motel room appeared in the form of a creepy skeletal hand print on an otherwise ordinary headboard.  An unnamed couple had moved in to the haunted motel room the night before.  According to the manager, named Jina, they initially seemed pleased with the room.

The couple's pleasure quickly turned to fear when they woke up to discover a "ghostly, skeletal handprint on their headboard."

The ghostly photo was provided by the hotel manager herself along with the following explanation of the events surrounding  the hand print's unwelcome appearance:

    "I manage a motel in Tucson, Arizona. This past Saturday, a guest came to the front desk to complain that his room was haunted. He and his wife had checked in Friday night and were very pleased with their room. Upon waking up in the early hours, however, they discovered this ghostly, skeletal handprint on their headboard. The desk employee apologized and moved their room, then went to see for herself what had scared the couple so badly. This is the picture she took and texted to me. I have no explanation for it."

Source: National Examiner


These are the 800 year old remains of what archaeologists believe was a witch from the Middle Ages after seven nails were found driven through her jaw bone.

The grim discovery was made during a dig on what is thought to be a 'witches graveyard' after another woman's skeleton was found surrounded by 17 dice - a game which women were forbidden from playing 800 years ago.

Experts say they believe the women are aged around 25 - 30 years old and were found buried in a simple shallow grave in the ground with no coffin or shroud.

The macabre remains were found during a dig close to the sea at Piombino near Lucca in Italy's Tuscany region and the woman had seven nails through her jaw as well as another 13 nails surrounding her skeleton.

Archaeologist Alfonso Forgione, from L'Aquila University, who is leading the dig, is convinced that the women were suspected witches because of the circumstances in which they were buried.

He said: 'It's a very unusual discovery and at the same time fascinating. I have never seen anything like this before. I'm convinced because of the nails found in the jaw and around the skeleton the woman was a witch.

'She was buried in bare earth, not in a coffin and she had no shroud around her either, intriguingly other nails were hammered around her to pin down her clothes.

'This indicates to me that it was an attempt to make sure the woman even though she was dead did not rise from the dead and unnerve the locals who were no doubt convinced she was a witch with evil powers.

'The second skeleton we have found was buried in a similar fashion but this time we found 17 dice around her - 17 is an unlucky number in Italy and also dice was a game that women were forbidden to play.

'The way the bodies were buried would seem to indicate some form of exorcist ritual and the remains will be examined to see if we can establish a cause of death for them.'

One puzzle that the archaeologists have been unable to explain is why the women if they were evil witches were buried in consecrated ground as the area is the site of an 800 year old church.

He said: 'The only possible explanation is that perhaps both women came from influential families and were not peasant class and so because of their class and connections were able to secure burial in consecrated Christian ground.'

The team is trying to find the burial place of the St Cerbonius, a bishop who died more than 1,500 years ago and who is the local patron saint of the area.

Pictures traditionally show him having his feet licked by a bear after legend has it the animal refused to eat him after he was condemned to death for sheltering Roman soldiers by the Barbarians who had invaded Tuscany.

Two years ago a Medieval woman's skull was found near Venice with a stone driven through its mouth - which experts said was the traditional way of dealing with vampires and preventing them from rising from the dead. 

Tuesday 27 September 2011


A Paranormal Playground?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT)- Rumors or a haunting?  Mystery surrounds one Huntsville playground where some people claim ghosts come out for a little playtime.

Just outside the city sits Maple Hill Cemetery, the oldest and largest graveyard in the city.  Nestled behind the cemetery is an interesting lot; a playground.  To many, it's known as "Dead Children's Playground."  Legend has it that after the sun goes down, interesting things happen.

"We walked down here and we get on the swing, and out of nowhere, you hear someone scream.  When I say I ran like the fastest ever in my whole life, it was terrifying," says Rashad Deyampert.  Reports of swings moving by themselves and children's voices floating through the air litter internet chatboards.  There are many theories as to what causes the occurences.  One rumor is after a string of child abductions in the 1960's, many of the kidnapped children's bodies were found on the playground.  "I heard some kids fell off a slide, or someone died, a couple kids died in here, and they never leave.  At night they'll come out, or whatever," said Deyampert.

So is the playground really haunted?  You be the judge.

Source: CBS42

Update: The playground has now been shut down with the land required for burial. Did they shut it because of the publicity, or because of it`s alleged hauntings?


As a magician, escape artist, author, lecturer and self-proclaimed "charlatan," James "The Amazing" Randi has traveled the world exposing frauds and cheats who prey on people's beliefs in supernatural and psychic abilities.

There is new, confounding mystery surrounding Randi, and it has nothing to do with whether someone can bend a spoon with their mind, channel dead spirits as a medium or heal the afflicted with the laying on of hands.

Federal authorities say that the man often by his side for the past 20 years is one of the most common frauds there is: an identity thief.

The man who goes by the name Jose Luis Alvarez is an internationally known artist whose paintings have hung in the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, at Art Basel in Miami Beach and at shows in New York and in San Francisco.

Randi, 83, is one of the most charismatic, highly recognized figures in the so-called skeptic community, earning the praise of such scientific figures as Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov. He won a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant for his work in 1986, a year after moving to Broward County. Over the decades he has mentored dozens of students eager to learn the secrets of his particular arts.

