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An interesting video on Youtube poses the question, "Is the Enola Gay haunted by the deceased pilot, Paul Tibbets?"

For those of you who may not be aware, the then Colonel Tibbets flew the Enola Gay, a B29 bomber to Japan on August 5th 1945 and dropped an atomic bomb, codenamed `Little Boy` over Hiroshima to bring an end to the war.
The devastation and terrible loss of human life, was followed by a second bomb on Nagasaki, which forced the Japanese to surrender to the allies.

Tibbets retired as a Brigadier General in the 1960`s, and died in his Columbus, Ohio, home on November 1, 2007.

The poster has shared some photographs he took of the Enola Gay at the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia, and in one you can clearly see a human face in the pilots seat, and positioned proportionate to the size of a human figure.

Paul Tibbets with the Enola Gay

He claims the face looks like Tibbets.
At first I suspected a light anomaly caused by a reflection on the perspex glass, but as the camera focusses in much closer you can see a face not unlike Tibbet`s.

He has contacted the museum who are in official (to be expected) denial as after all, even in death Paul Tibbets is a controversial figure.

I`ve included a few of Tibbets photographs to compare by. If this is a freak of light or a hoax, it stands to be quite amazing.

Screenshot from video - copyright respected

Tibbets in full uniform


 From my post on Monday, I spoke of some of the exceptional EVP captured on this visit.
Here is one sample which was audibly heard on camcorder just after I reported a female presence on the main staircase.
Something for you to enjoy while I complete the entire edit.


Just a quick line to you all to apologise for my lack of posts in the last few days.
As you are all aware, I`m currently editing the preliminary video of my visit to Thorpe Lodge.
I say `preliminary` tongue in cheek, because the amount of material coming from Haunted Earth`s brief visit is quite substantial for an hour and a half`s worth of video.

The majority is Class `A` evp, and some Class `B` clips which are of very high quality, and high-lighting a lot of male and female spiritual presences in the building. One that sent a chill down my spine occurred when I identified a female presence on the grand staircase. As I was talking to the rest of the guests assembled at the bottom,  and picked up on cam by team member Sean Kim was a pitiful cry of a lady saying, `Keep warm!`
Also a more aggressive female voice saying, `Get Out!`
From what I have reviewed so far, the ghostly woman would appear to be the most active presence.
The building was reportedly haunted by a woman many years ago, and it would seem she is still very much active.
 Also picked up (so far) is the presence of children, which is interesting as reports of children have been made - particularly at night.

I have no doubt now that this video will rank as one of the best from Haunted Earth, and a full night`s investigation next year will hopefully release even more activity.
If I find any physical presences like the figure shared on the staircase I will let you know!

Research Blues:(

I`ve been scanning Youtube, the news feeds and a host of other sources, but at the moment any meaningful reports to share are hard to find.

There is a glut of hoaxed material available on video - some from the usual sources, which ranks from the bad to the abysmally ridiculous.

I think for me in recent days the worst has been paranormal investigation videos carried out by very young children - as young as 5 on one!

Okay these kids are obviously being filmed by their parents but I actually find this disturbing.
The paranormal is not a subject to be treated lightly, and certainly not to expose children to it with some obvious dangers.

I can see in a few years news reports from young adults who will claim that their lives were ruined by it.
But as we seem to be in the age of stupid, I can`t see any changes in some peoples lifestyles.

Anyway, back to editing, and hopefully by the end of the week a really great video to share to you all!
Speak soon.


Sunday, 27 November 2011


Thorpe Lodge in daylight

Here is a taster for our upcoming preliminary investigation of a very haunted Regency period English country house called, Thorpe Lodge, near Norwich, Norfolk.
The property is extremely active as you will see from this short `prequel` of what will be a full length investigation video later.

I can guarantee the full video has much more paranormal activity than this `taster` for you to enjoy!
Please `like` on Youtube if you enjoy. Your support for our work means everything.
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Thursday, 24 November 2011


On Monday November 21st I posted this link here VISIT AND PRELIMINARY PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION OF THORPE LODGE NORFOLK concerning my visit to the council premises of Thorpe Lodge, Norwich, Norfolk.

I reported that there was a lot of activity present in the old Regency period building, and that the staircase seemed to be the `hub` of this activity.

