Sunday 26 November 2017


In any investigation, the testimony of witnesses is key to deciding whether accounts given by them stand up to scrutiny. And the Borley Rectory story of alleged paranormality is one of them.
In terms of hard verifiable evidence, there is very little, if hardly any at all.

So the course of events from Borley`s inception to it`s later destruction rests largely on Harry Price  the incumbent clergy, and also the families and staff who lived and worked there.
This documentary attempts to place Borley into a clearer perspective by analysing these accounts and the character of those involved.

Certainly, by the time the Daily Mirror became involved, the rectory was well known locally for reported activity, and there cannot be any doubt that the rectory was spiritually active, but ..... by how much?

Throughout it`s life, the hauntings were always variable according to whoever the witnessed them. By the time of the Foysters, they seemingly reached a crescendo of activity.

I hope you enjoy this presentation as I attempt to draw some balance in the entire rectory story by focussing on the main actors, and looking more in depth at their characters and honesty.

In my mind, this is far more compelling than simple witness accounts.

I also return to the hauntings at Borley church, which not only has many reports of activity both within and outside the church, but also has some evidence provided by a paranormal investigation in the 1970`s.

Was it the most haunted house. Or was it merely an opportunity for fame and fortune?
Here all is revealed from facts surrounding this most infamous of cases.

A taster for the show

The show becomes viewable at 10pm (UK) time, tonight, November 26th 2017

Wednesday 8 November 2017


In late August, 2017 and while visiting Transylvania to to explore Hoia Baciu Forest on the outskirts of Cluj Napoca, I visited Central Cemetery with my resident friend and guide, Agatha Eliza.
I`ve never visited a Romanian cemetery before, and found this visit fascinating both in terms of history, culture and as well as architecture.
This is a bonus video to enjoy, and includes some samples of EVP captured on the day.
I truly enjoyed this outing and sincerely hope that you will too.


Hajongard cemetery (officially Central Cemetery, in Hungarian Házsongárdi temető, from German Hasengarten), on Avram Iancu Street, is one of the oldest cemeteries in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, founded in the sixteenth century. It is one of the most picturesque sights of the city. It covers an area of ca. 14 hectares.

VIEWING LINK (Operational from 2200 hrs, GMT 8th November 2017).