Thursday 31 July 2014



You may or may not believe this, which regardless, was in my mind an honest capture by Sefton Paranormal. But sadly (in my experience based opinion) it can be easily explained away.

There were two camcorders in use at the time of the alleged capture. The `ghost` appears when the shown camcorder operator slowly sweeps the camera towards the centre, which has the effect of creating light balls. This is similar to taking a photograph of the sun, try and see for yourself - lots of light anomalies will appear around the aperture of the lens.

 This `ghost` is nothing more than refracted light from both cams casting an anomaly, and the poor quality of the night camcorders adds to the effect.

But it is easy to see how such a mistake can be made. And sadly, it isn`t paranormal. But it sells newspapers.

The spooky appearance of a 'solid person' was captured by a group investigating paranormal activity at Stanley Palace in Chester
This is the eerie footage which apparently captures the ghost of a 16th Century Tudor mansion.
A group investigating paranormal activity took the video which appears to show the image of a person standing on a staircase at Stanley Palace in Chester.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations describe the figure as a solid person with a visible nose, mouth and hair, which looks first at the camera and then up the stairs.

Co-founder Aaron Robinette is seen in the video with team member Joanne May at a location they identified as a hotspot.

Aaron, from Southport, Merseyside. told the Chester Chronicle: “We were informed by the curator that there was a staircase with a door underneath it, where a man died.

“In the video, I’m sat on a chair and Joe is sat on the staircase, and we’re calling out to spirits.

“Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it. It appears and disappears in shot, all in front of the camera.

“We try to disprove it and if we can’t find a natural explanation, like shadows or reflections, it’s the main reason I believe I can categorise it as paranormal.”
Aaron said that the video had over 7,000 views on its first day online, which has since risen to over 24,000.

The team uses a number of techniques such as laying down trigger objects which are filmed for any spiritual interaction.

Another method is the use of franks boxes which are specialised digital radios that scan on a loop for any spiritual communication.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations has been active for over five years and is a team of five volunteers.

Source: DailyMirror

Wednesday 30 July 2014


Get ready to feel a ghostly shiver down your spine.
This is the haunting moment a chair was caught on CCTV apparently moving on its own in a closed theatre hours after a psychic finished his show.
It was recorded at Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex, at around 4am on Sunday.

Hours earlier the theatre, housed in a former war memorial building, was packed with people attending a show by the medium Roy Roberts.
He told MailOnline he now believes the video could prove there's a resident ghost.
'When I saw the footage I jumped up and said, "yes, now we have direct proof!"
'I had a feeling earlier that there was the presence of something, a playful presence of a child, to one side of the room and it seems that must have been it,' he said.
'It doesn't surprise me, it's that sort of a place - it's really active - so when I heard about what had happened I was really excited.
'To me there is no way there is anyone in that theatre when the chair moves and there's no way anyone can say it is staged. I've never seen anything like this directly caught on camera, this is something that is paranormal.
'People can't dispute that, they will try, but they can't dispute it. I am 100 per cent sure that is energy.'
Mr Roberts said he now plans to take a team of paranormal investigators to the theatre to investigate further.
Jai Sepple, who runs the 140-seat volunteer-run theatre, told MailOnline the ghostly goings-on were not a surprise.
The building is a former Second World War memorial and social club for senior citizens, and in the two years since it was converted into a theatre he says it's had plenty of unexplained events.

A ghostly child`s footstep caught on camera

Nobody can explain the shadow of this man who wasn`t seen on stage

'The only reason we checked the CCTV was because we came in on Sunday morning and the chair was out of line,' he said.
'One of the last things I do when I close up is line-up all the chairs so I knew something had happened. It had clearly moved.
'There is also a table that moved but that's harder to make out. I'm quite sceptical about all this kind of thing but my wife isn't, she believes in it.
'There have been several things that have happened in the past, noises and creeks etc, but we've got used to it.
'We've had a child's footprints in the foyer, and one cast member said he saw a strange figure once. He ran after it thinking it was a person, but the figure just disappeared and there was nowhere for it to go. He was visibly shaken after that.
'Another cast member says he was pushed into a toilet, and he's a big chap so we don't think a person could have done it.
'Up until now though we've just kept quiet about all this, what with it being a war memorial.
'It's quite interesting, we don't know whether to laugh or cry.
'Lots of people have been emailing in saying faked it but I can assure you I've neither the time or the knowledge to do that!'

Source: DailyMail

Monday 14 July 2014


This Wednesday July 16th 2014, Haunted Earth tv takes to the airwaves on Community Channel tv in a show entitled, `Haunted Histories`.

In total there are 9 shows running for 9 nights at 10pm, and featuring selections from our visits to some unique and interesting locations in Southern England and Eire.

Chris Halton
`Haunted Histories` presented by Chris Halton focusses on the history and associated ghost legends of some seldom visited locations which I am sure will increase viewers of future broadcasts to our format.