The stair under normal light

John Frary from Broadlands District Council - who allowed our visit, sent me today this picture shot in semi-darkness on the staircase.

If you look carefully at the middle left , you can clearly make out the head and shoulders of a figure walking down the staircase.To me it seems to be shorter than average height - comparing the head in relationship to the rail height. The figure even blocks the rail which continues just in front of the figure.

This is an exciting find, and even now just perusing the copious video captured on edit, I can also report other weird anomalies on film which will be released as an investigation of our visit.
More to follow soon. My thanks to John Frary and the staff member who captured this great image.

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Look to the middle bottom - just over foreground image of balcony rail and you will see a faint impression of a figure.

The enlarged segment. The figure appears to be shorter than average height by the position of the wall rail.

The same image coloured to delineate the figure.


A defendant said that it was not just his crimes coming back to haunt him on Wednesday.

Former Mount Gilead police officer Joseph Hughes faced 21 charges against him, 10TV’s Glenn McEntyre reported.

Prosecution exhibits showed the laundry list of stolen goods investigators said they found inside Hughes’ Morrow County home, much of which belonged to the county.

One of the 12 air conditioners Hughes was accused of stealing was labled “auditor” in large, black letters, McEntyre reported.

The shocking case took an even stranger turn when the former police officer explained why he was unaware of the stolen property in his basement.

“It’s going to sound kind of ridiculous, but we believed that there was some kind of paranormal presence in the basement,” Hughes said in court. “It sounds kind of ridiculous but there was evidence to support it.”

Hughes’ supernatural defense stunned prosecutors, McEntyre reported.

“Probably as odd as I’ve ever heard, was the first,” said Tom Elkin of the Morrow County Prosecutor’s Office. “I’ve been practicing since 1983 and I can say that’s the first time I’ve heard of paranormal activity in the course of a trial.”

The ghostly defense did not work out well for Hughes. He was found guilty of 18 out of 20 charges.


My view? Not a very comvincing story for an ex-police officer..

Monday, 21 November 2011


Dagan has been frightened by the ghost in his bedroom that 'sits and talks to him' during the night
The father of a five-year-old boy has revealed how his son has been troubled by visions of a ghost that speaks to during the night.

Dad-of-three Dave Gerrity, 41, revealed that ongoings that started around six months ago when his son Dagan, first encountered the sighting in his room.

He said: 'Dagan is scared about it. He cries about it. He's told us that at night he can't sleep because a man with grey skin comes and sits on his bed and keeps him awake talking to him.

'The first time it happened, Dagan's mum Emma and I heard him crying on the baby monitor. I went up to him and he was just crying his eyes out. At first I thought it was just his imagination, or he had had a bad dream.

'Of course you never expect this kind of thing to be true, I've never believed in this kind of thing before. But there's no denying it now.

'There have been times when we've been in the room with him and we see him looking up into the corner of the room and speaking.'

Father Dave also explained how the ghost shuffling furniture in his son's bedroom. He added: 'We have a double bed in the room which is balanced on its side, and there's a blue plastic table on top of it.

'Dagan told me that in the night, the table was picked up and moved by itself.

'This table is much too high for him to reach himself. I've put him to bed when the table has been on top of the bed, then come back in the morning to find it moved.

Dave told how guests to his home have also spotted the face of a man on the walls on the dining room of their three-storey house in Bridlington, East Yorks., after it was re-plastered.

'The wall was completely stripped back before it was plastered and there was nothing on it, no pattern.

'But when the plaster was drying, we could see a face start to appear. Now there is a six foot - by six foot face of a man on the wall.

'People come round to our house and see it straight away - you can't miss it. It spooks everybody out.

'I've been plastering for 24 years and never seen anything like this before."

The family's next-door neighbours, on the other side of the re-plastered wall, have also experienced paranormal activity.

Dave said: 'I've been in my house and heard banging coming from the top floor next door. I know they've been doing so re-furbishment so I expected it was workmen, as I could hear sawing and chatter.

'But then, my next door neighbour came round and said 'Dave, please come round and look upstairs, I can hear noises and there's noone else in'.

'I've gone to look for myself and she's right - there's noone up there.

'The whole thing has got us really spooked. My wife wants to move, she doesn't want to stay in the house anymore.

