Wednesday 3 February 2016


In the year 1698, a double axe murder took place at Letheringham water mill in the county of Suffolk,  England. The victims John Bullard senior and junior, were left hog tied to a beam in the mill after being butchered by an axe.

Chris Halton standing at the gibbet
The killer, a disconsolate temporary worker named as Jonah Snell was later found wandering and still in possession of the blood stained murder weapon.

He was detained and appeared at West Wickham Sessions Court the following year where he was judged guilty of both murders.No submissions were recorded by Snell which may have given an account as to why he chose to commit this terrible crime.

His punishment was to be hung by the neck, and for his body to be incarcerated in a gibbet at nearby Potsford, which was then a busy road, but now standing on the edge of a wood along a country footpath. His remains were left in chains until the year 1740 whereby they were taken down and finally buried nearby.

Today the remains of the gibbet post are preserved for posterity, and the site has gained a notorious reputation for haunting`s - both day and night.

The earliest sighting of Jonah Snell`s ghost occurred just prior to his remains being removed, and since then many people have experienced the presence of a paranormal entity over the centuries.
This may be a physical manifestation or by an unknown presence grabbing or touching people when they least expect it.

The site has been investigated many times with investigators experiencing some of the events recorded there.

In this show, the legend of Snell is examined in detail, and is followed by a night investigation at the gibbet.

The show will be linked from this page at 10pm (GMT), Friday February 5th 2016 where it can be viewed.

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Posted by Chris Halton