Thursday 25 December 2014


Here is our Christmas Special, a daytime historical visit to medieval Baconsthorpe Castle in North Norfolk followed by a night time investigation inside a 600 year old late medieval gatehouse.
This video is quite different to the usual style of presentation, and employs during the day some effects to fire the imagination of any visitor to this rather remote landscape.
The night investigation features some interesting paranormal activity which I am sure you will find interesting.
I do hope you will enjoy this presentation.

NOTE: The video is live at 9pm GMT Christmas night 25th December 2014.

Tuesday 23 December 2014


Wishing you all the very best for 2015, and I hope you all have a great Christmas!

And as a bonus for Christmas, there will be a special Christmas show shared here on this page which will start at 9pm (UK) time, on Christmas Day.

This is our full day and night visit and investigation at Baconsthorpe Castle, in beautiful North Norfolk, which has some great night activity shot inside the 600 year old, late medieval gatehouse.
Be sure to check this blog later for full details.

Chris Halton.

Friday 12 December 2014


`The Great Escape` Bar and Restaurant

A bartender of a restaurant that was once frequented by Al Capone shared a photo of a ghost that her customer took. In the image, a ghost of a young girl can be seen at the end of hallway near the bar. The photo was featured on an episode of David Scott's "Believe."

The ghostly image of a girl captured by a customer
Film-maker and paranormal investigator David Scott and his paranormal research team IPRA traveled to Schiller Park, Illinois to explore The Great Escape restaurant and bar. The site of the restaurant was once a general store, post office, gas station, barber shop, pool hall, speakeasy, and a brothel. It was used by gangsters in the prohibition era. Mobster Al Capone was often seen in the bar in the 1920s.

Part of The Great Escape was built in 1889 and the original bar was hand carved by the Chicago Bar Company. In the early 1900s, a few silent movies were filmed on the property.

"The team is given a photograph by the evening bartender. A customer shared the photo with her after witnessing a shadow figure outside the women's bathroom. Upon reviewing the photo, he noticed an undeniable image of a young girl dressed in old fashioned clothing," Scott said.

During their investigation, with the help of owner Brian Great, Scott and his team uses a spirit box to try and communicate with the ghost of the young girl and other spirits that haunt the building. Great tries to reach out to a former patron of the bar that recently died.

Story Source: Examiner

My view:

I am often circumspect with regard to alleged `ghostly` photographs, and particularly those of little girls who are very popular with the plethora of hoaxers who share on Youtube.
But being a student of fashion through the ages, the little girl`s hair and clothing is accurate for a time frame extending from the late 1920`s to the mid 1930`s.
If this was posed by a model, the photographer has paid attention to detail, which often the hoaxers do not.
I am very impressed. My only note of caution is that I am surprised there is no shared history of a child dying in that property. But I`m sure in time, someone may be able to resolve that.

Chris Halton

Thursday 4 December 2014


Shooting some day footage at the lonely and remote Baconsthorpe Castle ruins in Norfolk on a grey dull day, gave me the idea to create this short story. It is an aside to my main day documentary and night shoot which will be shared over the Christmas holidays.

All the activity both visual and auditory is false. It was created purely for entertainment.

Another message here also is that some of `paranormal activity` depicting semi transparent ghosts which is so popular on file sharing sites, is mostly false, and as can be seen with the `ghost in the doorway`, is relatively easy to fabricate.

None of this will ever be seen on my documentaries and night shoots. I only share what is there, and without the contrived drama beloved of some reality television.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


The discovered, `witch marks` - To keep demons away

Restoration work on Britain's 600-year-old Knole House turned up a most interesting feature hidden beneath the floorboards: "witch marks" or "demon traps," designed to protect the witchcraft-fearing ruler James I from supernatural malevolence.

Though the king never ended up visiting the estate, the eerie scratches remain as a testament to the jittery political climate at the time — using tree-ring dating, it was determined they were etched soon after Guy Fawkes and company's failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 — as well as its superstitions.

Knole House - `Witchcraft Aware`
According to the Guardian:

"Archaeologists found the marks not just in the bed chamber prepared for James, but carved into the joists and around the fireplace of the room directly overhead, which would probably have been occupied by one of his sons or a close member of his retinue.

The marks, made in the enormous oak beams on the sides facing the fireplace — for the superstitious, a known weak spot in defense against witches — include scorch marks made with a candle flame before the timbers were installed, carved tangles of Vs and Ws invoking the protection of the Virgin Mary, and maze-like marks known as demon traps, intended to trap the malevolent spirits which would follow the lines and be unable to find their way back out."