'It's a shame because we've just done up the house, but it's even creepy for me. I'm a bit scared to be downstairs in the dining room by myself.

'I think that all the work that's been going on - both next door and in our house - has disturbed a spirit.'

Source: Daily Mail


A British grandmother claimed that she cannot sleep at night as she is plagued by a groping, octopus-like ghost that is haunting her apartment.
Doris Birch, 73, said the ghost began haunting her home in Herne Bay, on England's southeastern coast, four months ago.
"It's like an octopus," she told local newspaper the Herne Bay Times. "It started four months ago. I was lying in bed when I felt this creepy pair of hands. I kicked frantically, and it went away. Next time it came, I hurled the duvet on to the floor."
She added, "But the ghost keeps coming back. I've tried sleeping without the duvet. But it started shaking my mattress. I even threw the mattress off the bed and bought a new one, but it has made no difference."
Birch has turned to her vicar and local ghost hunters to help rid her of the unwelcome guest.
"I told the vicar, and he said it is a lost spirit," she said. "What I want to know is, why has it got lost in my flat?"
She continued, "People are going to think I am [crazy], but it is as real as the day to me. I'm not lonely. I love living alone. But this is very creepy and is giving me the jitters. It's harassing me. I need to call in the Ghostbusters."
Hugh-Nigel Sheehan, Birch's local Methodist minister, said, "I was approached by Mrs. Birch, but I fear I am not in a position to help. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. I have no expertise in this at all."


In August 2011, I was filmed at home by a television production company interested in developing a new paranormal TV documentary, but it had to meet with the approval of their company executives first before taking it further.
It`s now gone into a development piece for presentation to TV companies here in the U.K.
I`ve been told they were very pleased with my interview which they thought was very interesting and exciting, so if they get the green light from a television network, they may engage me to provide further material.
The company is a major provider of TV documentaries, so there is every possibility that this will be made into a TV presentation. 
I was one of a number of people interviewed, so we`ll have to see how it goes from there. 
I am certainly very pleased as this is a major step forward in showcasing my work to mainstream television audiences. When I receive any further updates I will let you know!


Sean by the imposing front of Thorpe Lodge
 Late on Sunday evening, November 20th, 2011,  I attended in company with Haunted Earth team mate Sean Kim the headquarters of Broadlands District Council in Norwich, Norfolk.

Invited by the council through our friends John and Josie Lewin, the Broadlands complex is situated within a former country estate dominated by a beautiful early Regency period house called, Thorpe Lodge.

With our host, John Frary, (the council facilities officer) and a number of keen and inquisitive council staff members, we carried out a preliminary paranormal investigation of the old house, and even visited a 1970`s nuclear bomb shelter to the rear of the property.
The shelter predictably did not yield any results, but the main building was a hive of activity.

Before I report the results of this brief investigation, here are the findings of an informal report of activity inside the main house published in 2000.

Haunted History

One night a staff member who was about to turn off the lights in an office to go home heard voices coming from within and assumed it was a colleague on the telephone.
When he looked into the office to apologise, the room was empty!

Another staff member was in the kitchen area when she saw a fork lift up from a dishwasher, which then performed a somersault in mid air before falling onto the floor.

On another occasion a cleaner was hoovering inside the member`s room of the council and briefly saw someone sat in a chair. When she stopped to enquire, the figure quickly disappeared.

And if that wasn`t enough, there are other reports of a figure standing up the top of the imposing staircase, and another worker felt a cold hand on his shoulder.

Even electrician`s once employed to work through the house overnight weren`t spared from the ghostly activity there, as an electrician refused to work alone after seeing a ghostly figure walking between offices.

On the night of my arrival a staff member reported previously hearing a baby crying and the sound of a child running along with tins tied to string banging on the floor.

Well before the council took over the house there were historical reports of a girl who haunted the property.
So all in all, a very active location, but one that has spared other staff members from ever experiencing anything there during the day.

The brief investigation

On the night of our visit we initially linked up with John Lewin, John Frary and staff member, Tony where we visited a number of rooms - which all indicated some activity.

The most notable on the ground floor was a conference room where I sensed a great deal of energy near to the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

I later took photo`s of that area which confirmed this.
In addition, Sean and John Frary smelt `sweet briar` like tobacco smoke in that room, although of course, this is a `non smoking` building, and the source must have been a previous occupant in spirit.