Authorities say they still aren't sure who Alvarez really is. And it is unclear if Randi is cooperating with them — he told the Sun Sentinel that the attorneys he hired to defend Alvarez have advised caution.

"Our lawyers have said we are not to comment on our knowledge or lack of knowledge. I simply cannot say anything," Randi politely tells a reporter, while recognizing he is now in the midst of an unfolding enigma. "It is good press fodder, I would say."

Alvarez, who purportedly is 43, was charged with stealing a New York man's date of birth and Social Security number in 1987 to obtain a U.S. passport. A grand jury indicted Alvarez on Wednesday on a charge of passport fraud, a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison, and aggravated identity theft, which automatically tacks two years in prison onto any other sentence.

More immediately pressing for Randi, and Alvarez's attorneys, is securing Alvarez' release from the Broward Main Jail. Prosecutors have said they will seek to have him held without bond. A courtroom showdown is set for next Wednesday, when a judge will consider arguments for and against bail.

For Alvarez to be released, he may have to reveal his true identity, which would be tantamount to an admission of guilt.

"He's in an interesting box," said Jeffrey Neiman, a former federal prosecutor who is now a defense attorney based in Fort Lauderdale. "I can't imagine a magistrate judge giving a bond without knowing who it is they are giving the bond to."

Miami defense attorney Susan Dmitrovsky, who represents Alvarez, said he is well-known around the world, and that he has strong ties to South Florida. There has been an outpouring of support from people who are writing letters to the judge on Alvarez's behalf, she said.

"They are very supportive of him, and they have known him for years. Everyone is pretty shocked the way this is going down. The art community is behind him," Dmitrovsky said.

Randi told the Sun Sentinel that Alvarez is not a threat and would not flee. "As far as I've ever seen, he's only done good things in his life. As a literally world-famous artist, he should be accepted by American society and should rightly be embraced," he said.

Dmitrovsky will have to convince the judge Alvarez won't flee if he is released on bail. That may be difficult without revealing Alvarez's identity, Neiman said.

"You could present overwhelming evidence as to his ties and that he's been in South Florida and is known and not going anywhere, but the judge is always going to be wondering, 'Who is this I have before me?'" he said.
What is this man`s real identity?
Alvarez's alleged identity theft occurred before he first began performing to international audiences, beginning in early 1988 at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Onstage he was "Carlos," channeling the spirit of an ancient seer in contact with other worlds.

It was an elaborate hoax devised by Randi and heavily promoted by Australian media. It was carried out as performance art, to show people how they can be easily deceived by false mystics and psychics. After the performance, "Carlos" revealed himself as a fake. The two men put on the "Carlos" performances for 15 years, and it helped shape the way Alvarez approaches his colorful, contemporary paintings, which often feature the layering of crystals.

These days, Randi still relies on the "Carlos" charade to promote his James Randi Educational Foundation, which was created in 1996 "to help people defend themselves from paranormal and pseudoscientific claims." A few years ago Randi — who is paid $195,000 a year by the foundation — filmed several videos he put on YouTube explaining the genesis of "Carlos." He has a standing offer to pay $1 million to anyone who can scientifically demonstrate they possess genuine supernatural powers.

Randi acknowledged that the arrest of Alvarez and the allegations of identity fraud have opened himself up to attack by his critics, which are legion. He said he is not overly concerned fresh attacks from paranormal practitioners will undermine his work — he has a lecture tour scheduled across Canada next week.

"I'm a magician by trade. I'm an entertainer. That gives me the ability to investigate these people who have supernatural claims," he said. "They are taking people's money, dishonestly and unfairly. They are taking their emotional security. These people have got to be stopped. I have been involved in that for many years."


I found this interesting clip on Youtube which seems to be an honest capture on CCTV.
Here is the poster`s explanation.

`Ghostly Orb in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Really weird Ghost Sighting on Security Cameras.
A little bit of information about the hall...there is no windows and that footage is in night vision mode so the hall is technically black. Yes possibly could be a bird or bat, but unlikely as an animals movements would be a little more erratic.. Still not sure what it is though so still very weird..`


We've all heard stories of ghosts in certain areas of the district, many say several houses in Sault Ste. Marie are haunted. Batchawana is also a hot bed of activity according to locals there. 

To the east, we've heard reports of haunted houses in the Bruce mines area and also St. Joseph Island. 

Which is why we find this footage fascinating. 

Local2 photojournalist, Brandon Printess can't explain what he caught on his camera by accident nor can he explain a camera movement that was captured at the same time a blurry white image floats by the camera. 

"With Halloween being around the corner, i can see people thinking this is a scam or doctored video. I promise its not." 

As Brandon explains, it was just by chance that the camera recorded video. 

"My dad has a trail camera set up at our hunt shack and every now and then loads the pictures from it to his computer. This last time he set it to take video instead of pictures, left st Joe's island and came home. When he went back, to his surprised, he had caught this
strange video. As you can see, there is a feeder in the back, as well as a few bears eating." 

Take a look at the video and tell what you think? 

"I can't explain anything else. Would be happy if someone could. I will be watching the posts to get an idea." Brandon says. 


