Tuesday 30 July 2013


HOUSTON -- There is a house off N. Wayside in northeast Houston that has a reputation -- for ghosts!
Angela Rhodes inherited the house from her parents, but she won't live in it. She refuses to be alone in the house, even in the daytime.
"It's an odd feeling. If I come in here I can be doing something and it's like something just following me," Rhodes said.
Neighbor Cynthia Coleman agreed.
"It's real spooky, creepy, uh, something is going on in there," Coleman said.
Rhodes called in John O'Dell and Yvonne Tallman who are paranormal investigators from Pasadena to check the place out.
O'Dell, a professional artist, is with The Other Side Paranormal Investigations. Tallman, a former carpenter, is with Pasadena Ghost Research Society.
They do not charge for their services.
"When my sister moved out she said she always heard kids running in this hallway," Rhodes said.
However, no kids lived in or around the house at the time.
She also reported other strange things like seeing flames in the bathroom that did not burn anything. She also said something or someone unseen constantly tries to draw her attention to a window in the den.
"Do you ever see a shadow," Tallman said.
"To be honest with you, I don't try to look for it," Rhodes said.
Rhodes allowed family friends to move into the empty house a few weeks ago. Soon they had strange reports too. They said a tea cup was the last straw.
"A cup just flew from the microwave to the sink," said Chris Smith, who lives in the house with his girlfriend and their children.
"Clearly, if a cup is falling off the middle of a microwave, there's something saying ‘leave,' " said Tiara Lawson, Smith's girlfriend.
She also said that same night a screen "flew" off a window and hit her on the arm. The family fled the house that night and called Rhodes.
The ghost hunters asked the family to leave the house on the night of their investigation and they spent three hours investigating using special recording devices.
Later, they shared their findings with the family.
On one audio recording Tallman asks, "Is Angela's mother here?"
A female voice whispers “yes."
Rhodes said she recognized the voice.
"I really did when she first played it. Sounded like my mother. Her name is Margaret. We call her Cookie," Rhodes said.
Her mother died in the house 14 years ago.
The investigators said the spirit of Rhodes mother is not alone in the house. On another recording they said, "You're scaring the family that lives here."
A male voice is heard saying “really."
The ghost hunters also said they captured sounds of someone stomping around, pulling down the attic stairway and saying, "bing bong," perhaps mimicking the sound of the front door alarm.
They said their recorders picked up the sounds while they were next door taking photographs of a vacant lot which they believe is haunted also.
The ghost hunters showed the family photographs of orbs and a strange mist captured on the vacant lot.
"Spirit wise, if (ghosts) don't have enough energy to actually show up as a full body apparition, a lot of times this is what they can do," Tallman said.
"If you see red orbs that's usually denoting of a more negative energy. Blue is more peaceful and white is more protective," O'Dell said.
They also said they captured an image of an entity in the hallway of the house that resembled something from the movie ‘Ghost Busters.’
"Okay that's green," Lawson said.
"Whatever it is -- need to be gone," Rhodes said.
She has had the house blessed twice.
The family friends who live there returned and said they feel better.
"I feel more comfortable," Smith added, "but spirits are real for the people that think spirits are not real."
Rhodes said she feels better too, but she fears it is only temporary.
"I still feel it's -- that bad spirit is still there somewhere waiting to do whatever it is here to do," Rhodes said.


Friday 26 July 2013


Hoax footage - Exposed
On Thursday 25th July 2013, I shared a report from the British, `Daily Mail` newspaper,  on strange poltergeist activity captured on video in a health food shop at Whitstable, in Kent.

The reaction from viewers across the board was one of complete fascination, and a hope that this was indeed the `real deal`.

After uploading yesterday, my suspicions were drawn to the over-hyped reaction of commenter's on the actual video as it was being recorded.

Looking beyond the boxes involved, I saw a person hiding by the end of the aisle all dressed in black.
I then observed the non fluid like motion of the suspended box from the aisle display which dipped slightly when it moved out. The slightly jerky movement added to a slight `weight dip` of the box suggested that it was actually suspended on a thin strip of transparent material like plastic.

Another observation was the extremely low quality of the video. Without any definition, this masks the suspending object, and blends the figure in black better to the background.