Pictures from the conference room.

Click any picture to enlarge

As in both pictures the `hotspot` here in the conference room was in the area indicated by me earlier being around the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Other `hot spots` were undoubtedly the top flight of the staircase, and two upstairs offices which generated a very negative atmosphere. One in particular impressioned upon me the feeling of despair from an unrequited love - and that of a young girl who residually I felt stood looking through a bedroom window towards the main driveway.

In an adjunct room which originally had a doorway leading up to (now demolished) staff quarters, I felt a very malevolent presence of what struck me to be a footman.
 The doorway in question still exists but as a storage cupboard, and the weirdest event we witnessed here was that the door felt like a gentle cold breeze was blowing off or `radiating` from the woodwork.
There was no reason for this as the office was entirely centrally heated.

John Frary with a dark shadow appearing on the blinds. The old door to the staff quarters is to his right.

A lot of activity in this room

While we sat in the office above, outside the door was this room where we heard light footsteps walking past us.

I also reported in this locality I suspected many strange events may have been experienced by staff of items being moved or reported missing, and a tension sometimes in the atmosphere which indicated an air of argumentativeness, and indeed these events were confirmed. In a vigil of a neighbouring office, we actually heard light footsteps walking past a room we were sat in.

 But having such a short period to be on the premises, we all felt that the staircase to be the  most likely source of any activity whilst we were there. Indeed when I first arrived, the staircase - and particularly at the top of the first flight - I felt very strongly the presence of a matriarchal figure, clothed in a billowy dress, and standing very proud. I dated her to around the mid-19th century.

This very bright orb actually marks the spot I `saw` the 19th century lady

Sean appears to have attracted an attention!

Up and down the staircase the activity continued
John Lewin with orb, and Dawn Clifford
Josie Lewin with orbs
  We later carried out a vigil for around an hour and were joined by Josie Lewin and Dawn Clifford where many powerful and very active orb entities were captured to still and video cam.
We also clearly heard people talking, and movement around the building such as doors being closed.
Everyone in the locked off building were accounted for and on the staircase.

We are hopeful that we may be allowed back on the premises sometime in the new year period to conduct a full and complete night investigation. In the meantime a video will be made for viewing from the visit and investigation.

To see all the captures from the visit to Thorpe Lodge please click this link: THORPE LODGE PICTURES

My personal thanks to all involved, and it was a great opportunity to be allowed inside by Broadlands District Council.

STOP PRESS!! Ghost caught on staircase - click here

Left to Right: Josie and John Lewin, John Frary, Chris Halton and Dawn Clifford.

Friday, 18 November 2011


Here we have an alleged poltergeist recording. The poster explains: `I was working my usual shift and kept hearing a lot of noise from the common room. Thought it was the usual kids again but when I looked at the tape I was quite disturbed. That TV was definitely unplugged because it doesn't even have an aerial attached at the moment`.

 I can only presume that this British poster either works in a school or in a care home. There is no further information. Still, it looks interesting and again you decide - `Fact or Fake`.


An unusual light anomaly was captured in daylight on CCTV in the Lincoln County Courthouse building, Wiscasset, Maine, USA.
The building constructed in 1824 has a colourful history with cells once being located under the building, and hangings being performed at the front.  Is this paranormal, or a `glitch` in the CCTV? You decide.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


 Tintern Abbey, sits as a magnificent ruin on the English/Welsh border, and was destroyed during Henry VIII`s dissolution of  Catholic churches and monasteries in the 16th century.

There are many stories of spectral monks, shadows and weird noises reported from the site, but sadly very little evidence until I turned up this photo video from `Ghost Watching` on Youtube.
What do you think?

Tintern Abbey was originally founded by Cistercian monks in 1131 AD. in the reign of Henry I. Between 1270 and 1301 the Abbey was rebuilt and by the end of the rebuilding, around four hundred monks lived in the complex. The Black Death arrived in 1349 and affected Abbey life badly but it continued to operate until 1536. In that year the Abbey was part of the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII. Within a few years the lead was stripped from the roof and the building began to decay. The Abbey then became a source of building stone and only in the eighteenth century was any interest shown in the ruin. Around 1760 the site was cleaned up and visitors to the Wye Valley began to be entranced with the beauty of the site and surroundings. Turner was the best known artist to visit Tintern at the end of that century along with the poet Wordsworth. His poem Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey became a standard text for English students throughout the English speaking world.