Hong Kong - Two Hong Kong schoolgirls were taken to hospital after collapsing in terror claiming they had seen the ghosts of Japanese soldiers from World War II, a news report said Tuesday.
The girls were among a party of 12 exploring the site of an abandoned school in the New Territories, which is rumoured to be haunted, when they claim they saw an apparition of a marching army.
The South China Morning Post reported that the girls fled in terror and fainted.

The school, which closed in 1998, is believed to have been used by Japanese troops during the occupation of Hong Kong in World War II.

Monday 26 September 2011


One of the most enduring cryptids for which nothing concrete has ever been proven, is that of the `Loch Ness Monster`.

Said to inhabit Loch Ness which is a deep, large, freshwater loch which extends for approximately 37 km (23 mi) southwest of Inverness.

The earliest recorded sighting was in the 6th century A.D when the Irish monk Saint Columba who was staying in the `land of the Picts` (Scotland)  with his companions came across the locals burying a man by the River Ness.

They explained that the man had been swimming the river when he was attacked by a "water beast" that had mauled him and dragged him under. They tried to rescue him in a boat, but were able only to drag up his corpse.

Hearing this, Columba stunned the Picts by sending his follower Luigne moccu Min to swim across the river. The beast came after him, but Columba made the sign of the cross and commanded: "Go no further. Do not touch the man. Go back at once."
The beast immediately halted as if it had been "pulled back with ropes" and fled in terror, and both Columba's men and the pagan Picts praised God for the miracle.

The monster was first brought to the world`s attention in 1933 when on July 22, when a George Spicer and his wife saw 'a most extraordinary form of animal' cross the road in front of their car.

They described the creature as having a large body (about 4 feet (1 m) high and 25 feet (8 m) long), and long, narrow neck, slightly thicker than an elephant's trunk and as long as the 10–12-foot (3–4 m) width of the road; the neck had a number of undulations in it.

They saw no limbs, possibly because of a dip in the road obscuring the animal's lower portion It lurched across the road towards the loch 20 yards (20 m) away, leaving only a trail of broken undergrowth in its wake.

From what had been previously seldom mentioned folklore, there suddenly began a rash of sightings firstly from August 1933  when a motorcyclist named Arthur Grant claimed to have nearly hit the creature while approaching Abriachan on the north-eastern shore, at about 1 am on a moonlit night.

Grant claimed that he saw a small head attached to a long neck, and that the creature saw him and crossed the road back into the loch. A veterinary student, he described it as a hybrid between a seal and a plesiosaur (See Dinsdale & Rines). Grant said he dismounted and followed it to the loch, but only saw ripples.

However some believe this story was intended as a humorous explanation of a motorcycle accident.

One of the most iconic images of Nessie is known as the "Surgeon's Photograph" came in 1934.
 Its importance lies in the fact that it was the first photo and only photographic evidence of a “head and neck” – all the others are humps or disturbances. Dr. Wilson claimed he was looking at the loch when he saw the monster, so grabbed his camera and snapped five photos. After the film was developed, only two exposures were clear.

The first photo (the more publicised one) shows what was claimed to be a small head and back. The second one, a blurry image, attracted little publicity because it was difficult to interpret what was depicted. The image was revealed as a hoax in 1994.

Originally, the `monster` was crafted by a Christian Spurling, the son-in-law of Marmaduke Wetherell, a big game hunter who had been publicly ridiculed in the Daily Mail, the newspaper that employed him.

Spurling claimed that to get revenge, Marmaduke Wetherell committed the hoax, with the help of Chris Spurling (a sculpture specialist), his son Ian Marmaduke, who bought the material for the fake Nessie, and Maurice Chambers (an insurance agent), who would call to ask surgeon Robert Kenneth Wilson to offer the pictures to the Daily Mail as a joke.

In 1938, G.E. Taylor, a South African tourist, filmed something in the loch for three minutes on 16 mm colour film, which was in the possession of Maurice Burton. However, Burton refused to show the film to Loch Ness investigators (such as Peter Costello or the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau). A single frame was published in his book The Elusive Monster; before he retired. Roy P. Mackal, a biologist and cryptozoologist, declared the frame was "positive evidence".

In May 1943, C. B. Farrel of the Royal Observer Corps was supposedly distracted from his duties by a Nessie sighting. He claimed to have been about 250 yards (230 m) away from a large-eyed, 'finned' creature, which had a 20-to-30-foot (6 to 9 m) long body, and a neck that protruded about 4–5 feet (1.2–1.5 m) out of the water.

Sporadic land sightings continued until 1963, when film of the creature was shot in the loch from a distance of 4 Kilometers. Because of the distance it was shot at it has been described as poor quality.

In 1960, aeronautical engineer Tim Dinsdale filmed a hump crossing the water in a powerful wake unlike that of a boat.

In 1993 Discovery Communications made a documentary called Loch Ness Discovered that featured a digital enhancement of the Dinsdale film.

A computer expert who enhanced the film noticed a shadow in the negative that was not very obvious in the positive.

By enhancing and overlaying frames, he found what appeared to be the rear body, the rear flippers, and 1–2 additional humps of a plesiosaur-like body. He said that: "Before I saw the film, I thought the Loch Ness Monster was a load of rubbish. Having done the enhancement, I'm not so sure".