Here is the link to my initial report.


I decided to remain silent until today to demonstrate how easy it is (under controlled conditions) to fool people into believing that hoaxes can appear real.

Here are my observations on video.

The video has been busted as a hoax, but I doubt that will stop newspapers and dubious film-makers from staging more in the future. The Daily Mail have been caught previously displaying hoax paranormal pictures and video. Whether it is done because they are complicit or duped is open to your own feelings.

But be rest assured, Haunted Earth do not share hoaxed or rather `fanciful` material. We are like you in seeking the truth - wherever it may be.

Thursday 25 July 2013



The phrase 'dying for a cuppa' has never been so true.
CCTV has captured boxes of teabags floating down the aisles, in what appears to be a spirit haunting a corner shop.

The startling footage from inside the small store seems to show boxes of tea levitating from the shelves before falling down, close to an unaware shopper.

Shopkeeper Michelle Newbold said she is baffled after CCTV from the Whitstable Nutrition Centre in Whitstable, Kent captured two boxes of tea bags hover off the shelves.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube, then shows them drop to floor and startle the man - in what could be a ghost attempting to make off with a brew.

The shop, which sells a range of natural products, has now become a viral sensation.
Ms Newbold said: 'I was perplexed I suppose. I just couldn't believe it.
'I have no idea about how it has happened. It is just a complete mystery.

'I have never seen anything like it since I've been running the shop. The customer never said anything and I don't even know who it was.'

The teabox levitates to the rear of this shopper.

Ms Newbold runs the shop with her step-mother and father Michael Knowles, who has run businesses in Whitstable since the 1970s when he opened a hairdressers.
She added: 'I showed my dad and he couldn't quite believe it as well. I review the CCTV about once a week and that's when I came across it.

'We check sometimes if we think something is suspicious or if a dodgy character is in the shop.
'I'd be interested to find out more if anyone knows anything because I have no clue. I have never seen anything like this since I have been in the shop.'
'I don't believe in ghosts and this hasn't changed anything.'

The YouTube video has received more than 8,000 hits in just a few days.
One viewer describing the incident as 'freaky', adding: 'I would run a mile if that happened to me.'

Story: DailyMail

Sunday 21 July 2013


Once more the `man in a hat` dons his black coat to bring you a video documentary and night investigation from haunted Thetford, and including a trip to `meet` Britain`s greatest storyteller, M.R James. Lot`s of activity and history to enjoy :)
Please `like` and share to your friends if you enjoyed.
Due to other commitments, the Haunted Earth Show for July will be incorporated into the August edition.

Youtube link (For older and slower machines)

Vimeo link (Higher quality for newer and faster machines)

Here are the images of paranormal activity shared in the video from the visit to the 13th century Warrener`s Lodge, Thetford Forest, Norfolk. (Click any image to enlarge)

The only light anomaly captured during the day.


Thursday 18 July 2013


Zombies and vampires may be popular in Hollywood, but their supernatural antics should come with a warning after ghostly injuries cost ACC almost $25,000 in the last five years.

ACC claims data shows the agency paid out $24,834 to just over 23 people between 2008 and 2012 for ghost, vampire and zombie-related harms.

Most of the money was paid out in 2010, with six claimants receiving varying shares of $20,696.

''There's no need to be afraid; if a ghostly figure has you hiding under the covers ACC also has you covered ... for any accident related injuries,'' an ACC spokeswoman said.

''If your goblin's hoblin' or the little vampire broke a tooth playing badminton, ACC provides a range of supports to ensure they're back to their scary best in no time. After all a fiend in need is a fiend indeed.''

Many of the unearthly injuries were the result of preventable accidents, she said.

''Most people are injured in and around the home so remember ... the safest place in your house for a zombie is the living room.''