The Tower of London
This video from Youtube purports to show a white apparition of a woman captured near the drawbridge leading into the Tower of London.

Drawbridge Entrance
 The white lady is well documented, and particularly in or near the White Tower.
The Tower, has seen many murders and executions and this apparition has been seen over the years by Beefeater`s and soldiers alike guarding the royal treasure.

Here is some ghostly history of the White Tower from Richard Jones`s London Walking Tours
`This massive and forbidding tower is the oldest of the buildings and dwarfs others around it. Wandering through its massive galleries and winding stone corridors is eerie even during the day. At night, when the floorboards are settling and the shadows lengthening, it must take nerves of steel to walk alone inside the building. But the Custody Guards, whose job is to do just that, are a fearless bunch, although many of them have encountered strange phenomena.
A ‘White Lady’ who once stood at a window waving to a group of children and whose wraith now drifts silently around the rooms, is just one of its many spectres. Perhaps it is her cheap perfume that has been smelt around the entrance to St John’s Chapel, causing many a Custody Guard to retch at its pungent aroma.
Guards passing from the chapel into the gallery containing Henry VIII's armour have spoken of a terrible crushing sensation that suddenly descends upon them, but which lifts the moment they stagger shaking from the room. One guard patrolling through here in the early hours of a stormy winter morning got a sudden and unnerving sensation that a black cloak had been flung over his head. As he struggled, the cloak was seized from behind by his phantom assailant and pulled tight around his throat. When he arrived at the guard room, after freeing himself, gasping and choking, the marks on his neck bore vivid testimony to his brush with the unseen horror.
Another guard, Mr Arthur Crick, decided to rest for a moment one night as he made his rounds. Sitting on a ledge he slipped off his right shoe when a voice behind him whispered, ‘There’s only you and I here,’ eliciting from Arthur the very earthly response, ‘Just let me get this bloody shoe on and there’ll be only you.’


A seven-year-old girl who weeps stones is baffling doctors who are unable to say what is causing the phenomenon.
Tamil Nesan reported that stones had been discharging from Kura Nitya's right eye for the past 15 days.
Nitya, from a village near Hyderabad, has been weeping about 12 to 25 stones a day.
Her parents have approached several ophthalmologists who were unable to diagnose what was causing the problem. According to her grandfather Gopal Reddy, the stones began popping out on Oct 26.
"Initially, we thought it was some divine power and prayed to God for this phenomenon to stop," he said, adding that they were keeping the stones for medical tests, if required.
Nitya said the lower portion of her right eye swelled minutes before the stones painlessly popped out.
Ophthalmologist Dr Kalyan Chakaravarthy said Nitya was medically fit and there was no logical reason for the phenomenon.

I find this incredibly hard to believe, and presume if indeed this was possible, the child has to be secreting the stones by swallowing, and that they must be very small. Perhaps an examination by more sceptical doctors elsewhere might actually reveal the cause for this alleged phenomena.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Below are two video clips from Dublin, Eire which were shot by CCTV within The Jervis Shopping Centre, Jervis Street.

The Jervis Shopping Centre in Dublin
 Both videos filmed on separate dates appear to show fruit - a pineapple and later an apple being tossed by unseen hands onto the atrium floor where they proceed to move entirely on their own accord.

 Historical Background

Some research on Wiki shows that the centre was built on a former hospital site called, Jervis Street Hospital which was bought in 1994 at a cost of £5.97 million. The centre was built at a cost of £76 million.
Most of the facade of the former Hospital has been retained and incorporated into the Shopping Centre.

Jervis Street Hospital - Circa 1900

The original hospital was founded by six Dublin surgeons as the Charitable Infirmary in Cook St., Dublin, in 1718, at their own expense.
An Araby poster from 1894

Ten years later they moved to a larger premises on King's Inn's Quay.

In 1786, when the new Four Courts were about to be erected on the quays, a bargain was made with the Earl of Charlemont to move into his former mansion at 14 Jervis Street, and the Infirmary moved there in October 1796. Some time afterwards alterations were made in the house to suit it for hospital purposes. The hospital occupied a central place in the most populous part of the city, also being close to the markets, railway termini, goods stores and the shipping.