In the early 1970`s, a group of people led by Robert H. Rines obtained some underwater photographs. Two were rather vague images, perhaps of a rhomboid flipper (though others have dismissed the image as air bubbles or a fish fin). The alleged flipper was photographed in different positions, indicating movement. on the basis of these photographs, British naturalist Peter Scott announced in 1975 that the scientific name of the monster would henceforth be Nessiteras rhombopteryx (Greek for "The Ness monster with diamond-shaped fin"). Scott intended that this would enable Nessie to be added to a British register of officially protected wildlife. Scottish politician Nicholas Fairbairn pointed out that the name was an anagram for "Monster hoax by Sir Peter S".

The underwater photos were reportedly obtained by painstakingly examining the loch depths with sonar for unusual underwater activity. Rines knew the water was murky and filled with floating wood and peat, so he made precautions to avoid it. A submersible camera with an affixed, high-powered flood light (necessary for penetrating Loch Ness's notorious murk) was deployed to record images below the surface. If he detected anything on the sonar, he would turn the lights on and take some pictures.

Several of the photographs, despite their obviously murky quality, did indeed seem to show an animal resembling a plesiosaur in various positions and lightings. One photograph appeared to show the head, neck and upper torso of a plesiosaur-like animal.

On 26 May 2007, Gordon Holmes, a 55-year-old lab technician, captured video of what he said was "this jet black thing, about 45 feet (14 m) long, moving fairly fast in the water." Adrian Shine, a marine biologist at the Loch Ness 2000 centre in Drumnadrochit, has watched the video and plans to analyse it. Shine also described the footage as among "the best footage ever seen."BBC Scotland broadcast the video on 29 May 2007.

STV News' North Tonight aired the footage on 28 May 2007 and interviewed Holmes. In this feature, Adrian Shine of the Loch Ness Centre was also interviewed and suggested that the footage in fact showed an otter, seal or water bird.

Holmes's credibility has been doubted by an article on the Cryptomundo website, which states that he has a history of reporting sightings of cryptozoological creatures, and sells a self-published book and DVD claiming evidence for fairies. His video also has no other objects for size comparison.

The Monster Quest team investigated this video as well in their TV episode "Death of Loch Ness", where they examine evidence that Nessie has died, as well as other photos. In this documentary, Holmes asserts he spotted two creatures.

In 2008, Rines theorised that the monster may have become extinct, citing the lack of significant sonar readings and a decline in eyewitness accounts.

Rines undertook one last expedition to look for remains of the monster, using sonar and underwater camera in an attempt to find a carcass. Rines believes that the creature may have failed to adapt to temperature changes as a result of `global warming`.
`Global warming` is an oft used excuse for cryptid research failings in the world of academia.

My thoughts

Despite numerous scans and surveys of the Loch, the `monster` is more of a money pit to researchers than a proven reality.
One of the obvious and most significant facts is that if the monster really existed as a surviving plesiosaur or similar, the creature would require a huge natural food larder than that presently available in the loch as 11 species of small lake fish. 
A similar creature in size such as the predatory killer whale (Orcinus orca) requires regular and larger meals of seal meat as well as fish. Yet there is no evidence of loch-side animals being killed or taken.
Also, if the plesiosaur like creature genuinely existed there would have been a colony of such wild creatures showing up continually throughout history, and yet the presence of the monster is largely anecdotal with dubious catches on film or photo.
I for one would love to believe such a beast existed (at least) up until modern times, but I believe the Loch Ness Monster is more a `reality` to the imaginations of the tourist industry and tabloid newspapers who make money from every `sighting` of the `monster`.


Pre-launch publicity shot from `The New Files`
  As many of you are aware, I was interviewed earlier this month by Sophia Tzavella the producer and host of a prime-time  TV show called `The New Files`  on Channel 7 in Bulgaria.

Sophia has written to me to say that my appearance will be aired Friday November 4th 2011 at 10.15pm, and repeated on November 11th 2011.

Apparently there will be a publicity promo airing with me as a special guest in October as well as an advertising campaign in major Bulgarian publications.

I`m very pleased that the show is getting a good `airing` prior to it`s launch, and very honoured to have been on the show as Sophia`s guest. It was a great experience and really good fun!

If I get any links to the show via the internet I will let you all know.

Sophia Tzavella and Chris Halton Interview


Even in this modern age of fast and effective communication and with knowledge available at a press of a computer tab, there is still some magic yet to be discovered.

And that magic is the unknown, and combined with imagination, therein lies mystery and intrigue.

The paranormal has that potent magic, and with each year, a little of that unknown reveals itself like an unread page from a book yet to be finished.

That is why I and many others travel to dark and unforgiving places to share a little magic, and at the same time offer some light to the travellers that follow in our wake. 
Chris Halton

Sunday 25 September 2011


As a `one off`, Haunted Earth were permitted to investigate the 200 year old John Webb`s Windmill in Thaxted, Essex.

This beautiful old tower miil is a restored and working windmill in trust, with it`s own unique museum of rural crafts and stands on the edge of one of the most beautiful villages in Essex with a long and ancient history.

This proved to be an exciting visit with paranormal activity captured and shared in this video.
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Death doesn't sever the connection between loved ones, say people who've experienced so-called crisis apparitions
The history of ghost-lore abounds with stories of people returning in spiritual or life-like form to pay farewell to loved ones and close friends.

