Tuesday 21 August 2012


From September 1st 2012, a monthly presentation will be launched entitled, `The Haunted Earth Show`.
The presenter will be Chris Halton from Haunted Earth, and will feature one main investigation plus news, video clips and discussions on the world of the paranormal.

The show will be launched from Ghost Tales Network on the 1st of September 2012 and afterwards as a permanent post on the Haunted Earth Youtube page (constantine99999).
A link to the GTN page is here: GTN website

The first outing will feature a full investigation at Harwich Redoubt Fort, a Napoleonic era fortified structure based near Harwich Port in Essex.

The building has quite a long history since it`s creation in 1810. The guns were never fired in anger, although during WW1 it was garrisoned by troops, and in WW2 it served as a searchlight battery and a military prison.

During it`s construction, French prisoners of war were used to construct this huge building in little than 2 years, and many died as a result.

The fort is in a remarkably good state of preservation and is manned by members of Harwich Society, who also run their own in-house paranormal investigation group - H.P.I (Harwich Paranormal Investigations).
As a result of an invitation from them, Haunted Earth visited the fort on Friday August 10th and conducted a full investigation which gave some really amazing results!

Members experienced Audible Voice Phenomena, Electronic Voice Phenomena, a sighting of a man`s torso running past an open window, lights flashing from dark doorways, shadows, and two strange light anomalies pictured below.

Without giving away too much information, something very weird occurred in the cell block, which will be shared on the main video.

Unsurprisingly, the site has a long history of hauntings. Below are two videos (inc. a promo) touching base on this activity.
I hope you can tune in on this launch which has no country viewing restrictions.

These three photographs were taken in an entranceway connecting internal parts of the cylindrical fort.
Standing from a stationary position the first and second images didn`t flash at all, and instead of seeing blank black images, I caught two incredible shots showing a white misty energy.
It looks as though the energy is moving towards and away from the camera.
By the third shot, the camera reverted back to normal flash mode (as can be seen above)

Here is a promo for the investigation video.

Thursday 9 August 2012


A COUPLE have been left mystified after seeing a white ghost-like image float in front of their CCTV cameras in the early hours.

Lisa and Phil Rigley, of Clifton, were amazed when they replayed their CCTV camera later in the day to see a white blur the shape of a small person float over their car in the driveway.

It disappeared off screen for about a minute or so before dashing across the road again in front of their house.

The couple, who live in Sturgeon Avenue, installed CCTV a while ago after damage was caused to their cars.

Last week, a neighbour asked them whether they had seen anything suspicious on their CCTV after finding something missing from the garden.

However, when they played it back in the morning they were shocked by what they saw.

Mrs Rigley, 44, said: "The image of a child jumped over my fence, landed over the roof of my car, flew down the street and flew back.

"I'm absolutely gobsmacked by this. I've got the footage here, it's the image of a young child about four or five."

The couple have four cameras but only the one black and white camera picked up the image.

"It's a ghost, it's got to be," said Mrs Rigley, who said their dog always woke up and barked if there were people around the house but did not disturb them that night.

"The dog hears everything," she said.

"It really was spooky. It was one of those weird feelings where you just think to yourself, 'what on earth is it?'"

She added: "It looks like Casper [the friendly ghost]".

She was in the house with daughter-in-law Sam at the time but neither woke up or heard anything around 1.30am, which is when the image appeared on the CCTV.

"Phil is very cynical," she said.

"He doesn't believe in ghosts. I'm quite open-minded but I just don't know. I've never seen a ghost in my life but to see that – it's mind-blowing, it's very strange."

Source: ThisIsNottingham

My view:
Because of the fact that the newspaper has not actually shared any video, and only stills, it is difficult to give a fair assessment of the `evidence`.
To me this looks nothing more than a winged insect. The hype is in the owner`s interpretation and also upon what the newspaper is prepared to let you see.
There are far more interesting pieces of video evidence available, and yet these newspapers stick with basic easy to disprove stories which of course discredit serious research.
But as long as this sells papers ........

Tuesday 7 August 2012


From September 2012, I will launch and present my new production, `The Haunted House Show`, from the GTN site. (ghosttales television network).

I aim to produce at least one show a month running up to an hour long.
This is a bold departure from my usual presentations, and will be a much enlarged production covering a new investigation in each show, as well as interesting clips from investigations, and some topical news stories and videos.