 In 1854 the nursing and internal management were placed under the control of the Sisters of Mercy. The hospital was rebuilt and enlarged in 1877.
The hospital staged Araby, an oriental fĂȘte, in 1894, to raise much-needed funds. The name, Araby, would live as the title of one of James Joyce’s short stories in Dubliners.

Ghostly History:

Mark Guerin from Paranormal Ireland has produced an excellent video on the haunted history of the site.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Following on from a recent post:

From my own spiritually active home
Quite a few of you have written or posted on Facebook asking how it is possible to differentiate between dust, orbs,  and explainable anomalies.

It is as you imagine not a straight forward question to answer within the confines of a blog or a Facebook entry, and here I have a video which I made a while ago that explains and shares examples from my own forays into the paranormal.

The video has been attacked by non-believers, `sceptics` religious extremists and the odd Youtube troll  because it presents evidence that is very difficult to dismiss or contradict. Of course I can never prove any of this empirically as `science` sets it`s own rules which are like mine, opinions.

But fortunately, there are scientists who have taken a fresh look at this phenomena and with those I have an accord.
I hope you find this of benefit or interest.


Dead alien or hoax?
If the aliens really are landing, this latest picture seems to confirm that their first port of call on Earth will be Russia.

After other claims of extraterrestrial life turning up in Siberia, the latest is from a Russian woman who says she kept a frozen alien corpse in her fridge.

Could this be a rotting vegetable or proof of E.T?
 The mysterious 'lifeform' was reportedly kept by Marta Yegorovnam in her fridge in the western Russian city of Petrozavodsk for two years, while she took five pictures to prove its existence.

The 'body', the third alien sighting in Russian in recent months, was reportedly retrieved by Miss Yegorovnam from a UFO crash site near her summer house in 2009.

She says she approached the flaming wreckage and crumpled metal which she described as 'unbearably hot' and near the twisted hulk lay the dead alien.

The 'creature' is two feet long, has an enormous head, large bulbous eyes and an appearance somewhere between a fish and a humanoid.

It also appears to have what looks like a string-like arm protruding from its body.
Naturally, Miss Yegorovnam did what most would in the same situation and stored the alien in her fridge for two years, according to Unexplained Mysteries.

The website reported that two men turned up at her home a few days ago and confiscated the corpse for investigative purposes, claiming to be from the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

'The possibility this could be a genuine alien should not be discounted'

The footage was unearthed by noted paranormal writer and expert Michael Cohen.

Mr Cohen, 40, said: 'This could be an elaborate hoax, however the possibility that this might be a genuine alien should not be discounted.

'Russia is a hotbed of UFO activity and possible alien craft has been tracked by both military and civilian agencies.

'In all likelihood most alien beings would look strange to us, much like this specimen.'

Source: Daily Mail

Russia may be a `hotbed of UFO activity`, but with earlier `alien corpses` exposed as hoaxes, this may well be shown to be a false report. 


Look carefully - There appears to be an image
 Story Source: Nazareth Patch

On Oct. 13 I accompanied Northampton County Paranormal as it investigated the Newburg Inn in Lower Nazareth Township for paranormal activity.
The investigation itself was a pretty creepy affair, but I was assured that there would be even more to see later once the evidence was reviewed.
I recently joined NCP investigators Scott Wiley and Erin Monie for an evidence review, during which they painstakingly poured over audio files and video footage from the last few investigations.
Since the NCP folks are currently in the process of developing a television show (called Direct Contact, look for it next year), they didn’t want to give out the best evidence; no, that will have to wait to come to a small screen near you.
But until then, they did provide me with a photo that was captured in the hall near the bar area -- for those who read my article from the investigation, this is the spot where two cameras were unplugged, and where I witnessed (via a video monitor) an orb follow Wiley out of the bathroom.
The photo is of an apparition and is being called, for now, the “Newburg Madam.” Based on other evidence captured by team members, they are confident that this is the spirit of a woman.
And for any skeptics or disbelievers out there: It would be easy to dismiss this photo as mist, or smoke, or lens flare. But I can tell you, as a first-hand witness, there was no smoke, no fog and no mist that night. There were no lights on, and no flashes on the cameras. Everything was caught in infrared and full-spectrum lighting.
Do I believe? I’m still not sure, to be honest. And as a reporter, I wouldn’t want to say one way or another. For all of the believers out there, here’s some evidence. For all of the skeptics… happy debunking!