Indeed in my own case, my grandmother who died many years ago once appeared in my home, a location she would never have known in real life. It was as I recall, at mid-day and for 15 minutes.
I saw her as an
inanimate form sat in her favourite chair and just staring out into my dining room.
She appeared as a grey/green ectoplasmic mist that seemed to glow like a filament in a Tilley lamp.

She never reacted to my presence in any way, but her presence reassured and comforted me.
Living with me at this time was a girl friend who when called to look failed to observe anything, but the reaction of my cats confirmed I wasn`t imagining this spectral imagery.

Almost to the second at 12.15pm, her form started to break up into wispy clouds which slowly faded away.

Here is a very recent article on this subject with experiences from those who have been priviledged to see one final time somebody close to them.

If you have similar experiences please feel free to post them in the comments box.

(CNN) -- Nina De Santo was about to close her New Jersey hair salon one winter's night when she saw him standing outside the shop's glass front door.

It was Michael. He was a soft-spoken customer who'd been going through a brutal patch in his life. His wife had divorced him after having an affair with his stepbrother, and he had lost custody of his boy and girl in the ensuing battle.

He was emotionally shattered, but De Santo had tried to help. She'd listened to his problems, given him pep talks, taken him out for drinks.

When De Santo opened the door that Saturday night, Michael was smiling.

"Nina, I can't stay long," he said, pausing in the doorway. "I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for everything."

They chatted a bit more before Michael left and De Santo went home. On Sunday she received a strange call from a salon employee. Michael's body had been found the previous morning -- at least nine hours before she talked to him at her shop. He had committed suicide.

If Michael was dead, who, or what, did she talk to that night?

"It was very bizarre," she said of the 2001 encounter. "I went through a period of disbelief. How can you tell someone that you saw this man, solid as ever, walk in and talk to you, but he's dead?"

Today, De Santo has a name for what happened that night: "crisis apparition." She stumbled onto the term while reading about paranormal activities after the incident. According to paranormal investigators, a crisis apparition is the spirit of a recently deceased person who visits someone they had a close emotional connection with, usually to say goodbye.

Reports of these eerie encounters are materializing in online discussion groups, books such as "Messages" -- which features stories of people making contact with loved ones lost on September 11 -- and local ghost hunting groups that have sprung up across the country amid a surge of interest in the paranormal.

Although such encounters are chilling, they can also be comforting, witnesses and paranormal investigators say. These encounters suggest the bond that exists between loved ones is not erased by death.

"We don't know what to do with these stories. Some people say that they are proof that there's life after death," said Steve Volk, author of "Fringe-ology," a book on paranormal experiences such as telepathy, psychics and house hauntings.

Scientific research on crisis apparitions is scant, but theories abound.

One theory: A person in crisis -- someone who is critically ill or dying -- telepathically transmits an image of themselves to someone they have a close relationship with, but they're usually unaware they're sending a message.

Others suggest crisis apparitions are guardian angels sent to comfort the grieving. Another theory says it's all a trick of the brain -- that people in mourning unconsciously produce apparitions to console themselves after losing a loved one.

A telepathic link between loved ones

Whatever the source for these apparitions, they often leave people shaken.

Nor are apparitions limited to visions. The spirit of a dead person can communicate with a loved one through something as subtle as the sudden whiff of a favorite perfume, Volk says.

"Sometimes you just sense the presence of someone close to you, and it seemingly comes out of nowhere," Volk said. "And afterward, you find out that person was in some kind of crisis at the time of the vision."

Many people who don't even believe in ghosts still experience a mini-version of a crisis-apparition encounter, paranormal investigators say.

Did you ever hear a story of a mother who somehow knows before anyone told her that something awful has happened to her child? Have you ever met a set of twins who seem to be able to read each other's minds?

People who are extremely close develop a virtual telepathic link that exists in, and beyond, this world, said Jeff Belanger, a journalist who collected ghost stories for his book, "Our Haunted Lives: True Life Ghost Encounters."

"People have these experiences all the time," Belanger said. "There's an interconnectedness between people. Do you know how you're close to someone, and you just know they're sick or something is wrong?"

An eerie phone call at night

Simma Lieberman said she's experienced that ominous feeling and has never forgotten it -- though it took place more than 40 years ago.

Today, Lieberman is a workplace diversity consultant based in Albany, California. In the late 1960s though, she was a young woman in love.

Her boyfriend, Johnny, was a mellow hippie "who loved everybody," a guy so nice that friends called him a pushover, she said. She loved Johnny, and they purchased an apartment together and decided to marry.

Then one night, while Lieberman was at her mother's home in the Bronx, the phone rang and she answered. Johnny was on the line, sounding rushed and far away. Static crackled.

"I just want you to know that I love you, and I'll never be mean to anybody again," he said.

Then she found out why.

"Several hours later, I got a call from his mother that he had been murdered the night before," she said.

Johnny was shot in the head as he sat in a car that night. Lieberman thinks Johnny somehow contacted her after his death -- a crisis apparition reaching out not through a vision or a whiff of perfume, but across telephone lines.

She's sorted through the alternatives over the years. Could he have called before or during his murder? Lieberman doesn't think so.

This was the era before cell phones. She said the murderer wasn't likely to let him use a pay phone, and he couldn't have called after he was shot because he died instantly.

Only years later, when she read an article about other static-filled calls people claimed to have received from beyond the grave, did it make sense, she said.

