Friday 16 December 2016


Seldom am I allowed to shoot anything from an ancient property, and particularly one which is 500 years old. But here was such an opportunity as I took a break from the `modern world` by renting for a few days stay, a house which originally formed part of a large 16th century mansion which had in turn been built from the remains of a former Cistercian abbey.

The house had a very pleasant environment although previous renters going back over 20 years had reported varying tales of paranormal activity.

Having decided on my own to shoot a night investigation I was beset with innumerable problems in setting up the shoot.

These ranged from:

1) Wireless microphones persistently refusing to work at first - despite the batteries being fully charged.
2) A new large battery I use for my IR light was flat, so I had to struggle without the usual flood of IR illumination.
3) My cellphone was completely drained.
4) Video and audio in the night shoot was affected by reduced audio and focussing issues.

These problems were recorded in the house day book as affecting electrical equipment which either refused to work, or even refused to switch off with these items apparently coming back to life in the middle of the night.

All in all, it was an interesting if not problematic experience.

Despite all, I managed to capture some EVP, and particularly the whine of a dog.

I also saw quite clearly a huge white flash of energy measuring some 2` x 1` move quickly across the room. Sadly, it was not recorded to tape despite my best expectations.

I hope you enjoy this investigation which will commence from the link below at 10pm (GMT) tonight.