Here is another security camera capture recorded from the screen by a cell/mobile telephone.
Information is scant as to where it was recorded, but appears to show poltergest related activity by a reception desk in a modern building.

The video firstly shows activity to the top right of the desk followed by a book or note pad being flung off the top of the counter to the left of the desk.

At first it seemed remarkable, but despite the obvious excitement of the poster, we cannot see what is happening on the front area where the activity is taking place. Is it a cruel hoax by another employee, or is it indeed something paranormal?
As always, you decide..


Doherty in company with police officers
Drug addict Pete Doherty has fled to Paris because he claims the ghost of Amy Winehouse is haunting his London flat.

He added that Winehouse visited him three or four times at the apartment close to where she died in Camden in July.

Doherty claims he saw ghostly images in his bedroom and her reflection in his windows late at night.

The Babyshambles frontman, and former Libertines frontman 32, who was a friend of the Back to Black singer, says he is too frightened to return.

A source said: "He is utterly convinced that he has seen her ghost.

"A lot of people will think his visions are probably drug-induced but he claims he is clean."

Doherty was close friends with Amy and was left devastated after her death.

According to pals he was so distressed he couldn't bring himself to go and pay his last respects.

Winehouse and Doherty - Best of friends
Doherty was released from prison earlier this summer after serving time for cocaine possession.

He will next be seen starring opposite fellow musician/actor Charlotte Gainsbourg in a film where he portrays French poet and novelist Alfred de Musset. The film is due out next year.

Doherty is perhaps more famous in the media for being in trouble with hard drug abuse than for any musical successes.
 Sources - The Sun  NME and author

This story sadly reflects the sorry state of affairs that the music scene and media in the United Kingdom has debased to. 
Yet both Doherty and Winehouse were regarded as one time `role models` for the new millennium by the same media and even some politicians who hoped to capitalise votes from their popularity. 
And now in death Amy is making news from the grave. 
Sad, so very sad, yet so very modern and British. 
Let Amy Winehouse rest in peace.

Monday, 14 November 2011


An interesting post on Youtube from `SeaSideParanormal` of an investigation in a house.
The first reported anomaly is from my own experience a moth. But the rest of the captures are quite interesting being a light anomaly that literally floats in and out from the right, and a real spiritual orb that runs the length of a dining table before heading left into a room.

You`ll see how real dust flutters around haphazardly in the beginning, with the later real orb appearance to compare with. Hopefully novice investigators or (dare I say) open minded sceptics should be able to appreciate the differences in this presentation.
As an exercise into dust and orbs, there are good comparisons of both in this video.

Sunday, 13 November 2011


In Costume

Off out on Wednesday to shoot more of a Gothic horror short story I wrote in the style of M.R James called, `Reverend Prendergast`s Cross`.
Originally I shot earlier scenes with the intention of making this a story that only has one person in the storyline - Me! lol
However, it needs `fleshing out` a little, and so I am looking for two people to play a walker and a priest. I can tell you it is set in the early 1950`s, with myself in period clothing, but I need two people later to play these characters dressed in a similar way. 
This is my first solo effort after working with my friend and colleague the director Jason Figgis. So I am looking for two people with acting experience which will involve small speaking parts. If you know of someone who might fit the bill, and lives in the Essex area of England - please let me know!  The part of the priest must be someone who can speak well, with an educated air! A tall order?? I hope not:) I will hold an audition in early December.
Please write to me with experience and photograph to: chrishalton(at)hotmail(dot)com


One of London`s most enduring and historical theatres has to be the Theatre Royal.
Originally built in 1633 by a royal `letters patent` issued by Charles II following the restoration of the monarchy after 11 years of Puritanism in 1660, the original Theatre Royal stood until 1672 when it burned down. Ironic because it had escaped the Great Fire of London earlier in 1666.

The second theatre opened in 1674 and lasted until  1791 when it was demolished to make way for a larger and improved theatre which opened in 1794 but sadly burned down in 1809 before finally being rebuilt in much of it`s present form which opened in 1812.