We aim also in future productions to cover the work of other investigators and additionally interviews.

If you feel you have interesting material to share, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can include these in the program scheduling.

The first show will be available from GTN on September 1st 2012, to be broadcast at 9pm EST or 10pm Central time. In Europe that will be 2am GMT or 3am CET.
Afterwards the show can be viewed anytime from Youtube through the Haunted Earth account (constantine99999).


For tonight, Tuesday 7th August 2012 at 8pm GMT ( 3pm EST)  I will be appearing on USA Paranormal as a guest on Night Visions with Deborah Perkins.
Hope to see you all there:)
LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/night-visions

Sunday 5 August 2012


A video posted to YouTube catches the amazing sight of a UFO flying erratically near a pursuing police helicopter in the rain-soaked, cloudy skies over an unidentified Irish village.

The quality of the video is not the best, since both objects are too far away from the camera to be clearly identified. But the aerodynamic acrobatics of the unidentified flying object, which seems to be dancing circles around the helicopter, are unlike any conventional aircraft known today.

On the audio track of the video the sounds of beating helicopter rotor blades can be clearly heard. Whatever is taunting the chopper, however, seems to be silent. The amazed villager who catches the action lets fly some well-placed Irish swear words, but who can blame him for that? The incident is absolutely amazing and quite confusing.

As the UFO video plays out, the chopper closes in on the object circling in the sky. As it draws nearer and begins to hover, the unknown aircraft starts to fly around the helicopter crazily. Any responsible pilot would know how dangerous such manoeuvres can be, so there's no good explanation for what is happening.

It's too bad the UFO sighting is so far off. The picture added here is the best quality manageable for a closeup. It doesn't reveal much, but it's obvious from watching the video that this is not what a responsible pilot would attempt, or achieve, in any regular aircraft like an airplane, jet or other helicopter.

So, what is it?

Story Source: Examiner.com


One of the de-classified files
It is probably the closest Australia has come to scrambling fighter jets to intercept a UFO.

Documents that have just become available under the 30-year rule at the National Archives of Australia reveal how two RAAF Mirage jets were placed on the second highest level of alert to determine the cause of unidentified radar contacts seen on screens at Mascot.

The ''X Files'' viewed in Canberra also give details of other unexplained sightings, some of which are supported by witness statements to police.

In the Sydney alert, the papers stamped ''restricted'' tell how operation ''Close Encounter'' was launched by No.3 Control and Reporting Unit at RAAF Base Williamtown near Newcastle on June 30, 1983, after the phenomenon was first noticed earlier in the month.

Senior air controllers at Mascot said the contacts were mostly located between 70 and 150 nautical miles north of Sydney at ''alleged speeds of 1100-6500 km/h that suggested high altitude''.

The papers state that no scramble was to occur in the round-the-clock operation unless confirmation of any reported tracks was made on the radar screens at RAAF Williamtown or any radar other than Sydney.

At the same time, three senior air defence controllers were dispatched to Sydney to investigate and plot every contact and ''control interceptors against these contacts if a reasonable chance of interception presented itself''. But then one of the defence controllers, a squadron leader, asked whether a comparison had been made of the contacts on the screens of Mascot's Area Approach Radar Centre and those in a ''workshop across the corridor''. Soon after, tests showed that the ''unidentified objects reported by Sydney were generated entirely by radar interference known colloquially as 'running rabbits' ''.

Squadron leader K. Keenan, in his six-page report, said operation Close Encounter cost 66½ days of overtime, 1000 kilometres was travelled by a staff car and a C130 Hercules transport aircraft ''may have been diverted to Sydney airport'' to deliver one of the defence controllers.

RAAF Radar Control

He wrote: ''The lines of communication, extending as they did across the width of an entire corridor, seem to have been insufficient for the purpose.''

He added rather dryly: ''Fortunately there was no temptation to launch aircraft and add to the fuel bill occasioned by use of the RAAF Datsun.'' A cautiously worded statement was released as a result ''in a manner that would not embarrass departmental personnel'' which blamed ''random atmospheric conditions''. Other reports in the X Files give details of an ''unidentified physical feature'' of circles on Milo Station at Adavale, Queensland, in 1982. The file refers to photographs that apparently were taken, but they were not among the papers.