Explanations for the paranormal injuries included:

- Being chased by a zombie at Spookers; turned and hit pole and flipped over fence

- Playing 'zombies' at school; crashed into pole

- Playing ghosts; tripped and fell

- Accidentally put arm through window telling ghost story

- Crawling under bed to find ghost; hit head on bed

- Fell off stage during ghost tour

- Playing ghost tag; bumped into dishwasher

- Playing ghosts with sister; had a sheet over head and banged jaw

- Walking like a zombie in hallway; slipped on carpet and twisted ankle sideways

- Banged forehead on door frame when pretending to be a ghost (wearing a blanket)

- Theme park ghost ride; was thrown from side to side causing a horrible pain in neck

- Removing face paint/make-up after zombie party; pain in eye while removing - worsened following morning

- Knocked by flying vampire; struck head

- Fell on concrete while playing zombies

New Zealand's ghostly injury toll:

2008 - $2019 (excluding GST) to four claimants

2009 - $577 to five people

2010 - $20,696 to six people

2011 - $1,123 to less than three people (the exact number could not be revealed to avoid possible identification of the claimant)

2012 - $419 to eight people

Source: ThePress(NZ)

Sunday 14 July 2013


Archaeologists in Poland believe they have found a vampire grave on a construction site in the south of the country.

Skeletons were found with their heads removed and placed on their legs indicating they had been subjected to an execution ritual designed to ensure the dead stayed dead.

Anybody accused of being a vampire in the distant past faced a grim fate.

Sometimes they would be decapitated, while another punishment involved hanging from a gibbet until decomposition resulted in the head separating from the body. In both cases the head was then laid on the legs of the victim in the hope that an inability to locate their head would hinder the progress of those intent on rising from the grave..

Historians say that the practice was common in the Slavic lands during the decades following the adoption of Christianity by pagan tribes.

The remains were found on the construction site of a ring road near the town of Gliwice, and came as a surprise to archaeologists more accustomed to finding the human detritus of the bloody fighting of the Second World War.

Just when the bodies were buried is open to speculation. Doctor Jacek Pierzak, one of the archaeologists on the site, said the skeletons were found with no jewellery, belt buckles, buttons or anything that could aid the task of determining their age.

Unlike the classic Bram Stoker image of a caped, blood-sucking aristocrat, the definition of a vampire in the Middle Ages was far broader. Even people who abided by old pagan customs and left food on the graves of dead relatives could fall foul of accusations of vampirism, and suffer a prompt execution.

Story: DailyTelegraph


Kayleigh O'Leary, 25, sent in this image she captured at Abergavenny's Skirrid Inn - but is it a ghostly apparition, or merely a trick of the light?

Ms O’Leary, from Caerphilly, took the photo with her Canon 1100 D SLR camera after 2am on June 28 at the pub which claims it is haunted by the ghost of a former worker, Fanny Price.

An archaeology graduate, she said: "It’s really weird. I went along because I like history so I wanted to be in the building. I didn’t really sense anything; I was really calm."

Ms O’Leary said: "It’s all a bit strange. I can’t really explain the photo. What looks like the arm sticks out so it can’t be a reflection off the door. I don’t think it’s a fault with the camera.

The picture in it`s orginal form

Can you see the ghost?

Wednesday 10 July 2013


This very interesting video was shared with me by the poster, Michael Wills, who received the clip from a work friend and colleague. Apparently the friend was double checking and securing a property that dates back to the 17th century, and prior to it`s disposal to a new buyer.
The EVP which can be heard towards the end of the tape is remarkably quite clear and of course, completely unexpected. It was not heard at the time of recording.
I hope you enjoy, and thanks to Michael for sharing.

Tuesday 9 July 2013


This highly unusual, and perhaps weird re-integration of clouds captured on a camcorder has certainly left the experts baffled. As you can see, the clouds appear to be constantly reconfiguring themselves in one area.
This has led to much speculation across the internet, but fortunately the armchair experts have as always, `rallied to the call`.

The hypothesis range from (witty) `a glitch in the matrix`, to this wordy explanation, ` The ice crystals at the top of a storm are sometimes charged and oriented similar to LCDs. Every time there is lightning, the electrical field shifts, re-orienting the crystals and thus the manner in which they reflect light`.

My only concern with the latter theory is that the effect is contained tightly in one area. Add also the fact that it is something that has not been adequately explored and any theory tested.

So the jury may be out on this one, but until this is resolved, the theories will continue to run and run on this.