Over the years the theatre had experienced much human tragedy ranging from accidental deaths, suicides, bankruptcy and people dying in theatre of natural causes, and so the building has a long legacy of regular hauntings.
These include: the "Man in Grey", who appears dressed as a nobleman of the late 18th century: powdered hair beneath a tricorne hat, a dress jacket and cloak or cape, riding boots and a sword.  Legend says that the Man in Grey is the ghost of a knife-stabbed man whose skeletal remains were found within a walled-up side passage in 1848.

 The ghosts of actor Charles Macklin and clown Joseph Grimaldi are supposed to haunt the theatre. Macklin appears backstage, wandering the corridor which now stands in the spot where, in 1735, he killed his fellow actor Thomas Hallam in an argument over a wig. ("Goddamn you for a blackguard, scrub, rascal!" he shouted, thrusting a cane into Hallam's face and piercing his left eye. Grimaldi is a helpful apparition, purportedly guiding nervous actors skillfully about the stage on more than one occasion. Stanley Lupino claimed to have seen the ghost of Dan Leno in a dressing room.

Joseph Grimaldi

A few years ago, I decided to focus a short video on Joseph Grimaldi who is regarded as the father of the modern clown.
Gimaldi died on 31 May 1837 and was buried in the old cemetery of St. James's Chapel, Pentonville Road in Islington. Today the area of his burial has been renamed Grimaldi Park, and his grave is very ornately constructed in homage to his life as a performing clown.

Grimaldi`s Grave today
 It was said that on his death he requested that his head be separated from his body, as he was fearful of being buried alive. It is also claimed he haunts Sadlers Wells theatre in London as well.

On my visit (which was in a very noisy environment caused by passing traffic) I was able to pick up EVP from his grave which clearly said, "I heard you". Judge for yourself.


I found this image on a forum claiming to depict a female ghost in the wards of Jackson Hospital, in Tennessee, USA.
There are apparently many tales concerning this apparition, but equally a school of opinion believe this image to be fake. As neither can be verified I share it for your own viewing and judgement.

Ghost or Hoax?


Andrew Buchan as Sir William and Lyndsey Marshal who plays close friend Lady Sarah Hill in the show
As viewers look forward to the return of TV drama Garrow’s Law tonight (UK), some believe the spirit of the barrister who inspired the series still lurks.

The magnificent 300-year-old former home of courageous Sir William Garrow is plagued by frequent ghostly apparitions and unexplained bumps in the night.

Now the strange happenings have led to speculation the house is haunted by the lawyer himself.

Sir William, who forged his reputation in the 18th century defending society’s underdogs at the Old Bailey, owned Georgian villa Pegwell Cottage for more than 50 years. Perched high on a cliff near Ramsgate, Kent, the property has now been owned for more than four decades by Mrs Alma Beaty. She revealed: “We definitely have a very active poltergeist and people have seen a ghost.

“Odd things happen all the time here. Items suddenly go flying off shelves and there are unexplained footsteps in the hallway. Doors open for no reason.

“I have no idea who the ghost is but to be honest it doesn’t bother me one little bit. It could be Sir William".

When Garrow died he gave his housekeeper of many years all his furniture and bed linen in his bed chamber in his will. She remained living in the house but died suddenly two months later.

Barrister Bryan Gibson says “I am used to it and can’t be bothered to call in an exorcist. I hear and see strange things every day.

I’d miss it if odd things stopped happening now. It may scare some people but it is a lovely house and I am happy here.”

Mr Gibson, who set up the Garrow Society, thinks the ghost may be the spirit of Sir William’s housekeeper.
Link: The Garrow Society
He said: “When Garrow died he gave his housekeeper of many years all his furniture and bed linen in his bed chamber in his will. She remained living in the house but died suddenly two months later.”

Mrs Beaty runs a caravan park on the cliff which she thinks is haunted too.

She said: “People leave in a great hurry complaining of noises and things flying.”

The television drama, starring Andrew Buchan as the lawyer, attracted five million viewers for its first two series. It is on BBC1
Source: Express Newspapers

Saturday, 12 November 2011


A very haunted house
 Recently I covered a video of a ghost caught on camera at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire, England.
You can view the post here:


Even stranger than this, check this video of some very ethereal captures from this spooky unfinished Gothic revival house. Look out for the picture which you can find at 3:44. Some very good captures indeed!