Constable Geoffrey Russell, from the local police station, visited the site and wrote a report for RAAF Base Amberley near Ipswich. The officer saw depressions in the ground and thought they were caused by a motorcyclist doing donuts but then dismissed the idea.

He wrote: ''I strongly feel this [is] no hoax even though I do not know the cause of this 'feature'.''

He described a large circle of 2330mm in diameter with one inner circle of 2010mm which were 160mm in width and about 15-20 mm deep. The soil around the outer circle appeared to have been ''blown away'', he said.

Elsewhere in Queensland, dairy farmer Robin Priebe phoned Imbil police at 5.30am in July 1983 to report seeing a strange object in the sky to the north of the town. The papers state that a Sergeant Waterson then went to his back verandah and saw ''a large white light with several flashing lights around it'' which did not appear to be a normal aircraft.

A similar sighting was made by Constable R. Keys from a separate position. He was also of the opinion that it wasn't a normal aircraft.

Mr Priebe said both he and his wife saw a bright red glow gradually change to a white light which then started to move slowly east. Through binoculars, ''the light was disc shaped with a very bright light around the perimeter of the disc with two flashing lights in the front and one to the side'', he said.

The only photographs in the X Files were of unusual lights over Bendigo, witnessed by hundreds in May 1983. An interim report by the RAAF stated that Mike Evans, a 17-year-old disc jockey with the Bendigo radio station 3BO, received calls from listeners, then saw the lights himself and took photos.

One anonymous caller to the RAAF said the lights were caused by a rock group experimenting with laser lighting. The report said they were probably caused by train headlights or lasers or from planets or stars. There had been unusual weather atmospherics on the night.

Zoe¨ D'Arcy, director of digital and online access at the National Archives, said: ''Where you and I might think UFO - a spaceship - the RAAF and other agencies were probably wondering if there was a security threat.

''Most of the files you read and you think that most probably was a meteorite, but there are ones that you read and you think - well, what could that have been?

''I can't explain that from my knowledge.

''So what was it that these people have experienced? It has that open-ended question to it that I find really intriguing.''

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Saturday 4 August 2012


Source: Scottish Daily Record
AFTER spending 60 hours a week on Loch Ness for 26 years, monster hunter George Edwards, believes he finally has the best picture ever taken.
NESSIE hunter George Edwards waited 26 years for this moment.
But after spending 60 hours a week on Loch Ness for decades, he believes he now has the best picture ever taken of the monster.
The 60-year-old has always believed there’s something lurking beneath the water – and he says this image proves he’s been right all along.
  It shows a mysterious dark hump moving in the water towards Urquhart Castle.
George, who gives tours on his boat Nessie Hunter IV, was just about to return to the pier in Drumnadrochit after an early morning outing when he made the sighting.
He said: “It was slowly moving up the loch towards Urquhart Castle and it was a dark grey colour.
“It was a fair way from the boat, probably about half a mile away.”
He watched the object for five to 10 minutes, after which it slowly sank below the surface. George then used his vessel’s sonar to try to pick up a signal.
He said: “I hung around for a good half an hour and used the deep scanning sonar to try to pick it up but I’m afraid I had no luck at all.”
But he added: “I’m convinced I was seeing Nessie.”

Steve Feltham, who has been a Nessie hunter for 21 years, agreed yesterday that it was the best photograph he’d seen of the monster.
He said: “I think the images are fantastic — that’s the animal I’ve been looking for all this time.
“It doesn’t prove what Nessie is but it does prove what Nessie isn’t – a sturgeon.”
The fish has been put forward as one of the main theories of what creature might cause sightings.
But it has a serrated spine – and the object in George’s picture doesn’t.
George took the photo at 9am on November 2 last year with a digital camera that he always keeps on the boat. But he didn’t want to make it public until it had been analysed by experts in the US.
He said: “I did not want to mention my sighting until I was sure that I had not photographed a log or something inanimate in the water.
“I have friends in the US who have friends in the military. They had my photo analysed and they have no doubt that I photographed an animate object.
“I was really excited as I’m sure that some strange creatures are lurking in the depths of Loch Ness.
“Far too many people have been seeing them for far too long. The first recorded sighting was in 565AD and there have been thousands of eyewitness reports since then.
“All these people can’t be telling lies. And the fact the reports stretch over so many years mean there can’t just be one of them. “I’m convinced there are several monsters.”