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THE TRUTH BEHIND THE FACE-LESS GHOST OF `GREEN MAN TUNNEL`, PITTSBURGH, USA - A story even more stranger than the legend of the ghost!

The legendary `Green Man Tunnel``

America is full of some pretty incredible urban legends. From Gravity Hills where invisible hands push your vehicle up a slope, to Frog Men stalking the Loveland Castle, to the White Lady haunting Union Cemetery, you can throw a stone and there's a good chance it'll land in the territory of some kind of monster or mystery. Many times, though, the truth is far more interesting than the legend, and such is the case with "The Green Man".

For many years, the tale of the Green Man has been one used by parents to keep their children scared enough to stay inside at night, and by locals to keep teenagers too spooked to enter the abandoned train tunnel just outside of town. The legend says that the Green Man, once an employee of a local power company, was horribly disfigured in a terrible accident that melted his face and turned his skin a deep green hue. For years, locals would report sightings of the glowing ghost of the Green Man walking down the rural roads at night, only to disappear into the dark recesses of the tunnel.

A good summary of the legend, via WhoForted:

On the outskirts of Pittsburgh, near where Piney Fork empties into Peters Creek, there’s an old neglected railroad tunnel covered in graffiti and filled with road salt. It was built in 1924 as the Piney Fork Tunnel to service coal mines along the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Peters Creek Branch. Abandoned since 1962, the locals have given it another nickname. To many people in the Pittsburgh area, this is Green Man Tunnel. Teenagers used to drive into the tunnel, turn off their lights, and call out to the “Green Man” who would appear from the darkness, his skin tinged green from a tragic electrical accident. If he touched your car, his electrical charge would either stall the vehicle or make it difficult to start.

While the fear-fueled story of the Green Man is certainly the best kind of urban legend, filled with gruesome deaths, supernatural powers, and a terrifying curse tailor-made to frighten teenagers, occult historian and paranormal investigator Ken Summers recently uncovered the true story of the Green Man, complete with some rare photographs of the "faceless ghost", and it's a lot more sad than scary.

In truth, the Green Man's real name was Raymond Robinson, though to those who traveled Pennsylvania's Route 315 in the middle of the night, he was known as Charlie No Face. You see, in 1918, when Raymond was just a boy, he was climbing on a train track bridge when he accidentally snagged against a power line. The subsequent shock sent 22,000 volts of electricity screaming through his body, quite literally melting his face off. When the smoke had settled, he had lost both of his eyes, his nose, an ear, and even an arm.

Raymond Robinson
As he grew up, Raymond quickly became aware of people's cruel nature, earning nicknames like "The Zombie" and being subject to the screaming of terrified children. Over the years, Raymond was able to find solace in long walks down State Route 351, though he only took his hikes at night so as to minimize the amount of people he might frighten. Being blind, after all, meant that the night meant nothing to him.

As you might imagine, Raymond's late-night walks began to cause quite a stir, as teenagers headed to parties began to see a "faceless ghost" wandering the darkened highway. Before long, the legend of "Charlie No Face" began to circulate to nearby towns, and by the 60's, the legend was causing full-on traffic jams along the stretch of road as cars full of people went searching for the "ghost".

Those who were fortunate enough to stumble across Raymond would realize that he was, in fact, flesh and blood, and  often left feeling a bit sorry for him after stopping for a chat. Raymond took the ghost hunts in stride though, even capitalizing on his popularity by offering to pose for photographs... for a price.

Ken Summers reports:

After being discovered by accident on his nightly walks, the tale of the Green Man—or Charlie No Face, as he was also called—developed. There are conflicting stories about where the “green skin” idea came from. Some accounts say he always wore his favorite green plaid shirt or other green clothes that reflected the color onto his pale skin while others say his skin was a pale shade of green. Either way, it became a popular pastime to head out to Route 351 and look for Ray. Those who weren’t too terrified to stop would chat with Ray over a smoke. He even posed for pictures, often in exchange for beer or cigarettes.

ay continued his evening walks until his death in 1985, but by then, his story had become legend. Soon after his death, the details of his disfigurement were told less and less as a boy who suffered an accident, and more often as a vengeful spirit out for teenage blood. By the late 90's, the name Raymond Robinson was all but forgotten, the legend of the Green Man finally winning out.