This photo shows a supernatural-themed painting by Puru (溥儒),
depicting a meeting between a recently deceased spirit
and a longtime ghost.
Puru playfully rendered the newcomer
in full human form, while only an ethereal skeletal outline
 remains of the veteran ghost. (CNA)
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Supernatural Tales of Gods and Ghosts: Paintings from the Museum Collection (神鬼傳奇) exhibition began on July 1 at the National Palace Museum (故宮), and is set to run until the end of September, offering the public a chilling glimpse of the underworld in the scorching summer season.
The National Palace Museum exhibition coincides with the forthcoming seventh lunar calendar month. Known as the Ghost Month, the period marks two major festivals of Buddhist and Taoist traditions, where the gates of the underworld are opened to the living world, with wanting spirits to be quelled with offerings.

The exhibition features an extensive collection of 31 paintings from the five dynastic periods, and the early 1900s. Most notably, 8 works by renowned painter and calligrapher Puru (溥儒) will be featured in the exhibition. Incidentally, Puru is the cousin of Puyi (溥儀), the final ruler of the Qing Dynasty, and the last Emperor of China.

Purus supernatural-themed paintings are characterized by his minimalistic brushwork depicting lurking ghosts and spirits in desolate mountain forests. However, his rendering of ghosts and spirits are not of grotesque menace, but lithe ethereal beings, symbolizing that once departed, a person is free from the burdens experience during life. Puru's also displays his more playful side in certain works, rendering humorous circumstances in a number of paintings, such as the meeting between a recently departed spirit and a longtime ghost, and of a love-spurned specter jumping off a cliff in a fit of rage.

Source: SouthChinaPost

Monday 8 July 2013


                                     Sixth sense: Jadon, Pam, Lucy and Emily Billington try to contact spirits
The thought of seeing a ghost may terrify most children, but for Jadon Billington and his little sister Lucy, it is part of everyday life.
The siblings regularly talk to dead people at their home in Cheshire, and have made friends with more than 10 spirits - including their own grandmother - over the last year.
Jadon, aged 10, chats to a ghostly American couple called Sam and Simon Crease and an angel called Michael, while eight-year-old Lucy has befriended a young spirit girl called Rose.
Mum Pam Billington says her kids talk about their spooky pals so much it feels as if they're part of the family.
“It all started a couple of years ago when Jadon told me he had been visited by an angel in the night,” she said.
“At first I dismissed it as being the product of an overactive imagination. But when Lucy started talking about it too I started to listen.
“Its a gift and you either have it or you don’t. It isn’t a hoax, I really believe my kids can talk to spirits.”
The paranormal activity began in 2011 at the Billington’s former home in Manchester, where the children said ghosts lived among the family and even in their attic.
In March this year, the family moved to a new home in Sandbach, Cheshire - but it seems the spooks have relocated too.
And full-time mum Pam, who has another daughter Emily, 14, says she’s now a believer after having a spooky close encounter of her own.

I see dead people: The children have even befriended the spirits

She said: “It sounds crazy but since then I’ve been able to experience some of what they tell me too.
“One night I was watching TV and I said to Jadon if they are really here now ask one of them to tug at my trouser leg. Jadon asked, then a few seconds later I felt something prod my leg and I saw with my own eyes my trousers move.
It’s incredible. Now, they touch me all the time. They’ll poke me in the arm and touch me on the leg. I’ve even been poked in the eye by a ghost.
“They also made the television go fuzzy when Jadon asked one to prove that he was there.
“You have to experience it to understand. I’ve always read things but I didn’t have a true appreciation of it until I went through it with my children.”
She added: “I love having spirits in the house, I think it’s great. I think it shows that anything’s possible and it gives me hope for when I pass away.
I know that this is not the end and we carry on.”
Pam, an atheist, says she didn’t raise her children to believe in ghosts and has not nurtured their psychic ability in any way.
But the children, who are home-schooled, are convinced.
Among the spooky guests are an American couple called Sam and Simon Crease, who Jadon talks to, along with an angel called Michael.
Lucy has formed a bond with a young girl called Rose.
And, at her new home in Cheshire, she says she has seen a ghostly woman in a neighbouring garden, believed to be the spirit of an old woman who recently passed away there.
Jadon said: “I used to have trouble sleeping because I always felt like someone was watching me.
“I would wake up in the night and run into mum and dad’s room.
“Now when I see spirits I talk to them  and they talk back. I see them during the day and night.”
He added: “Mum and dad asked me if I was making this up and I’m not – there really are ghosts in the house.”
Although Lucy is used to her ghostly friends she admitted she still got ‘freaked’ out by their late-night antics.
She said: “I used to get scared. When I first saw them I didn’t know whether it was a spirit or my imagination.
“Now I see lots of them not and I’m used to it.”