Johnny was calling to say goodbye.

"The whole thing was so bizarre," she said. "I could never understand it."

He had a 'whitish glow'

Josh Harris' experience baffled him as well. It involved his grandfather, Raymond Harris.

Josh was Raymond's first grandchild. They spent countless hours together fishing and doing yardwork in their hometown of Hackleburg, Alabama. You saw one, you saw the other.

Those days came to an end in 1997 when Raymond Harris was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctors gave him weeks to live. Josh, 12 at the time, visited his grandfather's house one night to keep vigil as his "pa-pa" weakened, but his family ordered him to return home, about two miles away.

Josh said he was asleep on the couch in his home around 2 a.m. when he snapped awake. He looked up. His grandfather was standing over him.

"At first, it kind of took me by surprise," said Harris, a maintenance worker with a gravelly Southern accent. "I wondered why he was standing in the hallway and not in his house with everyone else."

His grandfather then spoke, Harris said.

"He just looked at me, smiled and said, 'Everything will be OK.' "

His grandfather then turned around and started walking toward the kitchen. Harris rose to follow but spun around when the phone rang. An aunt who was in another room answered.

"When I turned back around to look, he was gone," Harris said.

As if on cue, his aunt came out of the room crying, "Josh, your pa-pa is gone."

"No, he was just here," Harris told his aunt, insisting that his grandfather had just stopped by to say everything was OK. He said it took him a day to accept that his grandfather had died.

"Honestly, before that, I never believed in the paranormal," he said. "I thought it was all fake and made up. But I just woke up and I saw him. It couldn't be my mind playing a trick. He looked solid."

Fourteen years after his grandfather's death, there's another detail from that night that's still lodged in Harris' memory.

As he watched his grandfather walk to the kitchen, he said he noticed something unusual.

"It looked like there was a whitish glow around him."
There was more static, and then the line went dead. Lieberman was left with just a dial tone.

She tried to call him back to no avail. When she awoke the next morning, an unsettled feeling came over her. She said it's hard to put into words, but she could no longer feel Johnny's presence.

'Can you come out and play?'

Childhood is supposed to be a time of innocence, a time when thoughts of death are far away. But crisis apparition stories aren't confined to adults and teens.

Donna Stewart was 6 years old and growing up in Coos Bay, Oregon. One of her best friends was Danny. One day, Danny had to go to the hospital to have his tonsils removed. Stewart played with him on the morning of the surgery before saying goodbye.

She said she was in her bedroom the next day when she looked up and saw Danny standing there. He wanted to know if she wanted to go out and play.

Stewart trotted to her mother's bedroom to ask her if she could play with Danny. Her mother froze.

"She went white," Stewart said. "She told me that wasn't possible."

Her mother broke the news. Danny had an allergic reaction during surgery and died, Stewart said.

"When I went back to my room, he was gone," she said.

Stewart, now an Oregon homemaker and a member of PSI of Oregon, a paranormal investigative team, said the encounter changed the way she looked at death.

"These experiences have made me believe that those we love are really not that far away at all and know when we are not doing as well as we could," she said. "Just as they did in life, they offer comfort during crisis.''

Still, Stewart often replays the encounter in her mind. She asks the same questions others who've had such encounters ask: Did my mind play tricks on me? Could he have been alive? Did it all really happen after he died?

De Santo, the former New Jersey hair salon owner, has taken the same self-inventory. The experience affected her so much she later joined the Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, which investigates the paranormal.

She said she checked with Michael's relatives and poured through a coroner's report to confirm the time of his death, which was put at Friday night -- almost 24 hours before she saw him at her salon on Saturday night.

She said Michael's body had been discovered by his cousin around 11 Saturday morning. Michael was slumped over his kitchen table, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot.

De Santo was baffled at first, but now she has a theory.

Michael started off as a customer, but she became his confidant. Once, after one of her pep talks, Michael told her, "You make me feel as if I can conquer the world."

Maybe Michael had to settle affairs in this world before he could move on to the next, De Santo said.

"A lot of times when a person dies tragically, there's a certain amount of guilt or turmoil," she said. "I don't think they leave this Earth. They stay here. I think he kind of felt he had unfinished business. He needed to say goodbye."

And so he did, she said. This is how she described their last conversation:

As they chatted face to face in the doorway of her shop, De Santo said they never touched, never even shook hands. But she didn't remember anything unusual about him -- no disembodied voice, no translucent body, no "I see dead people" vibe as in the movie "The Sixth Sense."

"I'm in a really good place now," she recalled him saying.

There were, however, two odd details she noticed at the time but couldn't put together until later, she said.

When she first opened the door to greet Michael, she said she felt an unsettling chill. Then she noticed his face -- it was grayish and pale.

And when she held the door open for him, he refused to come in. He just chatted before finally saying, "Thanks again, Nina."

Michael then smiled at her, turned and walked away into the winter's night.

Saturday 24 September 2011


Cork City Gaol
 The magnificent 19th century Cork City Gaol is the splendid atmospheric setting for the 11th World Ghost Convention this month. The White WItch of the Isles, Helen Barrett will speak.

The jail it has its own resident ghosts which have been seen by some members of the audience and speakers who will be present.

