Sunday 23 December 2012


Once more I am able to share with you all the latest show from Haunted Earth!
Earlier in December, I entertained a private investigation of my home for members of Paranormal People Investigators on Facebook  (click link) who investigated the Art Deco room and Master Bedroom at my home.

Some amazing EVP was captured, with some  interesting spirit communication on a K2 EMF meter.
Without further explanation, please check out the video below.

Note: Normal regular blog posts will resume in the New Year. Through work and other important commitments I haven`t had the time available to update regularly.

My apologies, but may I wish you all a great Christmas, and a fantastic New Year!!

Chris Halton

Sunday 2 December 2012


Here is the very latest Haunted Earth Show ..
In this edition I carry out a solo investigation of my own active home, and capture some amazing EVP including that of a cat!

My home has been `haunted` by a tortoiseshell cat for a number of years. Occasionally she was heard around the house, but never in measurable amounts of activity.
In December 2011, I sadly lost one of my two cats to cancer. She was very affectionate, and followed me around the house often.

After she was put to sleep by a vet, I placed her body in the garage for burial the following day.
That night she appeared in a life form demanding to be let into the house.
Knowing she was in spirit, and to be able to see her one last time was quite an amazing and calming experience for me, and of course, very reassuring.

It was so realistic that I was prompted to re-check she was actually in spirit. Sadly her body remained, and the following day she was buried under her favourite apple tree in the rear garden.
As I was doing this, her brother appeared out of nowhere and sat by her grave and howled for two minutes before walking away. I guess there is no doubt that he knew this was where they parted on their life journey.

However, since she departed, cat purring has been audibly heard and recorded on camcorder.
Recently this purring activity has increased in intensity, and sometimes it is so loud on camcorder that you would have assumed it was heard, but sadly not so. Just occasionally a very faint purr that was barely discernible to the ear.

Recently I shared the purring section from my latest video on Facebook.
Some sceptics were convinced that I was actually recording a live cat, and that the footage was faked.
On Saturday December 1st 2012, I held a private investigation at my home with members from Paranormal People Investigations, who has a page is on Facebook.

Together with camcorders an investigation of the house was made.
Members faintly heard the purring, but it was only on review later by this group that they actually heard the same phenomena from the video tape, and they were quite shocked as to it`s clarity and frequency.

The EVP was detected (as with my current show investigation) in the Art Deco room and master bedroom.
At one point, it was so loud that it virtually drowned the voices of the speaking guests.

This will be made available in my next show which hopefully will be broadcast shortly before Christmas 2012.

Itinerary of this show:

02:04 `A Very Haunted Night` A very interesting home investigation, with some great activity.
12:30 A view on EVP.
21:35 End talk and finish on a topical subject.