(Para)normal: Older sister Emily (c) does not have the gift

While Pam is convinced her children have a special gift, Daron, who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, is still skeptical.
The 40-year-old health and safety advisor said he had never experienced a ghostly encounter of his own.
He added: “I was raised in a religion that is definitely against things like spirits.
“I am still a little bit cautious with my children when we talk about ghosts but they seem okay and it keeps them happy so I leave them to it.
“I reacted with disbelief at first and a few times I thought they were based on imaginary friends. But the children went in to so much detail when they were talking about them that as time went by I started accepting it.”
He added: “I’m still not really 100 per cent convinced but I think there’s a little bit of truth in it. My kids aren’t liars and if you listen to how they speak they tend to be quite believable.”
Pam and Daron’s eldest, Emily, is the only child in the house not to have picked up a talent for talking with ghosts and has not seen any spooky goings on.
She added: “I don’t mind them but I haven’t seen them. If I did I think I would freak out.”

Story: DailyMirror


Seven Stars Inn Robertsbridge East Sussex
A LANDLORD called in a paranormal investigator after discovering his new pub contained more spirits than just the ones behind the bar.

Ray Braiden took over the Seven Stars in Robertsbridge on June 3 and moved in to the High Street property with wife Michelle, daughters Hannah and Emily and Emily’s partner Ben.

Days after the family moved in, strange incidents were reported in the top room, occupied by Emily and Ben.

Items were moved around and a small dish sitting on a speaker was seen to be ‘skimmed’ through the air across the room.

And one night the couple woke to find the mattress they had been sleeping on had been moved. Emily and Ben have since moved out of the pub.

The Seven Stars has a reputation for spooky goings-on and was previously named one of the top ten most haunted pubs in the country.

Ray, a retired detective sergeant with Sussex Police, said: “You hear all these stories from people who have lived here.

“Some of my regulars have had sightings of shadowy figures, people have heard footsteps and doors rattling in the night and televisions coming on after the switch has been thrown off.

“And of course there is the presence of the Red Monk who is alleged to have haunted this building.”

Ray contacted old friend and paranormal investigator Rob Foster.

Ray said: “This spirit was here long before I moved in and I’m happy to coexist with it, but I do not want my family scared.”

Rob and daughter Tanya run Hidden Worlds Paranormal Support Group, a confidential group for people who have been affected by paranormal activity.

They visited the Seven Stars and saw first hand the work of the pesky poltergeist.

The pair had their equipment pushed over and Tanya was ‘poked’ a number of times.

Audio equipment recorded strange footsteps and doors rattling.

Hastings-based Rob said: “We are trying to find out what it is in a bid to coexist with it and find out whether it’s harmful. At the moment the jury is out on that.

“We are going to come back and do a full investigation shortly and establish exactly what is here.”

Rob believes that several spirits inhabit the 14th Century pub, with previous incumbents reporting sightings of mysterious figures in the bar and items flying off the shelves in the kitchen.

Rob said he was able to communicate with one of the spirits using electronic equipment.

By asking closed questions and measuring the response, which sounds like radio static, he says the ghost gave its name and claims he was buried in Salehurst churchyard in the 1600s.

Rob is carrying out additional research to discover who the spirits are.

Rob and Ray are also keen to locate the opening to a shaft, apparently hidden in the building, which is rumoured to lead to a hidden cellar, which dates back several centuries.

Rob is asking members of the public who have had their own encounters with the paranormal at the Seven Stars to come forward with their stories to help identify the spirits.

Rob said: “It’s about trying to find answers as much as we can.”