Haunted Earth were last featured on mainstream tv in an excellent series `The New Files` hosted by the delightful and delving presenter, Sophia Tzavella on TV7 in Bulgaria.

This is an exciting development for us, as the show has a national UK reach and transmits terrestrially and digitally with access afforded to missed shows by UK as well as non UK viewers across the world.

Access to the channel (UK residents only) can be found on:

Sky 539 • Virgin Media 233 • Freeview 63 • Freeview HD 109 • Freesat 651 • BT Vision.

For foreign viewers, Community Channel provide `on demand` viewing access for missed episodes on this link which will feature `Haunted Histories` after the first transmission date.

ON DEMAND (Click here)

We hope that you are able to tune in this Wednesday to enjoy the show!

Friday 11 July 2014


Tune into this page at 10pm GMT tonight,  (Friday 11th July 2014) for part 2 of the visit to St Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire.

Earlier, we shared with you in part 1 the ghostly history, whereas in the second part we carry out a contact session with spirit utilising Zener cards, K2 EMF meters, and a ghost box - PSB-7.

This system devised by Adam and Paula Heath of FPI is perhaps the most innovative method of communication with spirit I have ever encountered, and one which I am certain will be used or adapted by paranormal researchers.

Talking to spirit ..
We had some amazing results, and below is an edited video detailing the experience and sharing with you some amazing phenomena. I also explain in the video the circumstances surrounding this session, and the events that unfolded.

I noted in the short clip I shared with you earlier, it seemed to draw in some hostile remarks which were manifestly unfair and incorrect.

Adam Heath 
I have relentlessly shared over the years activity of the paranormal, and with a view and intent to opening sceptical eyes to the real existence of another realm beyond this one. I have never created over sensationalised events or footage,  because that would defeat entirely the purpose of the mission I set out to achieve.

 It is unfortunate that there is a great deal of hoaxed material on the internet, and perhaps more unfortunate for me that their faked video is perhaps more popular than I am sharing. But that`s unreality of the reality for you.

However, I cannot accept some almost venal comments that this session was faked, and that I and the assembled guests on a ticketed event were somehow involved in a conspiracy to deceive.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this video and will appreciate just how amazing this session really was.

My thanks to Adam and Paula Heath, Mark Adams, and of course the wonderful people I had the privilege to meet at St Briavels Castle.

(FPI) Forest Paranormal Investigations

Adam Heath - Team Leader
Paula Heath - Spiritual Investigator
Mark Adams - Tech and security

LINKS TO FOREST PARANORMAL: (Quest of the Vampire FB page)

Youtube Video Link:

Part 1 (Previously Shown)

Monday 7 July 2014


This short but interesting video is currently being shared across Facebook.
The owner says, `We had been catching orbs on pictures when the kids where play near to where the dogs basket used to be.I caught nothing apart from orbs until I got the smell of wet dog so started filming on video and caught the mist.`

The poster adds that they make no claim that it is a ghost of their late pet dog.

Having lost two cats in recent years I can confirm to seeing one of them in the `the flesh`, which was shortly after she died at the vets. They are both felt around the house.
This is a very interesting video clip which I thought I would share to you all.

Here is a video on EVP captured in my home of cat purring. This occurred while one of the two  cats was still alive. Since he has joined his sister, the purring appears to have stopped.

Saturday 5 July 2014


This supposed ghost selfie 'taken by a dead grandmother' has Romanians spooked.

Petrified Gina Mihai, 34, claims the spirit of her deceased grandma is reaching out in a desperate message for help.

Locals have been packing out churches to pray for her after a fortune teller claimed she was being punished 'in the other life' for her sins.

Gina said: "When I switched the phone on I was horrified to see my dead grandmother's face.

Is this the ghostly capture of grandmother, or an imaging fault?
"She had what looked like a snake around her neck, and the whole image looked as if it had been taken through a hole, like it was shot through a tear in the fabric that separates the living from the dead.

"I took it to a fortune teller who told me that my grandmother was sending me a message from the other side, the snake around her neck was a symbol of the fact that she was being punished in the other life for some sin.

"By contacting us she was telling us that if we were to pray for her, we would still be able to save her soul."

Now dozens of other families have joined them at churches across the town to pray for her grandmother.

In Romania once a year there is a feast, the Service of Alms, in which Romanians travel to the local graveyard and hand over food as a gesture to the spirits in the afterlife.

The late grandmother
Gina said: "My grandmother died three years ago and I haven't taken any food for her to the graveyard.

"I was making doughnuts at the time and didn't want to get the phone dirty so I put it in my pocket, and when I took it out there was the image on the phone.

"The fortune teller told me that was a mistake not to have paid tribute to her with an offering of food, and it was significant that she contacted me while I was cooking. I have taken doughnuts to the cemetery every day since then."

Florica Mihai, 45, another relative, said: "The village priest told me that we need to do 40 Days of Alms to make up for those that we missed and we are doing it now. We want to help her soul to be saved."

Source: DailyMirror