Shortly after opening to the public in 1993, a member of staff heard a child's voice repeating the word 'daddy'. Believing it to come from a lost child, the staff member investigated, only to come across a woman wearing green who walked through a wall.

The first Ghost Convention was established in 2001.

Reported sightings of ghosts and spirits are only the tip of the iceberg as many people are afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to come forward for fear or not being taken seriously.

For this reason, the World Ghost Convention was established to help those who have had supernatural experiences by raising public awareness, highlighting the fact that they are not alone in having such experiences.

SourceIrish Central


The victim`s home
A MAN who burnt to death in his own home died from spontaneous human combustion in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the country.

Michael Faherty (76) -- also known as Micheal O Fatharta -- died as a result of the phenomenon, spontaneous human combustion, according to west Galway coroner Dr Kieran McLoughlin.

 He said it was the first time in his 25 years of investigating deaths that he had returned such a verdict

An experienced garda crime scene investigator and senior fire officer both told Mr Faherty's inquest in Galway that they could not explain how he came to be burnt to death. Nor had they come across such an event before.

Assistant chief fire officer Gerry O'Malley said fire officers were satisfied that, after a thorough investigation, an open fire in Mr Faherty's fireplace was not the cause of the blaze which led to his death.

No trace of an accelerant was found at the scene and there was no sign that anyone else had entered or left Mr Faherty's home at 64 Clareview Park, Ballybane, Galway city.

The inquest heard that the smoke alarm in the home of Mr Faherty's neighbour, Tom Mannion, had gone off at about 3am on December 22 last year.

In his deposition, Mr Mannion said he went outside and saw heavy smoke coming from Mr Faherty's house.

He banged on the front door, but got no response and then banged on the door of another neighbour. Gardai and the fire brigade arrived quickly on the scene.

Garda Gerard O'Callaghan said he had gone to the house after the fire had been extinguished and found Mr Faherty lying on his back in a sitting room, with his head closest to an open fireplace.

The fire had been confined to that and the rest of the house sustained only smoke damage. No accelerants had been found and there was nothing to suggest foul play.

In reply to the coroner, Gda O'Callaghan said the only damage was to the remains, to the floor underneath him and to the ceiling above. The body had been totally burnt.

Dr McLoughlin asked the garda if he had ever seen anything like this and he replied "no". The inquest heard that fire officers were unable to determine the cause or the origin of the fire that killed Mr Faherty.

Asked if he had ever seen anything like it, Mr O'Malley replied, "I can't say that I have."

Pathologist Professor Grace Callagy noted in her post-mortem findings that Mr Faherty had suffered from Type 2 diabetes and hypertension but she concluded he had not died from heart failure.

His body had been completely cremated, and because of the extensive damage to the organs, it had not been possible to determine the cause of death.

The coroner said he was satisfied nobody had entered or left the house.

While a fire had been burning in the fireplace in the home, he was also satisfied that the fire itself was not the cause of the blaze that had burnt the deceased.

Dr McLoughlin said: "This fire was thoroughly investigated and I'm left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion, for which there is no adequate explanation."

Afterwards, Ms Faherty's daughter, Mairin, said that the family were satisfied with the extent of the investigation.


There have been a number of documented cases where police have found corpses burned almost to ashes but no burned furniture around them.

Temperatures of 3,000 degrees would be required to burn a human body to this extent, yet in these cases only smoke damage is reported.

Puzzled scientists have come up with the ‘wick theory’ to explain such events. The theory is that the human body can become an ‘inside out’ candle.

The person’s clothes are the wick, while their body fat is the wax or flammable substance, that keeps the blaze going. Limbs may be left intact because of the temperature gradient, with the bottom half of the body
being cooler than the top.

A grisly aside is that greasy stains left after such an event could be a residue for the person’s body fat.
The combustion would not be ‘spontaneous’ however, because it would need an external source to start it off, such as a cigarette. Some have postulated that static electricity could cause the needed spark.

Home Office pathologist Professor Michael Green told the BBC in 2005: ‘The way the body burns - the so-called wick effect - seems to me and to my colleagues to be the most scientifically credible hypothesis.’
A body would take around five hours to burn in this way to ashes.

Victims are often elderly, sick, or under the influence of alcohol, which might explain why they would not have been able to escape.
Source: Irish Independent and Daily Mail

Tuesday 20 September 2011


"The Ghosts of Auschwitz and Birkenau" Copyright  Cole Thompson
Death Railway
 There are a few historical `hells` on this planet, places where so much evil and bloodshed took place that the soil, air, and structures bounded by it are immersed into a portal of misery and suffering.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, at Oswiecim, in Poland must qualify as one of the worst.

Auschwitz death camp was in operation from May 1940 until its liberation by Soviet forces in January 1945. It is estimated that 2.1 to 2.5 million people were killed in the gas chambers during that time, of whom 2 million were Jews and the remainder were Poles, Gypsies and Soviet POWs. But this estimate is considered by historians to be strictly a minimum, because the total number of deaths at Auschwitz and its sister camp Birkenau can never really be known.

  Often referred to as one of the world’s most haunted locations, people report feeling multiple cold spots while wandering the fields, as well as a sense of dread and sadness overcoming them as they pass through the gates.
Some even claim to feel the hands of spirits hold onto their own as they walk through what was once the children’s centres or the gas chamber. People cry and become inconsolable upon entering and cannot contain themselves for hours after they have left.