Today, the legend of the ghost with no face has spread as far as Ohio, but the Green Man Tunnel remains the most-visited piece of the Pennsylvania legend. To this day car loads of kids still pull up to the old train bridge and call out for Charlie No Face, some even claiming to have seen him in the darkness. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even see him yourself.

Story Source: HuffingtonPost

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Still from dashcam (c) R.TNews
An extraordinary bright orange flash has lit up the sky in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. While locals captured the massive ‘blast’ on numerous cameras, both scientists and emergency services still struggle to explain the unusual event.

Dark evening skies in the town of Rezh in Sverdlovsk region near Russia's Ekaterinburg turned bright orange for some ten seconds on November 14, with the event being caught on several cameras by the locals.

A driver filmed the massive flash with his dashcam, later posting the video on YouTube, with more people commenting they’ve seen it too. Teenagers in the town of Rezh also filmed the phenomenon with a mobile phone.

Theories of what might have caused the “blast” appeared both on social and traditional media, with a new meteorite or military exercise in the region being among the top guesses. Regional emergency services said no accidents in connection with the event had been recorded. No sound of explosion has been reported either.

According to, the emergency officials suggested the military were behind the flash, as they might have had a scheduled explosive ordnance disposal procedure. The city administration has also said such ammunition disposal might have taken place, while the military themselves denied they were behind the mystery.

No exercise and training were underway on that day, and no military units are based in the region, so we have nothing to do with it,” a military press service told

A fireball caused by an asteroid’s collision with the Earth's atmosphere is among other presumed reasons for the burning sky.

Looks like a falling bolide, which invaded us. Because of the low cloud cover it ceased to exist above the clouds and lit up the whole sky,” a member of the meteorites committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Grokhovsky told

Another astronomer, Vadim Krushinsky, doubted his colleague's theory, saying the color of the flash does not support the asteroid speculation. The shade of light depends on the body’s temperature, and flashes caused by bolides are usually whiter, he explained to The observatory engineer suggested his own theory, saying a space rocket launch might have been the cause.

A path of launches from the Plesetsk cosmodrome lies above the area, Krushinsky said. But, according to Russian Federal Space Agency's website, the latest launch from the Plesetsk cosmodrome happened on October 29, with the next one planned for November 24.

People in the Urals witnessed a space ‘invasion’ event a year and a half ago, when the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite hit the region. A massive fireball explosion in February 2013 injured over a thousand people with shattered glass mostly, and damaged many residential and industrial buildings.

Source: RTNews

Saturday, 15 November 2014


The other day, I shared on my Facebook page this humorous cartoon concerning a helpful poltergeist performing household chores.

As one normally associates poltergeist activity with sometimes violent disruptions, it begged the question in my mind, `Is spirit capable of being helpful around a house or business`?

Well, I have one experience of my niece being rocked in her crib one night while staying at my house, and that was in front of both myself and her parents.

It was fascinating to see, as an unseen hand or force caused it to rock very gently.

Baby sleep - rocked gently by spirit

My brother (the father of my niece) being forever sceptical, performed a number of tests to reassure himself that there wasn`t a more rational explanation. And of course, there wasn`t.

I live no where near major areas of disruption such as railway lines, motorways or indeed any industrial process, so that notion was swiftly eliminated, and the floor upon which the crib rested had a solid base.

The sign of the cross?
Some years ago, I was visiting a restaurant in Earls Colne in Essex, where the owner shared with me an alleged phenomena. Every night after diners had left, the table cloth and cutlery would be replaced and set out for lunch for the following day.

And every morning, staff members would discover the knives and forks were reset in an `X` position on the table settings.

Maybe not very helpful, but the site upon which the restaurant was built had once an earlier medieval building that was once part of a monastic order.

Despite requests for myself to be allowed to set up cameras and baseline tests, the owners declined. So whether this was a story to simply drum up interest in the restaurant, I will never know.