Anyone who has experienced paranormal activity at the pub can email robf1@talktalk.net or visit www.facebook.com/hiddenworldspsg

Source: Rye&BattleObserver

Sunday 7 July 2013


NASA image of Lake Vostok
Scientists have discovered more than 3,500 unique gene sequences in Lake Vostok – the underground Antarctic water basin isolated from the outside world for 15 million years – revealing a complex ecosystem far beyond anything they could have expected.

"The bounds on what is habitable and what is not are changing," said Scott Rogers, Bowling Green State University professor of biological sciences, who led a genetic study of the contents of half a liter of water brought back from the lake after it was drilled by Russian scientists last year.

"We found much more complexity than anyone thought," Rogers said. "It really shows the tenacity of life, and how organisms can survive in places where a couple dozen years ago we thought nothing could survive."

There are few places on Earth more hostile to life forms than Lake Vostok, the largest subglacial lake in the Antarctic, and initially Rogers believed that the water from it may have been completely sterile.

Water is located 4,000 meters below the ice, which completely blocks sunlight, and creates huge pressure on the liquid. It is also literally located in the coldest place on Earth: the world’s lowest temperature of -89.2C was recorded at Vostok Station above the reservoir.

But after using bleach to remove outer layers of the ice (the form in which the water was extracted from the lake) which could potentially have been contaminated during the drilling, and conducting RNA and DNA testing, thousands of microscopic life forms, predominantly bacteria, were detected.

Many had expected that if any life forms were to be found in the frozen crypt, they would be uniquely adapted to the harsh environment, and perhaps entirely different as a result of being shielded from evolution of life elsewhere on the planet for millions of years.

Rogers, who has just published his findings in PLOS One magazine, says this has not turned out to be the case.

"Many of the species we sequenced are what we would expect to find in a lake. Most of the organisms appear to be aquatic (freshwater), and many are species that usually live in ocean or lake sediments."
A handout photo provided by the Russia’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute taken at the Vostok station in Antarctica on February 5, 2012, shows Russian researchers posing for a picture after reaching the subglacial lake Vostok (AFP Photo)

Rogers’ team believes the relative ordinariness of the organisms discovered may be due to the fact that they are left there as a legacy of when Antarctica had a temperate climate 35 million years ago, rather than as a result of evolution inside the lake.

Some of the organisms found in Lake Vostok commonly exist in ocean environments (in the digestive systems of fish and crustaceans) suggesting that the reservoir was once connected to a bigger body of saltwater.

But Rogers believes “two huge drops of temperature” cut it off and conserved it in its present state.

Yet the study is not excluding the possibility of startling discoveries.

"It's a very challenging project and the more you study, the more you want to know. Every day you are discovering something new and that leads to more questions to be answered,” said Yury Shtarkman, who conducted many of the analyses, and believes it could take a lifetime to untangle the secrets of the lake.

Source: RT

Monday 1 July 2013


On Friday, our monthly magazine of investigations and events, compiled as the, `Haunted Earth Show` was released to the public via our Youtube and Vimeo platforms.
For those who may have missed it, here is the link to the viewing area:

Within the show was an investigation at Alresford Church, a ruin of a medieval building which was sadly burnt down in 1971.

What was really interesting, (apart from the EVP - one telling us to `Get out`), was right at the end.
There were only two investigators during the investigation, myself and team-member Deanne, yet clearly there was someone or something walking around us as I gave an end of investigation talk.
Add further a woman talking in the background as I spoke, then this was quite a catch.

An interesting footnote was the fact that the footsteps were on gravel. We were away from any gravelled area, and standing on grass.

As part of my policy to share significant incidents through our series, `Paranormal Shorts`, here is an abridged version below.

It is worth seeing the whole segment of this investigation from the main show video as included was something strange which occurred earlier at this location during our day visit.
As we were wandering around the ruins, at one spot we could smell something like mint, although it wasn`t quite mint. In a way, it smelt like a cross of odours between mint and cannabis.

Paranormal People - a Facebook based group later informed us that this too had been experienced by them on earlier visits. They ascribe the smell to a lady presence. Could it have been the same one that visited us at the end of the night shoot? To view the segment start at 40:23 in the main show here:

For those who may have missed this, I hope you enjoy.

Chris Halton