Ectoplasmic mist captured in barracks
It is claimed that birds do not enter the camp, and in the rare times that they do, they do not sing.

One visitor reported that someone or something tugged on her clothes and she heard a voice whispering to her but could not make out anything but one or two words, " please" and "leave!"...

Light anomalies captured in the Crematorium

Light anomalies captured in the Crematorium

 Photographs over the years have revealed the presence of spirit manifestations in the form of misty apparitions, shadows, light anomalies and orbs.

Ectoplasmic mist caught in Crematorium
 To date (and one suspects out of respect) no paranormal investigation has been allowed inside, but I`m sure that if this happened some terrible scenes and manifestations would re-enact some of the most horrendous moments in it`s history.

Anomalous energy captured by the crematoria ovens
 I will probably go there sometime soon. My great grand-parents were Jews of a family named Silverman who were believed to be from Poland and who emigrated to England during the reign of Queen Victoria.
 My personal feelings are that some of those unfortunates who were murdered there may have been distant relations of mine, and that thought adds a personal dimension to the revulsion and sadness that most visitors feel when they pass through the gate `Arbeit macht frei` (work makes you free).

Chris Halton

(Note: All pictures are shown with attributions to the original posters where known. All copyrights are acknowledged and respected).


This video purports to show a shadow caught on a security cam in an empty office.
 There is no other data concerning this incident other than the poster`s own comments.

`Motion detected camera that started recording this shadow on 9/18/2011 @ 2:32 am when office building was empty. You'll notice the shadows pauses but the time on camera keeps running. Then shadow appears to go through ceiling.. Pretty cool and freaky at the same time`.


 Here is a purported paranormal incident caught on cam at the Olde Pink House Restaurant in Georgia.
This shows as an orb shaped light form which appears to move in a circle in a corridor.

 The building has a haunted history as with the accounts below:

Originally, the house was owned and built in 1771, by James Habersham Jr. James was a hero during the Revolutionary War and he moved his way up the ladder to the rank of "major".

The house was built of red bricks and then the bricks were covered in plaster. As odd as it may sound, the color from the bricks bled through the plaster; making the house appear to be pink. Apparently James was not fond of pink, and so he would paint the house white, each time the brick work began to turn the plaster pink.

Despite the color problem, James loved his home and he and his wife raised three boys there. The home has survived for over two-hundred years. In its lifespan it's seen the great fire of 1820, the war of 1812 and it made its way, unscathed, through the Civil War.

In the nineteen-twenties, the home was purchased by a woman who decided to let-bygones-be-bygones and she painted the house pink. Today the pretty pink mansion still stands proud on Abercorn Street as a restaurant and tavern.

Today, this charming five-star restaurant is said to be haunted by Mr. James Habersham, himself. Apparently, every employee has seen Mr. Habersham's apparition and he is especially active during the fall and winter months.

Another spirit that lingers on at the Pink House is a war veteran. Some have seen this apparition in solid form sitting at the bar. The man's attire seems to be a uniform of the Revolutionary War. This apparition is a friendly one and has been reported to raise his drink, smile and vanish.

A third ghost that walks here is a descendent of James Habersham. This apparition has been known to appear in solid form and order a drink from the bar. He has also been seen walking down to the cemetery where he is reported to disappear in the Button family monument where his body was buried.

A female entity is said to haunt the second floor and she has been heard crying on several occasions by patrons, as well as, employees of the restaurant.

The specter of a former house servant has been seen in the building, as well as, several slave children that seem to enjoy their time playing in the basement area. The children's apparitions make mischief by throwing dice against walls and bathroom doors, hitting bartenders with wine bottles and locking people in the restrooms.

Strange paranormal phenomena are still reported in the Old Pink House by patrons and employees. However, these spirits seem to be friendly and they only seem to add the old house's charm.


 Found this interesting video today of an anomalous activity.
Here are the poster`s own comments. What do you think?

`An observatory in Hawaii has a huge spherical structure to the heaven recorded on the telescope camera. The glowing sphere expands and fills almost the entire screen and then disappear again. Explanations for the mysterious globe ranging from the opening of an interdimensional gateway to the launch of a missile.

According to a blog at Discover Magazine Bad Astronomy the phenomenon appears in a bubble and the flash is an indication that it was caused by a sudden impulse of energy and a rapid expansion of the material. But the government has not yet confirmed anything. So what is this thing? looks mysterious to me, what do you think it is?`


On Sunday September 18th 2011, Haunted Earth were able to investigate the 200 year old tower windmill in Thaxted, Essex. The team comprising of Chris Halton, Deanne Romans and Sean Kim attended the building at 9pm for a few hours investigation.

This one off visit proved to be very  interesting and EVP as well as a number of presences were detected, although the general ambience of the building was warm and friendly.

During the investigation some very odd sounds were heard, and a voice was thought to say the first name of one of the team members, Sean Kim.

Five camcorders were used during the investigation and a lot of interesting material is currently being processed for the investigation video which should be ready in a weeks`s time.

The only real problem encountered were a high number of bats in the tower. At one point approximately 20 were seen flying around one floor of the building!

Here is a trailer `taster` prepared to give some of the history of this fabulous location:)

And a few photographs taken on the night.