A `haunted` sweet shop ..
Indeed, there is another tale from the West Midlands, where quite some years ago, a couple who ran a sweet (candy) shop would discover each morning that a window display of products had been rearranged, and packets of sweets left on shelves had been turned sideways which gave the impression of soldiers standing to attention on military parade.

The shop had an interesting history, as it had always been a sweet shop since the mid-Victorian era, and perhaps one of the former owners had decided to stay on to keep a watchful eye over it`s display.

The Old Bell - Haunted by a helpful chambermaid?
Another tale of a friendly poltergeist was alleged to have occurred at Dursley, in Gloucestershire at the premises of `The Old Bell`.

Legend has it that many years ago in this 15th century Inn, a chambermaid committed suicide by hanging herself in Room 6, at the hotel.

Guests in that room had reported going to bed leaving their clothes in a heap to discover the following morning that the clothes had been picked up during the night, and neatly folded.

A waitress at the same premises also claimed that she had placed tables out for an event the following day, and upon returning later all of the cutlery and condiments had been set out for her, saving her the task.

Naturally there were no other staff members present at this time, and so it was assumed it may have been the friendly chambermaid who had committed suicide all those years earlier.

I am more than sure there are probably umpteen stories and experiences of friendly poltergeist activity from around the world, and these stories are but a few.

So like all tales of the paranormal, there are always good and bad experiences to share.

Story: Chris Halton

Saturday, 8 November 2014

THE HAUNTINGS OF OLD SANTON - A Halloween Visit to a Very Actively Haunted and Remote Church

Coming up at 11pm tonight (Saturday November 8th, 2014) is a 45 minute excursion to a very remote and troubled former church that sits on the Norfolk and Suffolk border of old England.

Join Chris Halton and Haunted Earth tv as we carry out a day and night investigation inside Santon Church, in company with Eddie Mallett, a long time investigator of this site, who has over the years recorded some phenomenal activity at this location.

Santon Church is reputedly haunted by a 17th century priest, whose presence is felt by day and night, and watch how we peel back the layers of activity within.

If proof be positive as to it`s spectral activity, the church door was opened by unseen hands during a preliminary interview with Eddie Mallett which is shared below.

A very creepy location, with lots of activity recorded on our visit which will be made available from this page at the appointed hour with FULL video viewing links here, on the Haunted Earth Ghost World Blog, and brought to you by Haunted Earth tv.

Short video of church door opening itself during an interview:

Tonight`s main viewing link (below) which will be active at 7pm EST - 11pm GMT - Midnight CET, - 1am EET,  and 10am (Sunday) AEDT

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


An Australian woman with a penchant for the supernatural says her spooky sighting in the closed down Larundel Asylum in Bundoora, Victoria, is her latest evidence that ghosts exist.

Kristy Jane Dean, 32, from Melbourne, filmed a white apparition soaring across a passageway, directly in front of her camera, in the former mental facility which she says was built on an ancient Aboriginal burial ground near her home.

'After hearing all the scary stories and because I live so close, I decided to see if there really were ghosts in this spooky place,' she said.

'In the photos you can see shadow figures, unexplained mists and flying orbs, which I believe to be spirits.
'In some images I took among shadows it's easy to see faces, and then in couple of shots a full-on person or figure is clearly visible.'
Kristy spends her evenings on the prowl for the paranormal, but never alone - 'I am terrified during our hunts, but at same time I love it.'

Captured still from video of anomaly
'I've always been fascinated with all things paranormal,' she said. 'But I respect that I am dealing with forces that I don't understand.
'My male mates think I'm crazy and the girls can't believe how brave I am. I would love to prove to all sceptics that without a doubt the paranormal exists.'

Kristy says she's photographed a chilling child-phantom while peering out a window to a spectre that appeared to be hanging by its neck from a rope.

Is this a `ghostly boy` captured in a window? 
The 1938-built Larundel Asylum houses people with mental health problems up until its closure in 1998. The institution pioneered the use of Lithium to treat depression.
The building is now being demolished to make way for residential housing.

Story: DailyMail